Treatment and rest in Gelendzhik. Which sanatorium( Gelendzhik) with treatment to choose?

When the bustle of bustle, the noise of large cities and just right for a short time to disconnect from daily problems, it's time to go on vacation. For most people, it is traditionally associated with the sea.

Salt water, clean air and sun, no doubt, will drive depression and spleen, will have to taste tired health. And if it is decided to take yourself seriously, it is better to take a ticket to a sanatorium.

The Black Sea coast attracts its resorts. By right the pearl among them is Gelendzhik.

The resort town of Gelendzhik

The city is located on the shore of the bay. If you look from a height, you can see how the banks gently embrace it, keeping the sea warm and calm for tourists.

From the mainland, the bay is surrounded by mountains - the Markotkh ridge. Therefore, treatment and recreation in Gelendzhik are unique due to the combination of salty sea and pure mountain air. It is filled with scents of juniper and Pitsunda pine. In addition, the resort is rich in mineral water.

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Enjoying the warm sea in a subtropical climate is most comfortable from May to October. From November to March, on the contrary, an unpleasant Nord-Ost is blowing, so if the vacation falls during the winter period, it is possible to plan treatment. Gelendzhik provides such an opportunity.

Leave only positive emotions, if you choose the right place for recreation and a sanatorium( Gelendzhik) with treatment. This rest implies comfortable conditions, as well as the opportunity to restore health. The resort offers a large selection of hospitals for all tastes and financial possibilities.

The health resorts welcome their guests always, regardless of the season. Residents are provided with excellent living conditions, as well as diagnostics and treatment at the highest level in any Gelendzhik sanatorium. Reviews about the resort are excellent, service at a decent level!

Sanatorium "Sunny"

In the vast territory of a picturesque park with shady alleys and flowering bushes of roses is the sanatorium "Sunny".Gelendzhik, settlement Kabardinka, Revolution street, 77 - address of the clinic.

To Gelendzhik holidaymakers who flew by plane to the city of Anapa, and those who arrived by train to Novorossiysk, will take a shuttle bus. Further on local transport to get to Kabardinka is not difficult.

Sanatorium "Sunny" consists of two-, three-story buildings. The total capacity is 70 seats. It offers accommodation in rooms of several categories: one-room for accommodation of two or three residents, two-room suites. If desired, you can stay in a five-room cottage.

Meals are provided three meals a day, a complex menu.


Indoor pool, playgrounds for basketball and volleyball, gym with gym, tennis court, billiards - all this offers a sanatorium "Solnechny".Gelendzhik pleases with clear days, but fans can bask in addition you can visit the sauna.

Infrastructure of the clinic also includes a parking lot, a shop, a hairdressing salon and a library.

The sanatorium provides for family rest with children, if they are 4 years old. Small guests on the territory of the health resort can have fun on the playground and swim in the children's pool.


The sea from the sanatorium is located close, breaking some 50 meters, you can settle on a pebble beach. It is well-equipped: there are sun loungers, umbrellas and cabins where you can change clothes. Its length is considerable, it is 250 meters.

On the beach you can not only sunbathe and swim in the gentle sea, but also to relax actively. At the service of guests are water attractions: skis and jet skis. You can buy beach equipment for rent.

Treatment. The main directions of

The climate, mineral waters and mud therapy are the basis of healing at the Gelendzhik resort. Treatment of the musculoskeletal system, muscular and skeletal systems, problems with nerves, respiratory diseases, will undoubtedly be successful in "Solnechny".

Professional doctors offer traditional and unique procedures to everyone who came to the sanatorium. Gelendzhik with treatment is the best choice in favor of health!

The following is recommended:

  • baths based on mineral water, mud treatment;
  • course massage of various kinds and therapeutic exercise;
  • physiotherapy;
  • dental services;
  • inhalation with medicinal herbs and substances;
  • cosmetology.

Excursions and entertainments

For a variety of leisure activities for holidaymakers, animation and various excursions are provided.

Impressive sea walks, visits to dolmens and waterfalls on the river Jane. With children, you can have fun on the slides in the water park or spend time in the "Adventure Park of Captain Vrungel."

Sanatorium "Red Talca"

The resort has a unique landmark - the seafront promenade, which is more than 10 km long. It is the visiting card of the city of Gelendzhik. Sanatorium "Red Talca" is in the immediate vicinity of it.

The first coastline, a large park area and high-class service allow us to consider this health resort as one of the elite. The sanatorium is conveniently located, various entertainments are available. Visit the "Green Theater", where often pop stars, dolphinarium or cinema.

You can get to the sanatorium by public transport from the bus station to the stop "Palace of Culture".

