Antiviral eye drops: list, description, instructions for use and reviews

Viral conjunctivitis is one of the most common eye diseases and occurs in both adults and children. Pathology refers to highly infectious and can provoke an epidemic. To cope with the disease will help complex therapy, which necessarily include antiviral drops for the eyes. Such drugs activate the immune system and promote a speedy recovery. An effective treatment course can be prescribed only by an ophthalmologist. Therefore, if symptoms of inflammation are found, you should immediately contact a specialist.

What are antiviral eye drops?

For the treatment of various viral eye lesions, drops are prescribed that can eliminate the causative agent of the disease. The main task of such means is to stimulate the body's own defenses. Thanks to increased production of interferon, it is possible to defeat the virus. Interferon, in turn, is a protein that produces almost all cells of the body when invading foreign agents.

Antiviral eye drops

With a timely start of treatment, for a few days the patient will feel a significant relief. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that any medication, including antiviral drops for the eyes, has its contraindications and can not be used without preliminary medical examination and consultation of a doctor.

Types of eye antiviral drops

In medical practice, all antiviral drops for the eyes are divided into several types depending on the mechanism of action. Virulicide antiviral agents act directly on a foreign agent and kill( inactivate) it. Such drops belong to antimetabolites and significantly inhibit the healing process of the corneal eye affected by the virus.

Drops based on human interferon act more gently. Penetrating into cells damaged by the virus, this protein does not kill the pathogenic agent. He forces the cells to resist the attacks of the virus from the first day of the disease. Improve the protective function and immunomodulating drops. Stimulation of immunity occurs at the local and general level. Depending on the severity of the condition, the specialist will select the optimal drug for the treatment of the virus. Perhaps, other drugs will be needed in case of bacterial infection.

When appointed?

Antiviral eye drops should be prescribed only with inflammation of the viral etiology. The drugs can overcome adenovirus - an infection that enters the body mainly through the mucous membranes. In ophthalmology, adenovirus is the main cause of conjunctivitis.

Antiviral eye drops

Enterovirus infection can also cause inflammation of the eyes. The most severe form is enterovirus keratoconjunctivitis, in which the cornea is affected. Acute inflammation of the conjunctiva causes enterovirus type 70.Such an ailment in ophthalmology is called hemorrhagic conjunctivitis. A characteristic feature is a hemorrhage.

Herpes virus can also cause a pathological condition. Herpetic keratitis is considered the most common form of ailment. They are manifested most often in primary infection with the herpes virus at an early age in children.

Viral conjunctivitis: causes, symptoms

The first signs of an illness appear on the 5-10 day of infection. Viral conjunctivitis is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • redness of the eye;
  • tear;
  • thread;
  • photophobia;
  • puffiness of the eyelids.

Apply anti-viral drops to the eyes with conjunctivitis from the first day of the inflammatory process. In the absence of adequate therapy in most cases, a bacterial infection is attached, which significantly worsens the patient's condition.

Pathology often occurs against the background of acute respiratory infection, with diseases of the upper respiratory tract. In this case, the doctor can prescribe drops in the nose and eyes. Antiviral nasal drugs most often contain interferon - "Nazoferon", "Genferon", "Grippferon".Among the immunomodulators, "Derinat" drops are popular.

Baby antiviral eye drops

For children, it is the antiviral drugs based on human interferon that are considered the safest. Interferon inductors will stimulate the body's natural defenses, increasing the production of antibodies to the viral pathogen and without adversely affecting it. But they can be appointed only by the attending physician.

Antiviral eye drops for children

Viruses infect children more often than adults. Vulnerability of children is connected with imperfection of the immune system, which has not yet had time to "get acquainted" with many infections. Viral conjunctivitis is mainly found in children 2-6 years of age. In parallel, the symptoms of a cold can be observed: a runny nose, a sore throat, weakness, a headache. To remove discomfort, you can use the following drops:

  • "Ophthalmoferon".
  • "Oftan Ida".
  • "Poludan".
  • "Gludantan".
  • Aktipol.

