Herpes is a folk remedy: treatment features and the best recipes. Herpes on the lips: treatment folk remedies quickly

Herpes( folk remedies can quickly get rid of it) - an infection that is in the body of almost every person, but in the normal state of the immune system does not make itself felt. If the body has experienced hypothermia, stress or cold, then the infection can find expression on the lips or in any other place. Herpes also occurs after sunbathing or a long time under the air conditioner. The appearance of it is almost always sudden.

Herpes on the body treatment with folk remedies

As such, there is no treatment for this disease, since it has the property of passing by itself. However, its manifestations are rather unaesthetic, which means that many women try to speed up this process.

Which medicinal herbs help?

Now in pharmacies you can find a large number of drugs that promise to virtually instantly rid of herpes. But man has long been drawn to nature, and many medicinal herbs already exist in almost every house, which means that people's remedies for herpes can be applied immediately after the onset of the disease.

Also medicinal herbs will help to strengthen the action of medications, in particular antiviral drugs. Such plants are melissa, chamomile, thyme, motherwort and many others.

Remember that phytotherapy can both help and hurt, so before using this or that tool, you need to check if there is an allergy to each of the components.

herpes folk remedy

Curative teas and herbal infusions

Effective is the decoction of burdock. It must be taken internally.

Also very effective will be folk remedies for herpes on the lips, which include several plants. For example, two pieces of lemon balm, chamomile, thyme, motherwort, leaves of raspberries, juniper( fruits will suit) and 1 part of a hornet, wormwood, St. John's wort. Then 2 tbsp.l.mixture pour boiling water( in the number of two glasses).Leave the container alone for an hour, after which drain. The resulting liquid is divided into 4 divided doses and drunk during the day. Duration of treatment is about two weeks for complete elimination of infection.


If herpes on the body appears, treatment with folk remedies also takes place. In particular, salt will help to get rid of unpleasant sensations. It should be added to the water when taking water procedures.

folk remedies for herpes

It will be useful to add essential oils of bergamot, eucalyptus and geranium. You can also use lemon and tea tree oil. These plants have a pronounced antiseptic effect. However, they show their properties only if the water temperature does not exceed 36 degrees. On a full bath, only six drops are enough to obtain a positive therapeutic effect. Also the duration of the procedure should not exceed 15 minutes.

There are reviews that claim to help herpes folk remedy based on violets. The plant helps to increase immunity and oppression of the herpes virus. Violet oil can be added in small amounts to the bath.


This method can serve not only a curative, but also a preventive tool, although at first glance its effectiveness is low. However, oriental physicians pay a lot of attention to biologically active points, which are very numerous on the body. In particular, they are located on the foot. If you give about 10 minutes daily to foot massage, you can significantly improve immunity, which will be a good barrier to the herpes virus.

Lubricants and compresses

From herpes folk remedy in the form of lubrication or compress is the best way of treatment, as the effect occurs directly on the lesion.

Canned celandine juice is suitable for treatment. You can prepare it in advance. To do this, fresh grass( you can also use the roots) through a meat grinder, then squeeze the juice and pour it into a container, so that the liquid does not reach the edges by 2 cm. Cork for a week. At the end of this period, fermentation should begin, during which the container must be periodically opened to release gases. Obtained means to lubricate the affected areas several times a day( at one time it is necessary to lubricate the rash 2-3 times with a break in five minutes).The bandage is not required at the same time.

Helps herpes folk remedy based on the Kalanchoe juice. You can also, having cleared the leaf from the skin, apply it directly to the affected area. Each time the place of the cut must be refreshed. In addition, you can fix a piece of pulp on the affected area with adhesive plaster. Restoration of the skin will not keep you waiting.

Herpes treatment with folk remedies quickly

You can lubricate the affected area with freshly squeezed lemon juice. However, you need to be prepared for the possibility of tingling and itching.

Folk remedies for herpes on the lips, which are made on the basis of tea, preferably black, will help. It should be brewed with boiling water and cooled to body temperature, and then applied to the affected area in the form of a compress. The duration of the procedure is about 20 minutes, it should be repeated three times a day.

