Laboratory "Helix": feedback on the quality of tests, feedback from staff

In this article we will tell you what the so-called independent laboratory called Helix is. A feedback about this organization can be left by anyone, and he will be assessed on the merits. Only now it is difficult to determine the conscientiousness of the company. After all for employees one picture can develop, and for visitors - absolutely other. Therefore, we will have to consider this corporation from all sides. Maybe it is recommended to work here, but the tests should be taken elsewhere? Or vice versa! What do people think about the Helix laboratory? How much does this corporation live up to expectations? Is it worth to communicate with her in one way or another? Let's understand. helix review


What does Helix focus on? A feedback about this organization can be left by everyone. And it does not matter who it is - a client or an employee. The fact remains. But the first thing that all citizens pay attention to is the firm's activity.

How are things with "Helix" in this area? Quite well. After all, we have a private, independent laboratory. It helps citizens to pass a medical commission quickly or qualitatively or to pass any specific tests. The range of services provided makes customers happy. But is Helix really good? Feedback from employees and visitors may not coincide. Let's start by studying the corporation from the inside, from the workers. After all, they, or rather, their activities, influence the opinions of customers!

Distribution of

Positive opinions in all respects are formed about the organization due to its prevalence in the territory of Russia. In general, so far there are only a few cities in which the Helix laboratory functions. Reviews about it please. And it is indicated that every year it develops and expands.

At the moment it is planned to create corporate offices in every city of the Russian Federation. That is, it will be possible to work here from almost any subject of the country. Trifle, but nice! There will be no need to move if you want to become part of the company.

Only while in "Helix" are employed mainly in those cities where there is a given laboratory. Non-resident employees are extremely rare. This is normal. And it should not cause you any suspicion of dishonesty of the firm.


The company "Helix", the reviews we provide in the article, can boast of the conditions offered by employment. It's no secret that it is difficult to work in medical institutions. Especially in the state. There is often no necessary equipment, and the working conditions are extremely uncomfortable.

And here in "Heliks" in this area everything is in order. This is obvious, because we have a private clinic, which means that it will take money for certain services. And, of course, the conditions in which doctors and other personnel work, should correspond to the prestige of the firm. In the same way as the comfort of visitors. Nobody will turn to a private company if it does not offer comfort and quality! chelix reviews on the quality of tests

So the working conditions here are very good."Helix" reviews of employees( St. Petersburg, for example, or Moscow and Kaliningrad) earns exceptionally positive direction when it comes to what kind of atmosphere you have to work in.

The laboratories have everything you need - both equipped offices, and quality consumables, and just the exterior gloss and chic. It is pleasant to be at the workplace - the walls "do not crush".And if a new employee is generally created for medicine, then the proposed conditions in the workplace may seem ideal to him. There is no deficit with drugs and supplies, everything is always at hand. And it pleases.


A very important role is played by the first conversation with a potential employer. To be honest, here, too, so far there are no special complaints from applicants. Employees in general are satisfied. Pass all the meetings in the offices of Helix, specially equipped offices. Here, in general, the process is no different from employment in any other firm. All the same conversation, which will evaluate your professionalism. Do not forget your portfolio. And, of course, the diploma of education, without which it is impossible to become an employee of Helix( laboratory service).

Reviews of employees about the managers of recruitment, by the way, is also very favorable. When communicating with them, there is no arrogance, the conversation is "on an equal footing," without hypocrisy, lies and other unpleasant moments. The friendly atmosphere and the opportunity to get answers to all your questions - that's what Helix offers. Such an approach can not but rejoice. So, pay attention to it.

Earnings of

What else can you hear about "Helix" tip? As an obvious plus for the described organization, it can be noted that even in the field of earnings, its employees as a whole are satisfied. Yes, negative moments here nevertheless slip, but they are much less than those of competitors.

Already at the stage of the interview you will be told that the work is paid adequately. No gold mountains are promised, but worthy payment and bonuses / bonuses( based on the monthly rate) are provided. The official salary will be prescribed in your employment contract. And he is the real guarantor of your rights. After all, Helix is ​​a prestigious private laboratory that values ​​and respects all its employees and customers.

Sometimes, of course, there are delays in payment, because of which "Helix" reviews are not the best. Nevertheless, the stability of payments in the corporation takes place. Only occasionally, in relation to earnings, there are some nuances and discontent. So you can safely trust the described organization. helix staff feedback


However, not everything is as good as it seems at first glance. Yes, Helix is ​​a laboratory that really deserves attention as an employer. It gives its competitors certain guarantees, opportunities for building a career and a decent salary. But, nevertheless, negative moments also slip here.