In case of bacterial infection, the specialist will prescribe additional medicines that will act directly on foreign agents. For bacterial conjunctivitis, drops are also used. Antiviral and antibacterial drugs should be applied to the eye only after reading the instructions.

Antiviral eye drops during pregnancy

Decreased immunity during pregnancy leads to an organism's vulnerability to viruses. Since the range of drugs allowed for treatment during this period is limited, it should be very responsible to choose a safe means. With conjunctivitis of viral origin, pregnant women can use only drops based on interferon - "Ophthalmoferon".This is the safest treatment option for a future mother. The only contraindication to use is hypersensitivity to the active substance or ancillary components.

Ophthalmic diseases pose a hazard to the fetus. Therefore, if you find the first symptoms of ailment, you should seek help from a specialist. To improve the state of the immune system, it is necessary to consult a physician-immunologist.

Ophthalmoferon drops: description of

In ophthalmology, interferon is often used to treat locally caused diseases caused by a virus. Antiviral eye drops "Ophthalmoferon" act immediately in several directions:

  1. Improve the body's protective functions at the local level.
  2. Relieve inflammation.
  3. Prevent the spread of the virus.
  4. Start the process of restoring the cornea of ​​the eye.
  5. Play the role of an anesthetic.

Antiviral eye drops ophthalmoferon

In 1 ml of the drug contains about 10 thousand recombinant human interferon. The second active substance is dimedrol, which removes inflammation and stops allergic reactions. Boric acid is included in the composition for disinfection. It is thanks to this component that the drug can produce a weak antibacterial effect.

Ophthalmoferon eye drops have undergone the necessary clinical trials, during which a high degree of effectiveness of the drug against viral pathologies has been proven. Patients claim that the drug is well tolerated and almost does not cause side effects.


Antiviral eye drops "Ophthalmoferon" can be prescribed for the treatment of conjunctivitis of herpetic, adenoviral and hemorrhagic types. Also, such therapy keratitis, neuritis of the optic nerve, pollinosis( inflammation of the eyes of an allergic nature), iridocyclitis. Drops are used in the recovery process after surgery to prevent the development of infection.

Antiviral eye drops price

Antiviral drops "Ophthalmoferon" moisturize the mucous membrane of the eye, eliminating discomfort and inflammation. If the drug does not cope with a strong inflammatory process, the doctor can additionally prescribe hormonal drugs to relieve the symptoms of the disease.

Antiviral eye drops Aktipol

Ophthalmic has in its composition an active ingredient such as aminobenzoic acid. The substance stimulates the production of human interferon at the local level, improving its own protective function. Antiviral eye drops of the Russian production "Aktipol" can be used to treat adenovirus keratouveitis and conjunctivitis, thermal burns of the cornea, dystrophic lesions of the ocular retina. It also cures chronic eye fatigue, moisturizes and relieves inflammation of the mucous membrane.

Drops in the nose and eye antiviral

The dosage of the drug depends on the severity of the patient's condition. According to the instructions, the drops should be applied up to 8 times a day in the acute course of the disease. The active ingredients usually do not cause side effects and are well tolerated. However, during pregnancy and during breastfeeding, it is better to refrain from using the medication alone and to get medical advice in advance.

"Ophtan Idu"

Another medicinal product of Finnish origin is "Oftan Idu".These are powerful antiviral drops for the eyes. The drug has a pronounced virucidal effect and has a harmful effect on the virus. The main active substance - idoxuridine - is able to change the structure of the DNA of the pathogen, which will inevitably lead to its death.

Antiviral eye drops for conjunctivitis

In the acute phase, antiviral eye drops should be applied every 2 hours. In the future, the time interval can be increased. Unlike interferon-based drugs, this drug can cause a number of side effects in the form of increased tearing, itching, redness, corneal opacity. To avoid negative consequences, you should first contact a specialist who will select the necessary antiviral drops for the eyes.

The price of such drugs ranges from 200 rubles.(drops "Aktipol") to 370 rubles.("Ophthalmoferon").Drops based on human interferon may be prescribed as part of complex treatment of ARVI, as well as for the prevention of colds.