Federal Center of Neurosurgery, Tyumen

With diseases of the nervous system, 60% of the inhabitants of the planet are facing. Some pathological processes can be eliminated qualitatively only surgically. Many patients are being treated in the center of neurosurgery in Tyumen. About the medical institution you can hear more positive reviews.


The Federal Center for Neurosurgery in Tyumen started its work relatively recently. The first patients were admitted in 2010.The medical establishment was developing rapidly. Local specialists managed to save more than one life, and some patients come back here again for preventive measures. The medical center was headed by the talented doctor neurosurgeon Albert Akramovich Sufianov. It is thanks to his perseverance and professional qualities that the center has received a powerful development.

Center of Neurosurgery Tyumen Today, the medical institution introduced the latest developments in the field of neurosurgery. Treatment here can take place not only patients from Tyumen, but also residents of other cities. If ther

e is a compulsory health insurance policy, the therapy is free of charge. The clinic uses high-quality equipment. There are no analogues of some devices in the country at all.

For 7 years of existence in the center, about 20 thousand complex operations in the field of neurosurgery have been carried out. Albert Akramovich himself performs about 100 operations annually.

Children's Neurosurgical Department

Unfortunately, every year the number of small patients with diseases of the nervous system increases. Some pathologies are subject to surgical treatment. The Neurosurgery Center in Tyumen accepts patients from the first years of life. Children have a special department. The head is Yakimov Yuri Alexandrovich. He is a neurosurgeon with many years of experience, who managed to perform many successful operations. The experts' feedback shows that this department is the leading one in Russia in the treatment of children's neurological diseases.

There are 15 small patients at the same time. All conditions for the normal existence of babies are created here. There are toys, the interior is decorated in soft colors. In each ward there are functional beds, there is a bathroom and a shower. With the small patients, parents can be near.

consultative polyclinic In children's departments children fall under the recommendation of an advisory polyclinic or on a direction of the neurosurgeon in the region. There is a huge number of surgical procedures associated with defects, hydrocephalus, brain tumors, neuropathy of nerves of any parts of the body, etc.

Vascular Department of

Here every patient with vascular pathologies can receive qualified help. A wide range of complex operations are performed at the Neurosurgery Center in Tyumen. The reviews show that specialists select an individual approach to each patient. Hazardous operations become possible not only due to the qualifications of doctors who work here, but also thanks to modern equipment. That only there is a navigation station, allowing to calculate the correct trajectory of access to the vessels. After all, the slightest wrong movement of the surgeon can lead to the development of complications.

health department of Tyumen region People with a wide range of vascular pathologies can get help. Many here managed to undergo clipping of an aneurysm. Timely surgical intervention can save lives for people who have faced a dangerous disease at a young age. In most cases, after a short rehabilitation, it is possible to return to a full life.

Spinal department

If you believe the patients' feedback, this department is the most popular. After all, with the diseases of the nerves in the vertebral column, every second inhabitant of middle-aged Russia encounters. The most common diagnoses are "hernia of intervertebral discs", "osteochondrosis".Many people in the department have to eliminate the consequences of a spinal injury.

federal center of neurosurgery tyumen In their work, specialists use not only the knowledge gained, but also high-quality modern equipment that allows coping with pathological processes without complications. Operations on the spine are necessarily performed using computed tomography. The reviews show that after the passage of therapy, the standard of living is significantly improved in patients. To get on reception to the chosen expert, it is preliminary necessary to visit an advisory out-patient department.

Department of Neurooncology

FGBU "Federal Center for Neurosurgery"( Tyumen) is an institution whose priority area of ​​activity is the treatment of brain tumors. Patients from different parts of Russia are sent here. The treatment of cancer at an early stage shows good results. It is possible to return people to a normal way of life due to qualitative surgical interventions. Microsurgical treatment of brain tumors requires attention and certain skills. The patients' feedback shows that local specialists are doing their job well.

center of neurosurgery tyumen reviews To control the activity of the brain during the surgical intervention in the department, modern equipment is used. During the operation, the image of the working surface is displayed on the computer. Thus, the chances of qualitative intervention increase. After the removal of the tumor, the risk of recurrence is significantly reduced.

The Neurosurgeon Center in Tyumen also has high-quality diagnostic equipment. Specialists are able to determine the boundaries of malignant formation as precisely as possible.

Functional compartment

In this department people can be treated who have to face pain during simple movements. Any neurologic disorder requires timely therapy. The disease can quickly progress, so you can not postpone treatment.

federal center of neurosurgery The Center of Neurosurgery( Department of Health of the Tyumen Region) is a place where patients with epilepsy can be treated. Correct selection of methods allows to return a person to a full life. People with this diagnosis are recommended to undergo periodic preventive treatment in the center of Neurosurgery in Tyumen.

Reviews about medical institution

The Center of Neurosurgery of the Department of Health of the Tyumen Region is a place about which you can hear good reviews at most. In the walls of the institution are carried out the most complex operations that allow the person to return to normal life. Pleases parents a special approach to small patients.