The drug "Quinaks"( eye drops): reviews, price, instruction, composition

Cataract refers to the physiological state of a person, which is associated with the clouding of the lens of the eye. As you know, it causes various visual disturbances and even a complete loss of vision. quinaks eye drops reviews

Sometimes this disease develops under the influence of external factors such as radiation or trauma. Also, the cause of this condition can be various diseases, including diabetes mellitus.

Physically, the clouding of the lens is due to the denaturation of the protein that is part of the body.

Cataract is the cause of almost half of all cases of blindness. Therefore, it should be treated in the early stages of development. For this very often use the medication "Quinaks".The price of this tool, its use, testimony and feedback are presented below.

Form, composition, description and packaging

In what form is the Quinaks product sold? Eye drops, reviewed below, are the only form of this remedy. They are a purple-red transparent solution, which is placed in 15 ml bottles of plastic dropper.

The main component of this medication is sodium azapentacene polysulfonate. Also, the composition of eye drops includes boric acid, methylparaben, thiomersal, purified water and propylparaben.

Pharmacological action of the drug

What is the "Quinaks" medication( eye drops)?The reviews say it is a good cataract remedy.

The effectiveness of this drug is due to the presence of azapentacene( as the main active element).It activates enzymatic proteolytic compounds of moisture in the front of the eye chamber, which ultimately leads to the dissolution of the opaque substances of the lens. quinaks price

According to specialists, the "Quinaks" preparation, indications for use of which are presented below, belongs to the class of metabolites, that is, to agents that improve metabolic processes.

This drug provides complete protection of sulfhydryl compounds from the negative effects of oxidative reactions.

One can not but note the fact that the medicine "Quinaks"( eye drops), whose reviews are mostly positive, has an antioxidant effect.


In what cases are prescription eye drops "Quinaks"?The use of this medication is indicated in all forms of cataract( for example, post-traumatic, congenital, senile, complicated).

It should also be noted that in some cases this medication is recommended for use in a secondary cataract that has developed against the background of already diagnosed and present pathological changes in the eyes.


When patients should not prescribe "Kvinax" eye drops? The reviews say that this medicine has a negative effect on the visual organs, if it is used for individual hypersensitivity to azadacentrine, as well as other auxiliary elements. quinaks reviews

In addition, it is not recommended to prescribe to pregnant women and young mothers nursing babies.

Method of application of the drug "Kvinaks"

Eye drops, reviews of which can leave everyone, should be used up to five times a day. The drug is instilled in a cataract affected organ in an amount of 1-2 drops.

People with this diagnosis require prolonged therapy, even if the therapeutic effect is manifested after several days of treatment.

It is highly not recommended to cancel the medication yourself.

After using drops, the vial dispenser is tightly closed with a special lid.

After opening the dropper, the drug can be stored for one month.

Side effects and cases of overdose

How is the patient treated with Quinax? Reviews say that this medicine for the eyes can cause allergic reactions to conjunctiva in people with an allergic anamnesis. quinaks application

In addition, against the background of the use of this tool, visual perception deterioration is possible. Usually such a reaction disappears on its own in 25 minutes.

In general, this drug is well tolerated by patients. When it is ingested in small doses, no side effects are observed.

No cases of overdose have been reported.

Special Recommendations

When instilling the drug in question, it is desirable to protect the eye mucosa and skin of the eyelids from contact with the vial.

Within a ¼ hour after instillation of the remedy, the patient may experience visual impairment. In this regard, during this period, one should refrain from managing motor vehicles and performing hazardous activities.

To prevent bacterial contamination of the drug solution in a vial, do not touch it with a pipette.

Cost and analogues

How much are the "Kvinax" drops? The price of this product is 340-370 rubles.

Buy the drug in the pharmacy you can only if you present a prescription from an ophthalmologist.

If necessary, this drug can be replaced by such analogues( coincidence according to indications), such as "Taufon", "Vitafakol", "Naklof", "Indocid", "Oftan Katakhrom", "Focus".There are no structural analogues to this drug. quinaks readings


Consumer reviews say that the drug in question really helps in the treatment of cataracts. It improves vision and prevents the development of blindness.

The merits of this medication are also attributed to its availability, relatively low cost and the lack of a large number of side effects.