A lot of employees say that they put too much pressure in the company Helix. Reviews about the employer in this area diverge. It can not be said that they are all negative. Rather, it's just that people do not want to work much, because the sphere of employment of the laboratory is medicine. And here fatigability, like nowhere else, can affect the result of the analysis or the quality of their taking.

It is necessary to work much. If you want to find a job in a prestigious corporation to do nothing, then Helix is ​​not a place that suits you. Quite often, employees are asked to stay for part-time work or simply have to remain on their own overtime. The truth concerns this point, as a rule, only the office staff. But doctors and nurses have a dense, loaded schedule, but they often leave work when it is necessary.

Thus, it is impossible to say exactly how much the employer loads his employees. It is known that in "Helix" everyone is engaged in his own business. There are days when there is no work or it is not enough. But more often than not it is more than enough. So, it is necessary to work, "rolled up your sleeves."It's worth taking into account.


What else is worth looking at before employment? For example, the team. There is also an ambiguous opinion about the employer. Laboratory service "Helix" reviews earns in this area questionable. And all this because women work here mainly.

Normal phenomenon - in medicine, most of all, it is the beautiful half of humanity that is involved. But, unfortunately, the women's team is a complete misunderstanding and even personal conflicts, as well as competition and inability to yield. In principle, for a girl to work here - a pleasure. But men sometimes experience some discomfort. laboratory chelix reviews

But as a whole the collective at laboratories in all cities amicable. There is no strong competition here, as everyone does only their work. No one puts a stick in the wheel, it just does not make sense. If you are not afraid to work in a women's team, then this is a great place for employment.


customers Of course, feedback on "Helix"( in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities) often stress that it will work with different clients. Nobody is insured in the corporation from communicating with not the most pleasant and polite personalities. So be prepared for the fact that you are not enough to be surrounded by a variety of people every day, so everyone also needs to find an individual approach.

There is nothing surprising in this. Only sometimes, with particularly brazen customers, it is not so easy to manage."Helix" has its own rules of conduct, which will have to be respected. You can say etiquette. So be prepared sometimes to step on your throat for the sake of visitors. Fortunately, not so often there are problems with customers - and this is also happy.

The only thing is that the consultant managers at Helix often communicate with people who do not understand. They can not say exactly what they need - what kind of examination or analysis. It is difficult to break, but it is possible. Hang on at work will, only it's really worth it. After all, Helix is ​​a well-known corporation. Many people want to get into it. And as an employer, it is a very good option.

Negative for the staff

Comments on the work in "Helix"( St. Petersburg is not in the singular), of course, not always positive. Yes, we are really a decent firm for employment, but, as already mentioned, there are no ideal employers. And negative moments slip in all.

What can you see in the reviews about Helix? For example, many, as already said, complain about the high workload during the work day and for some visitors. Although this is a normal phenomenon, which should not be repelled. Agreeing to work here, you need to be aware of what awaits you and consider what the Helix laboratory has exactly. SPB, Moscow and other cities where there is a named service, still can not refer it to unscrupulous.

Often employees( usually office employees and small personnel) note that the employer imposes fines on them. And for the whole shift. This is the corporate ethic of the company - an oversight was made by one, and all colleagues are blown up for it. Penal system for "Helix" - this is the most popular method of influence.

If you recently work for a corporation, do not be surprised that you will often be fined. True, the higher your position, the less the leaders punish. Physicians are generally not fined, unless they actually made a mistake or mistreated visitors. helix employee feedback

Spectrum of analysis of

And now you can look at the described corporation and by the clients. For employment "Helix"( a review about the firm can leave everyone, even on the official website of the organization) is very good. But what can you say on the part of consumers? Maybe you do not need to apply here?

Not at all. The tremendous advantage of this organization is the choice of possible tests. Here you have every right to go through a medical examination, and preventive measures, and cure some disease! If you look at the official site, you can see that customers are offered to order both single analyzes and their entire complexes.

This solution pleases the customers of Helix. Reviews on the quality of analyzes in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Penza, Kaliningrad and other cities can provide only positive. Descriptions for each type of analysis, as well as its interpretation are available on the official website of the corporation. So, if you do not know exactly what kind of research you need, you can quickly determine with the help of descriptions.

By the way, there are a lot of single options - from general urine analysis to any diagnostics of serious diseases of different directions( gynecology, proctology and other diseases).Without any problems, you will pick up what you need.