For guests

The territory for the pleasure of the guests is equipped with:

  • swimming pool for adults with heated water and hydromassage;
  • children's pool with slides, as well as playgrounds;
  • gym and sports hall;
  • platform for active sports games;
  • library;
  • ATM;
  • car parking;
  • beauty salon;
  • conference room.

Meals are organized five times a day, a buffet. There are also several restaurants and cafes.

The sea is close. At a distance of 50 meters from the buildings is the own beach of the sanatorium. It is sand-and-shingle, for a comfortable stay in the sun there are umbrellas and sun loungers. Refreshing drinks can be purchased right on the beach at the bar.

Living conditions

The modern sanatorium complex has 8 buildings with comfortable rooms of different categories."Red Talca" can simultaneously accommodate more than 1200 guests.

Family holidays are possible with children from 1 year old, children from 4 years old are accepted for treatment.

Therapeutic base

One of the sections of naturopathy involves treatment with climate and sea water. Thalassotherapy is fully represented in the resort of Gelendzhik. Sanatorium "Red Talca" invites to improve the condition of the body through the adoption of various baths: with sea water, with the addition of medicinal herbs, saturated with gas.

The therapeutic shower also has a beneficial effect: flow, ascending and circular.

In the spa clinic you can visit if necessary doctors of a narrow specialization: allergist, neurologist, gynecologist, ENT doctor, pediatrician.

Laser treatment, with the use of physical instruments and ozone, herbal medicine and massage - is not a complete list of procedures that are available in the sanatorium "Red Talca".Gelendzhik - treatment at a high level and a great vacation!

Profile of the hospital

In the health resort will help patients who have the following health problems:

  • diseases associated with gynecology and urology;
  • heart disease and blood vessels;
  • ailments associated with muscles and bone system;
  • lung disease.

You can also go through various rehabilitation programs.

Sanatorium "Druzhba"

On the shore of the bay, in the center of the Gelendzhik waterfront, the sanatorium "Druzhba" hospitably welcomes its guests and proposes to combine rest by the sea with treatment.

One of the oldest health resorts is located surrounded by pine trees. Healing air is absolutely clean. In addition to the sea and the sun's rays, it will have a beneficial effect on the general condition of the holidaymakers.

The convenient location of the health center allows you to visit the museums, concert halls, dolphinarium, restaurants of the Gelendzhik resort. Sanatorium "Friendship" on its territory also has a pleasant rest. There is a dance floor, a cinema and a library.

Cozy place can be in one of three buildings. The number of rooms includes single or double rooms of economy, standard and deluxe categories. If necessary, an extra bed is installed.

Three meals a day are provided, the desired dishes can be ordered from the menu. Also at the service of the rest are fitobar.

For lovers of active games, a volleyball court, an exercise room and a sports hall are organized.

Medical profile of the sanatorium

One of the main directions in the treatment is surdology. There is a special center that is equipped with modern equipment for diagnosing hearing problems.

It is possible to undergo a rehabilitation course for hard of hearing patients, to choose an effective hearing aid.

In addition, the health of patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, heart and vessels, the nervous system, as well as with problems in the field of gynecology and urology is successfully restored.

Laser therapy, hirudotherapy, speleocamera, ultrasound, computer diagnostics, physiotherapy and much more are used by doctors to improve the health of guests who have visited the sanatorium. Gelendzhik with treatment, of course, contributes not only to excellent rest, but also to health promotion.

Visit, it's interesting!

A city with a rich ancient history is always interesting with its numerous sights, not an exception and Gelendzhik.

Geographical location of the resort is such that it is protected from the cold winds by towering mountains. When spring comes, the city plunges into a white froth of flowering trees. He looks like a bride in a wedding dress, clean and beautiful.

And the name of the resort itself translates from Adyghe as "white bride".Now it is a real symbol of Gelendzhik. In 2010, on the famous embankment was erected a monument of snow-white marble in the form of a figure of a girl in a wedding dress.

Having visited various excursions, you can get acquainted not only with interesting places, but also with legends. The history of the Natasha's spring narrates that a Russian girl liked the Turkish pasha. To save herself from the fate of a slave in a harem, the unfortunate woman dropped herself from the cliff. On that spot a spring with clean water was hammered.

Mysterious dolmens attract the attention not only of tourists, but also of scientists. Until now, there is no consensus on who and why they built. And all of them are made with surprising accuracy from huge stone boulders, flawlessly processed.

Having visited Gelendzhik, do not miss the opportunity to visit the excursions you liked and see the famous places of memory with your own eyes.

Undoubtedly, without bright and memorable impressions from here you will not leave. Even if you do not rest in luxury apartments, and buy a ticket to the economy class( sanatorium), Gelendzhik, with or without treatment, will forever remain in memory as a hospitable and hospitable resort, where you want to return again.