"Dynasty" - Family Planning Center( Samara): patient feedback

The first meeting with a newborn baby is a great happiness for parents. Such a feeling can not be compared with anything. However, not all couples can cope with the natural task associated with procreation. For help, they can come to the specialists of Dynasty, the family planning center in Samara.

Basic information

Center for Reproductive Medicine "Dynasty" is a state institution whose main activity is the elimination of diseases of the female and male genital spheres. Help patients can get both free of charge if there is a health insurance policy, and for a fee. This is one of the few medical institutions in the country where the procedure for in vitro fertilization can be performed at the expense of the federal budget for childless couples.

Family Planning Center

What attracts patients to the Dynasty? Family Planning Center in Samara is an institution where pregnant women prefer to be observed, even if there are no problems with health. About local doctors you can hear a lot of positive feedback. Seeking help from a specialist at the clinic means making the first step toward a happy addition of the family.

The state budget institution operates in several buildings. The main building is located at Tashkent street, house 159. On the official site, you can specify the telephone number of the registry for the appointment to the doctor.

Gynecological department

Poor ecology, bad habits, malnutrition - all this leads to a violation of the hormonal background of a woman. As a result, there are problems with reproductive function. Any problems related to the sexual sphere of a woman can be solved in the "Dynasty" - the center of family planning in Samara. Contacts of the medical institution are indicated above.

Many good reviews can be heard about the gynecology department of the clinic. Here, girls and women can be treated with various pathologies of the reproductive system. Every year more than 200 laparoscopic operations of various directions are performed here. Most often this method removes polyps and other neoplasms that impede the full conception of the child. In hospital conditions, conservative treatment of pathologies of the female sexual sphere is also carried out. Here, endometriosis, hormonal disturbances are treated, and recovery after abortion is carried out.

Consultation "Marriage and family"

It's no coincidence that many couples prefer to turn to Dynasty, the family planning center in Samara. Reviews about this institution can be heard mostly positive. If a couple seeks help here, she can be sure that the services will be provided at a high level. Before the conception of the child, a man and a woman will be able to pass the necessary tests, consult a narrow specialist. Early family planning avoids complications of pregnancy and the birth of a baby with pathologies. If necessary, the couple can be consulted by a geneticist.

Doctor and patient

What else does the Dynasty, the family planning center in Samara, attract? Here, couples who have been trying to acquire offspring for many years unsuccessfully can get an opportunity to undergo free IVF procedure( in vitro fertilization).

Supportive Reproductive Technologies( ART)

The medicine does not stand still. Today, couples with complex pathologies of the reproductive system can become happy parents. The course of ART is a real opportunity for many couples to conceive and give birth to a healthy baby. The most needed procedure remains IVF.It is no coincidence that it attracts patients from other Dynasty cities( the family planning center in Samara).The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment. Therefore chances of approach of long-awaited pregnancy at childless pairs considerably increase.

Pregnant girl

The technology of ICSI also remains in demand. This is an intraplasmatic injection of spermatozoa into an already mature ovum. The essence of the method is that for vitro fertilization only viable spermatozoa are selected. This option is ideal if problems with reproductive function are observed in men.

Couples that enter the ART department are required to pass a series of tests beforehand, to prepare for the forthcoming procedures. Before IVF, a woman needs to be in a hospital for several days.

Urology and andrology

"Dynasty", the center of family planning in Samara, is the place where representatives of the stronger sex can be consulted by a urologist and andrologist. These specialists are responsible for the treatment of diseases of the male sexual sphere. The patient can undergo a complete diagnosis of the body and further treatment of prostatitis, male infertility, chronic urethritis and other pathological processes that can affect conception.

Girl and doctor

In the department of urology, urinary tract infections can be treated by both men and women. The clinic uses modern methods of treating kidney diseases. After all, the health of this body is of great importance if it comes to pregnancy. Women with chronic kidney failure today can tolerate a healthy baby. However, such patients are given special attention. Throughout the pregnancy, the expectant mother will often have to see a specialist, several times go to preventive examinations in the hospital.

Reviews about the clinic

It is also popular among the out-of-town patients "Dynasty".Family Planning Center in Samara is a medical institution of European level. This is evidenced by numerous positive reviews. Patients note that you can get a free consultation beforehand by phone on the official website. You can also make an appointment in advance.

Pregnancy test

Many good reviews can be heard about the doctors of the medical institution. Many specialists were trained in the leading universities of the country and an internship in European clinics. Local doctors not only do well with their direct duties, but also act as psychologists, inspiring patients to believe in a positive outcome.