Speed ​​and quality

"Helix" reviews about the quality of tests earns mostly good. The fact that the delivery of these passes with maximum comfort for the visitor. And it pleases. In principle, it's quite logical - you pay not only for fast, but for quality service. If you compare this process with the delivery of tests in an ordinary state medical institution, the difference will be immediately visible. Quickly, with courteous treatment and care for every visitor - this is how this company works. Patients remain satisfied with this approach.

They are pleased with the feedback they have about Helix's quality and speed of analysis. The patient is warned initially that he will receive in a form convenient for him the health data in about 4-5 days, but in practice, most often, after a day the tests are ready.

By the way, pick them up and see them as you like. You can electronically view the results( through the official website of Helix), or issue appropriate papers if you have a receipt for payment of services directly in the laboratory. As a rule, there are no queues here. And the time to wait for the result is the speed at which the document is printed. It turns out that the analyzes are not only quickly processed, but also issued almost instantly. helix employer reviews

The accuracy of the

"Helix" reviews is different from their customers. But in general, as in the case of applicants, they are positive. The accuracy of the analyzes is enormous. Yes, I want everyone to get results quickly and without problems. But it is worth remembering - we are dealing with a private clinic. And here, substitutions and frauds are possible to "breed" visitors for additional research( quite often, unfortunately, the phenomenon in some private medical institutions).

But only "Helix" reviews about the analyzes in this respect receive only good ones. Before taking your biological material for the study, you will be explained the conditions that must be met for accurate results. If you did not observe them, then you will be asked to come back another time. Either report that there may be inaccuracies, you will act at your own peril and risk. That is, no one will hide the possible shortcomings under any circumstances.

Immediate falsification of the results is not observed. In other words, no one will deceive you just for the sake of re-submitting the tests. If such incidents occur, the clinics quickly lose their relevance. And, accordingly, are closed. Helix is ​​a prestigious organization, it cherishes its personnel, customers and position in the market of goods and services. Therefore, forgery is excluded. Unless you are asked to retake this or that analysis, if it turns out that you did not comply with the conditions that are taking place. But you will be informed about everything in advance. Preliminarily, of course, it will be suggested to postpone the date of delivery of the tests to obtain the most accurate result.

Price lists

We have reviewed almost all of the reviews on the company "Helix" - about the employer, as well as about the provider of certain services. It becomes clear that we are dealing with a laboratory that really offers advantageous working conditions, as well as customer service. This makes me happy. Especially if you take into account the fact that you can easily register for the analysis at any time without even leaving the house.

But there is also a negative moment that stands out by some customers( not all - it's important!).It's about the cost of services. Analyzes in "Helix" are not too cheap. Rather, it can be said that the price tag on them is set within reasonable limits, but some visitors tend to believe that it is overpriced. But this is not so.

For regular visitors, the corporation provides its discounts and bonuses. In addition, the tests themselves are not too expensive. Especially if we consider the option of putting entire research complexes. This is the most advantageous offer.

Yes, some studies are really expensive, but when you agree to work with a private clinic, it's worth it to be ready. In return for cash, you will receive quality service with almost no queues, fast delivery of results, comfort, as well as courteous treatment. And, of course, the most accurate analysis, taken with the use of advanced technology. You can really pay for all this. helix laboratory service staff feedback

Conclusions of

So, what are the most frequently reported references to the quality of tests with respect to the Helix laboratory? St. Petersburg, Veliky Novgorod, Ekaterinburg, Moscow and other cities where it is available, offer customers high speed of service and the accuracy of research. Also, the alternatives for obtaining results and recording at the reception are encouraging.

The company "Helix" doctors reviews also earn good. Staff polite, knows how to find an approach to each client. All this only attracts to visiting the organization. We can say that each employee will take care of the patient, understand with regard to him and take into account his individual characteristics. Such treatment only pleases.

As an employer, "Helix" is also good. It offers comfortable working conditions, formal employment, as well as decent pay. True, there really is a lot to work here."Freebie" will not work. If you want to find a job, do nothing, but get a high profit, this is not your place. Some of the accidents and incidents sometimes happen, but no one is immune from them.

Thus, "Helix" is worthy of attention in all senses. Yes, some studies are really expensive here, but we should remember that we are dealing with a private laboratory. Here, humane prices in all regions where only this organization exists. And as an employer, "Helix" fits many. Remember: only the best doctors and employees work here. The organization has achieved successes and heights, now it does everything to maintain its reputation. A minimum of deception, maximum comfort for all. Apply here if you can - and you will not regret it!