If herpes on the lips appeared, treatment with folk remedies will quickly get rid of unpleasant symptoms. For compress, you can use lemon balm. To do this, 1 tbsp.l.herbs brew 1 tbsp.boiling water, then insist 30-40 minutes. After this, moisten the infusion with a bandage or natural tissue and apply to a sore spot three times a day.

And beekeeping products will help

A good ointment is a propolis based remedy. In particular, this applies to alcohol tincture. For this, dilute half a teaspoon of tincture in 100 ml of warm water. This fluid should be taken orally twice a day for five days. It is also necessary to lubricate the affected areas with propolis oil( 10 g of frozen-up propolis grate, mix with melted butter, then keep on low heat for 30 minutes and strain, use after cooling down), which will greatly accelerate the healing process.

Garlic and sulfur against herpes

The most popular answer to the question of how to treat herpes folk remedies is earwax. This method is quite unusual, but you can use it absolutely anywhere, because the tool is always at hand. If you have herpes on your lips, folk remedies can be quickly treated, using sulfur. Some people argue that this method has saved them from unpleasant sensations after only two procedures.

And garlic is also always at hand. And the method of using it is amazing with its simplicity. It is enough to crush garlic, lay it on gauze and form in the form of a tampon, which must be applied to the affected areas. If desired, it can be fixed with adhesive plaster. You can also do much easier: cut the tooth in half and lubricate the affected area.

Herpes on the lips treatment of folk remedies quickly

Soot from the paper - unusual, but effective

Another strange, but at the same time, effective way is the soot from the paper. For this purpose only the newspaper is suitable, the year of release is unimportant. From it you need to twist the bag and put it on a plate of porcelain, which, in turn, put in a sink or bath. Paper burn after it is almost completely burned, ashes and the rest of the paper brushed off. The resulting yellow coating on the plate will be the folk remedy that can get rid of the manifestations of herpes. After using the product, the plate is not washed, but used again for cooking in this way.

From herpes folk remedy from paper will bring the recovery many times, especially if you start treatment immediately after the appearance of the first symptoms, until the disease has passed into its active phase.

Several other ways of external treatment

Bread - the whole head. If herpes has appeared, treatment with folk remedies will quickly solve this problem. For this, rye bread is needed. In 1 tbsp.boiled water dissolve slightly more than 1 tsp.salt. In this liquid put a crust of rye bread, quite a bit. Soften bread to apply to the affected area, where to keep at least half an hour. For a positive therapeutic effect, repeat the procedure several times a day.

Helps eliminate unaesthetic defect and calendula flowers, because they have a healing effect and are able to fight bacteria. However, this remedy can only be used in the summer, as it will require fresh calendula pulp, which must be rubbed into a sore spot. But you can prepare in the summer season, calendula oil, which will help treat colds at any time of the year. For its preparation 2 tbsp.put flowers in a liter jar and pour with purified or recoated vegetable oil( 2.5 items).After that, put the jar on the water bath for 2 hours. Then cool, and after a day put in the sun. After a while, drain the oil and use it. But remember that during cooking you need to take only sterile containers. Store in a refrigerator - only under such conditions, the beneficial properties will last for a long time.

folk remedies for herpes on the lips

If you are concerned about herpes, treatment with folk remedies will quickly get rid of it. For example, a special home-made ointment from food products, which are very often used for cosmetic masks, will help. Mix 2 tbsp.l.unsweetened yogurt, 1 tbsp.l.honey, flour and coffee, 1 slice of garlic. Stir well and apply to the affected area. You can not keep it for long. Apply several times a day.

herpes folk remedies quickly

Do not forget about the increase in immunity

Since the main provoking factor of the disease is a decrease in immunity, then you need to give this part of the treatment proper attention. In particular, it is recommended to use vegetable juices, which will improve the condition of the skin after the disease. You can also drink infusions of rhodiola rosea root, nettle, dog rose, which have an immunomodulatory effect.

Try to avoid overcooling or overheating, any body stress can lead to the disease. A strong immunity will help to forget about herpes for a long time.