Analog "Festal" cheap: the name, the price. Substitute "Festal": reviews

Unfortunately, not everyone can boast a healthy digestive system. And if the stomach does not cope with its direct duty, then it should be helped. Since the digestive process is a chemical reaction, it can be improved only by a medicamentous method. For such purposes, enzymatic preparations are prescribed. One of them is the medicine "Festal".The drug is quite popular and won the approval of both doctors and patients. But sometimes it is necessary to choose an analog of "Festal" cheap. Therefore we will consider, by what means it is possible to replace an original medication.

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Brief description of medicine "Festal"

Let's study the original drug. This will help to understand what analogues can replace "Festal".

The drug is an enzymatic agent. To determine the pathology it helps, consider its composition.

The drug "Festal" includes 3 enzymes:

  • lipase,
  • protease,
  • amylase.

These components perfectly break down fats, carbohydrates and proteins. In addition to the above-mentioned digestive enzymes, Festal contains bile extract, hemicellulase. Such ingredients promote the digestion of all food components and coarse fibers. Thanks to them, a full absorption of the necessary vitamins, soluble in fats, is ensured.

The drug "Festal" not only gives the body ready enzymes, but also promotes the activation of its own body system.

Thus, the drug provides 2 essential functions:

  1. Supplies the missing enzymes necessary for the digestion of food.
  2. Makes the pancreas function more actively.

The main indications for the prescription of this medication are:

  1. Chronic pancreatitis, in which an insufficient enzymatic function of the pancreas is observed.
  2. Large losses of bile acids, provoked by removal of bile.
  3. Impaired chewing function caused by low mobility.
  4. Diffuse pathology of the liver, which is based on toxic damage or alcoholic, cirrhosis.
  5. Dysbacteriosis.
  6. Disturbance of circulation of bile acids as a result of constriction of the bile ducts.
  7. Inadequate digestion of food, triggered by heavy eating or inaccuracies in the diet.
  8. Disturbance of formation and excretion of bile, observed in chronic ailments of digestive organs.

Now, knowing the mechanism of action and the main indications for using the tool, we will consider whether there is an analog of "Festal" cheap.

Festal Analogs Cheaper

The cost of this drug on average varies within the limits of 107-201 rubles.

How can I replace a medicine?

There are a number of drugs related to enzyme products that can act as an effective substitute for "Festal".

However, patients who are encouraged to take the original medication regularly, you need to know: despite the excellent interchangeability of medications, without consulting a doctor, you should not choose an analogue. After all, most drugs, similar in their effect, differ in composition.

The analogues of the medicine are:

  • "Creon".
  • Mezim.
  • "Pancreasim".
  • "Pancreatin".
  • "Gastenorm".
  • "Mikrazim".
  • "Pangrol".
  • "Enzistal".
  • Hermitage.
  • "Digestal".
  • "Normoenzyme".
  • Biofestal.
  • "Panodez".
  • "Ferestal".

So, what can you buy the drug "Festal" analogues cheaper?

cheap analog of festal in russia

Medication "Pancreatin"

This is a cheap analogue of "Festal" in Russia. Its cost is from 16 to 61 rubles. The medicine helps improve the functional state of the digestive tract, restores digestive processes.

The medicine is prescribed when:

  • pancreatitis, dyspepsia, pancreatectomy, cystic fibrosis;
  • flatulence;
  • is a non-infectious diarrhea;
  • syndrome of Remkheld( gastrocardial syndrome);
  • inadequate digestion, provoked by the consumption of fatty foods, irregular meals or abundant food intake;
  • disturbed digestion of food caused by resection of the stomach or intestinal tract.

Preparation "Pancreasim"

If you need to pick up an analog "Festal" cheap, then pay attention to this tool. The cost of the drug "Pancreasim" on average is 30 rubles.

In this case, the drug is almost as effective as the original remedy. It replenishes the lack of pancreatic enzymes, provides lipolytic, proteolytic and amylolytic effects. The product perfectly normalizes the digestive process.

substitute for fistal

Medication recommended for use with:

  • chronic pancreatitis, pancreatectomy, dyspepsia, cystic fibrosis;
  • flatulence, diarrhea of ​​non-infectious genesis;
  • violation of the assimilation of food( after resection of the stomach, intestines);
  • need to improve the digestion of food;
  • violation of chewing function, lack of mobility;
  • Remkheld Syndrome.

The drug "Gastenorm"

This is another effective analogue of "Festal"( cheap).The drug is available in the form of tablets, top coated. This drug is designed to eliminate the deficiency of pancreatic enzymes.

The active substance of the drug is pancreatin.

Indications for use of this medication are practically the same as those described above. In pediatric practice, the use of the drug is allowed from the age of 3 and only under the supervision of a doctor.

Pharmacologists developed an effective version of the drug - "Gastenorm forte."This drug has a higher concentration of the main substance - pancreatin. Due to this, it is able to act on the gastrointestinal tract much faster, effectively blocking the problem process.

If we talk about the cost of medicine "Gastenorm", then the average price for it is 70 rubles.

what analogs can be replaced by Festal

Opinion of patients

So, if you think that the drug "Festal" is expensive, there is a cheaper analogue. The patients' testimonies show that many of them, of course, after consulting with the doctor, have perfectly chosen a budgetary means.

What do patients think about the medicine "Pancreatin"?The opinions of the patients were divided. Some argue that the drug "works", others advise using it only for the purpose of normalizing digestion, provoked by a hearty meal. At the same time, all people who used Pancreatin tablets claim that they did not experience any side effects.

Excellent reviews received the tool "Gastenorm."It effectively eliminates all negative symptoms and is able to have a quick effect on the body.

However, remember that choosing a drug yourself is very dangerous.