Sanatoriums of Pyatigorsk. Recreation and treatment, reviews and photos of tourists

In this short article we will discuss the best sanatoria of Pyatigorsk, their advantages and, of course, shortcomings, reviews and much more.

General characteristics of the region

Pyatigorsk is located in the central zone of the resort of Caucasian Mineral Waters in the Podkumok river valley.

Sanatoriums of Pyatigorsk are mainly concentrated in the upper part of the city, which is famous for its richness of greenery: gardens, parks, city squares. The natural forests cover the territory adjoining the city between the mountains of Beshtau, Mashuk and Goryachaya, which surround Pyatigorsk.

Health resorts of Pyatigorsk Near the resort are located the Tambukanskoe Lake and the Proval. Pyatigorsk has a very comfortable climate, it has mild winters and warm summers. Such a special microclimate, which is very favorable for rest and treatment throughout the year, is formed here due to the fact that the city of Pyatigorsk is reliably protected from cold winds by the slopes of Mashuk Mountain.

Natural healing factors

The most valuable wealth of the Pyatigorsk region, which its nature has endowed, are the springs of mineral waters, which here are found an amazing number of species, concentrated on a relatively small area.

At the resorts of Pyatigorsk are presented sulfide, carbon dioxide, radon, sulfuric, bromine waters. They differ in the composition and richness of mineral salts and gases, but they are all used without exception in medical practice, since they allow one to get rid of a number of diseases. The healing properties of these waters are known from ancient times. Evidence of this are the baths cut in mountain rocks near the springs.

Sanatoriums of Pyatigorsk offer treatment with healing waters, they can be used for both balneological and drinking procedures. For reception of mineral water in area of ​​the greatest concentration of sanatorium establishments are equipped 2 galleries and 8 pump-rooms.

Another useful utility used in the health resorts of Pyatigorsk is the healing mud. Silt mud, extracted from the Tambukansky lake, is saturated with biologically active substances, minerals, trace elements and hormones.

Natural riches of this region are effectively used in the treatment of serious diseases of joints, nervous system, gynecological, urological diseases, skin and tissues, intestinal tract and a number of other diseases that can not be treated with medicinal methods. Also valuable is the fact that treatment with the use of mineral waters and mud does not cause the side effects of harmful, which certainly arise when using other methods of treatment.

Along with mineral waters and therapeutic muds, other natural factors contribute to successful recovery: pure mountain air, mild climate, mountainous terrain, well-arranged green parks and avenues. In these conditions the sanatoriums of Pyatigorsk are actively using such a method of treatment as a health path.

Patients of Pyatigorsk health resorts can decorate their rest and treatment with interesting walks to the most beautiful places and fascinating excursions, during which they can visit the historical, cultural sights of this region, as well as visit various neighborhoods of the Caucasian Mineral Waters with their picturesque views and landscapes.

The wealth of natural medicinal resources has served the development of the sanatorium and resort infrastructure of this region. There are many multidisciplinary health resorts that provide assistance in the fight against many diseases that have indications for spa treatment. Sanatorium Pyatigorsk, reviews about which are quite diverse, dozens of visitors meet daily. Many people like it here!

Sanatoriums of Pyatigorsk offer a whole range of medical and diagnostic procedures, they are equipped with modern medical equipment, including diagnostic equipment, have a developed infrastructure, including places for exciting leisure, sports, bars and restaurants, beauty salons.

Pension "Rodnik", Pyatigorsk

The sanatorium is located nearby the Lake Proval near Mashuk Mountain.

Санаторий "Родник" Applying mineral waters, therapeutic muds, natural radon baths, the health resort successfully treats and rehabilitates patients with a number of different diseases, including: allergy, gynecological, dermatological diseases, neurology, metabolic disorders, respiratory and digestive system problems, musculoskeletal system.

Rodnik Spa provides its patients with a unique opportunity to transplant specific types of cells. This procedure, which gives positive results in the treatment of a number of serious diseases, such as Parkinson's disease, Down's syndrome, is not performed in any other sanatorium in Pyatigorsk.

Sanatorium "Rodnik" offers accommodation in a modern 12-storey building, in single and double rooms of the 1st category, in a luxury room or in apartments.

Guests are provided with four meals a day, which can be ordered from the menu offered.

The sanatorium has a well-equipped medical-diagnostic base. The developed infrastructure allows patients to enjoy not only the treatment process, but also from a wonderful holiday.


Sanatoriums of Pyatigorsk: reviews Sanatorium "Don" is located in the central part of the resort of Pyatigorsk, near Mount Mashuk.

The main component of sanatorium treatment is the use of mineral water and mud. The health resort has its own pump room with mineral water.

The modern medical base of the sanatorium allows patients to be treated in the following areas: diseases of the respiratory system, digestive tract, urogenital, nervous systems, skin and subcutaneous tissue problems, metabolic disorders.

At treatment various kinds of baths and a shower, mud applications, massage, irrigation, cocktails, inhalations and many other things apply. In the sanatorium, patients can choose for themselves certain types of programs aimed at improving joints and spine, antistress, cosmetology procedures.

In order to improve the body at the cellular level, patients can undergo procedures aimed at improving the functioning of the brain, cardiovascular system, increasing immunity and increasing endurance of the body.

Guests of the sanatorium are accommodated in four dormitories in single and double rooms, which have all the amenities and all conditions for successful treatment and pleasant rest.

Санаторий "Дон" In the health resort, holidaymakers are provided with meals on the menu-order system with a set of fifteen medical diets depending on medical indications.

In the sanatorium there are programs to reduce body weight.

The infrastructure of the health resort is well developed. In addition to treatment procedures, it allows you to enjoy an unforgettable holiday.

Sanatorium "Tarkhany"

Sanatorium "Tarkhany"( Pyatigorsk) is located in the center of the resort town, near the Lermontov house-museum, drinking pump-rooms and not far from the radon clinic.

In the health resort in the process of treatment, sources of radon and other mineral waters, mud of Tambukansky lake are used. The sanatorium profile includes diseases of bone and muscle tissues, such as: arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, as well as diseases of the nervous system, circulatory system, respiratory tract, digestive tract, genitourinary system, endocrine system, skin diseases.

The sanatorium offers its patients a wide range of medical procedures, among which only balneological procedures are presented in 54 species. Immediately applied electro-mud, hydropathy, physiotherapy and much more.

The sanatorium is designed for 220 visitors who are accommodated in rooms of different categories with amenities and modern furniture.

Санаторий "Тарханы" (Пятигорск) Guests are provided with three meals a day, designed individually for each holidaymaker.

Sanatoriums in Pyatigorsk: reviews

According to the guests, the sanatoriums of Pyatigorsk have great potential due to the presence in this region of the most valuable natural resources that can have unique therapeutic effects. First and foremost, the unique treatment is that the Pyatigorsk region is a fount of mineral water sources that have valuable unique properties.

Infertility treatment in Pyatigorsk is recognized as one of the most effective in the country.

A number of sanatoriums differ not only in the quality of treatment, but also in versatility. They use new methods, modern equipment, professional medical specialists are involved.

Based on most reviews, the service in the sanatoriums of Pyatigorsk is at a fairly high level. Individual patients express their discontent about the prescribed procedures in their reviews, considering their number to be insufficient.

In reviews there is a development of sanatorium infrastructure. The main part of the sanatoriums has swimming pools.

The dietary food provided to the sanatorium clients does not cause a unanimous opinion: most of the guests are completely satisfied with the food, while some consider its level not high enough.

It is unequivocally emphasized in the reviews that sanatoriums are increasingly beginning to use advanced unique techniques that allow to achieve an early improvement in the state of health.