Electronic cigarettes Cloupor: a nice value for money

The time has come for the absolute triumph of gadgets. The modern device should be functional, stylish and as convenient as possible. Electronic cigarettes are, of course, not a smartphone or a laptop, but the world of technology exposes a lot of requirements in relation to them. Part of the devices quickly morally obsolete. Those who want to stay afloat must constantly move forward. Electronic cigarette Cloupor - a worthy answer to the challenges of our time.

Style and comfort

The first thing that attracts the buyer's attention is packaging. Already in this the products of this company favorably differ from the goods of competitors. The box is executed qualitatively, the dense cardboard designed under a tree is used. Above is the name of the device, and below - its main characteristics. What's important, there is a sticker that shows the bar code. Before buying an electronic cigarette, it is worth checking its availability. Using the code on the official website, you can check the authenticity of the goods. While buying at the store futuland.ru no unpleasant surprises can not wait.

Electronic cigarettes Cloupor

Electronic cigarettes Cloupor Mini have a pretty rich bundle. Inside the box, you can find ancillary items scattered around the compartments, among which there is a velvet transport pouch, a Phillips screwdriver, an instruction, a charging cord, spare pins and magnets.

The ergonomics of the device is really on top. The case is compact and made of anodized aluminum. Its length does not exceed the same indicator of the most conventional lighters. Usually electronic cigarettes easily exceed the designation of 10 centimeters. Weight - 170 grams with installed removable battery 18650. By the way, it's not right to install the battery when replacing it due to a special technology. The back cover is attached to the magnets, so you do not have to use a screwdriver once again.


What makes a device truly stylish is, of course, its case. Not all electronic cigarettes look attractive, but these are just an exception. Black or silvery noble metal color, three comfortable metal buttons that stand out prominently, and finally an OLED display. All this gives Cloupor Mini a special charm.

Features of the functional

Electronic cigarettes from this company are extremely convenient to use. The power is regulated by pressing the plus and minus buttons in 0.1 increments. If you press the button, the numbers will change quite quickly. This device can work as a varivolt or varivatta.

You can lock the buttons by simultaneously pressing and holding them for 5 seconds. This will avoid unnecessary adjustments. It is also possible to change the orientation of the screen. The display itself displays various data: the level of charge, voltage, power, as well as the resistance of the atomizer.

Buy an electronic cigarette Cloupor Mini is for someone who is interested in a harmonious combination of design and functionality in a small package.