"Dexamethasone"( ointment): indications, instructions for use, reviews

What is the prescription for dexamethasone? The indications of this tool will be listed below. Also you will learn about the form of release of this medication, its mode of application and contraindications. dexamethasone ointment

Form, description of the product, its composition

"Dexamethasone" is an ophthalmic ointment with a uniform consistency, white, without foreign inclusions and a pronounced odor.

The active ingredient of this medicine is glucocorticosteroid - dexamethasone. It is an analog of natural SCS, which is produced by the adrenal cortex of a person.

The drug Dexamethasone( 0.1% ointment) is sold in aluminum tubes for 3.5 grams.

Mechanism of action of the local preparation

How does the medicament Dexamethasone( ointment) work? Instruction for use informs that after laying this remedy for the lower eyelid, its active substance penetrates rather quickly into the surface layers of the visual organs.

This medication acts topically, and also exhibits anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous and anti-allergic properties. Under the influence of "Dexamethasone" there is a decrease in the permeability of small blood vessels and their narrowing. Also, the drug in question eliminates redness of sclera, swelling and other signs of inflammation or allergic reaction. This action of the drug is due to the fact that "Dexamethasone" is able to suppress the formation, activity and transport of biological substances that take a direct part in the described processes.

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Features of the drug

What is noticeable ointment based on dexamethasone? Like any other drug containing this component, the ophthalmic ointment in question can not be used for a long time, otherwise it can contribute to the development of adverse reactions, including general symptoms. This is due to the fact that some of the dexamethasone enters the systemic circulation.

Negative aspects of the preparation

What is the difference between the drug "Dexamethasone" and other eye preparations? Ointment for external use can significantly reduce local immunity. Often this leads to the attachment of a fungal or bacterial infection, which significantly worsens the patient's condition.

It should be specially noted that it is not immediately possible to recognize the development of such diseases, since "Dexamethasone" well suppresses and hides any inflammatory processes.

In view of the possible occurrence of common adverse reactions, this ointment is not recommended for the treatment of adolescents and small children, since its active substance can adversely affect their sexual development and normal growth. What is the prescription of "Dexamethasone" for?

Ophthalmic ointment with an active substance such as dexamethasone is often used in the development of non-inflammatory allergic and inflammatory processes, in particular:

  • in inflammation of the upper layers of the visual organs, as well as the cornea, eyelid edges, sclera and conjunctiva( for diseases such as blepharitis,scleritis, conjunctivitis, keratitis);
  • inflammation of the ciliary body, iridescent and choroid( with diseases such as iridocyclitis and uvitis).

Also, the drug Dexamethasone( ointment) can be prescribed to prevent inflammation after previous ophthalmic surgeries and eye burns( only after all defects in the upper layers of the visual organs have been fully healed).

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Contraindications to the use of ointment for eyes

In what cases do doctors prohibit the use of the drug "Dexamethasone"( ointment)?Contraindications of this agent for the eyes are the following conditions:

  • any damage to the upper layers of the cornea;
  • hypersensitivity of the patient's body to components of a local medication;
  • diseases of the visual organs, having a fungal, viral, purulent, tubercular or bacterial nature;
  • adolescence and children's age( due to the fact that clinical studies of the drug in this category of patients were not performed);
  • period of breastfeeding.

It should also be noted that during pregnancy, the drug "Dexamethasone"( ointment) can only be used for the doctor's prescription. This is due to the fact that some part of the medicine can penetrate into the systemic bloodstream and, as a consequence, negatively affect the fetus.

Preparation "Dexamethasone"( ointment): Instructions for use

How should I use the ophthalmic product in question? According to the attached instructions, such a preparation should be laid for the lower eyelid in the amount of one strip of 1-1.5 cm in length. Such therapeutic measures should be performed three times a day. The course of treatment with ophthalmic ointment is 2-3 weeks( no more).

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Side effects of

What undesirable symptoms can the local medication Dexamethasone( ointment) cause? Reviews of consumers claim that if you use this drug on the recommendations of the doctor for a short time, then it does not cause side effects.

If you apply the ointment very long( more than 10 days), then the following negative reactions may develop:

  • lens opacity;
  • lesion of the optic nerve with subsequent visual impairment;
  • gradual development of glaucoma;
  • persistent increase in pressure inside the eye, which can be accompanied by severe headaches;
  • occurrence of cataract;
  • slow healing of wounds, especially if the ointment was used after burns and injuries;
  • allergic reactions in the form of edema of tissues and redness( in this case, the medicine is immediately canceled).

It should also be noted that if the patient has a thinning of the cornea, then prolonged use of the ophthalmic ointment can lead to its perforation. dexamethasone ointment reviews

In view of the fact that the given preparation is capable of reducing the immunity of the tissues of the visual organs, in the course of its use it is possible to attach a purulent fungal or bacterial infection that will be masked by the active substance of the medicine that removes all signs of inflammation.


Cases of overdose with this medication are not known. However, experts argue that with the use of a large amount of ophthalmic ointment, the patient may experience side effects that require immediate discontinuation of therapy.

Special Information

In the process of using the drug "Dexamethasone"( especially for a long time) it is necessary to constantly monitor the oculist, as well as control of blood pressure.

To reduce adverse reactions in conjunction with the agent under consideration, antacids can be administered and potassium intake can be increased by a specific diet.

With the sudden cancellation of this medication, the development of adverse events is possible.

Reviews for eye ointment

Eye ointment with an active substance, like dexamethasone, is an effective medicine. According to the reports of patients, this drug copes well with its task. Its use contributes to the elimination of inflammatory processes in the upper layers of the visual organs, as well as in the ciliary body, the iris and the vascular membranes. ointment based on dexamethasone

It should also be noted that with proper use of the medication and compliance with the dosing regimen, it almost never causes side effects.

The disadvantages of this local drug include the inability to use in adolescents and young children.

One can not help saying that recently the drug in question has become quite difficult to buy in pharmacies. Therefore, very often doctors recommend replacing ophthalmic ophthalmic drops with the same name "Dexamethasone".