"Helmyphagus" - the truth or divorce?"Helmyfag": composition, analogs, negative reviews, application

Almost every day there are new medications that promise to heal without consequences and for short periods from the most serious pathologies. So, just recently appeared "Helmyphagus", giving promises to quickly get rid of parasites. What is this drug?"Helmyphagus" - the truth or divorce? Should I buy and use this medicine?

"Helmyfag": what is this preparation?

"Gelmifag" is an active biological additive, which adversely affects parasites that have settled in the human body. In addition, the producers promise that after the course of applying BAA completely normalizes all the functions of the intestine, there is a complete recovery of the whole organism. The drug "Helmyphag" raises vitality, has a beneficial effect on the digestive system and complex effects on the intestines. helmyphage truth or divorce

Manufacturer says that the composition of the product contains only natural herbs, which adversely affect parasites and help in a short time to remove helminths. Toxins do not enter the blood, which means that the remedy does not harm the body. Also, producers promise that the drug can protect against infection with helminths, and it can be taken as prevention. Is that really true?"Helmyphagus" - the truth or divorce?

Therapeutic effect of "Helmyphag"

Capsules of "Helmyphagus" have undergone a lot of research and have proved, as the manufacturers claim, that they are effective in fighting parasites and are safe for the health of the child and adult. The composition of the drug was selected, taking into account the healing properties of each component. In comparison with other synthetic drugs designed to combat parasites, this tool has a huge advantage: the complete absence of side effects. The drug gently and gently takes care of our body, but acts mercilessly against parasites. parasite helminth

Infection of the body has several stages, each of which is characterized by specific manifestations:

  1. Penetration - tissues of internal organs are damaged, colonization of the intestinal cavity: general weakness, emotional lability, increased irritability.
  2. Reproduction - larvae appear from the eggs, they gradually fall into the blood vessels: a frequent companion becomes a headache, absentmindedness and inattention.
  3. Spread - along the bloodstream towards the organs: pain in the abdomen, frustration of defecation, irritation on the skin.
  4. Nutrition - use nutrients of the body: there are problems with sleeping, allergic manifestations, infectious disorders.
  5. Poisoning - the products of the life of parasites are toxic: intoxication of the body, impaired functions of organs.

What effect does "Helmyphag" have on the body?

The parasite remedy has a favorable effect on the human body, to be more precise:

  • Parasitizing forms die at all stages of their development.
  • Damaged tissues are restored.
  • The inflammatory process is removed.
  • Bleeding stops.
  • Toxins are excreted from the body.
  • The intestinal microflora is normalized.


  • The immune barrier of the body, which protects against re-penetration, is increased and maintained.

Description "Helmyfag"

As the producers of "Helmyphagus" promise, this drug should be the first step that will help to improve the human body. The medication is a capsule of an elongated shape, inside which the properly selected medicinal herbs are enclosed. Capsules have no taste, there is only a subtle aroma of herbs. A prescription for the purchase of a medicine is not required.

"Gelmifag" composition includes specially selected, which terminates the vital activity of parasites, after which it gently removes them from the body. The drug acts on parasites by blocking their division and multiplication.

According to many sites and advertising, to date, "Helmyphagus" is one of the most effective means, which in a very short time displays parasites and at the same time has a positive effect on the digestive tract. He perfectly fights against any parasites and is allowed to receive all members of the family. According to manufacturers, there are no analogues with such an enormous effect for today. But how is it really?"Helmyphagus" - the truth or divorce? What is included in the preparation if it has such destructive effect on parasites?

"Helmyfag": what is included in the composition?

Manufacturer specifies that the composition of the product contains only natural components that can not harm neither an adult nor a child. Has "Helmyphagus" composition as follows:

  • Ordinary Yarrow.

helminthag composition

  • Ordinary centaury.
  • Carnation.
  • Additional complex of vitamins.
  • Complex of macroelements.

Ingredients of the remedy are able to completely rid the human body of helminths within 30 days. It is allowed to use it for children from 3 years old. The product is completely non-toxic and safe. The yarrow, which is part of the yarrow, adversely affects parasites at any stage of their development, gently removes them from the body, and these herbs help to normalize the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines and remove all the products of the vital activity of helminths.

The gold-bearing mill, which is a part of the preparation "Helmyphag", from the parasites of disposal, is a regenerating agent. It helps restore the functions of the stomach and intestines, and also normalizes the circulation of blood through the vessels and removes inflammatory processes.

But the most useful component in the preparation is carnation. It positively affects the intestines, helps restore the mucous membrane and does not allow the development of complications in helminthiasis. Carnation is considered an indispensable component in the fight against parasites.

In addition to herbs, the composition also contains vitamins and macronutrients, thanks to them the body quickly recovers after the harmful effects of helminths.

So much positive in this drug, is " Helmyphag" - a divorce, can it be that in one capsule contained so much positive? How to apply correctly to get this effect?

At what symptoms is it recommended to take "Helmyphagus"?

Supplements "Helmyphagus" is indicated for use in such pathologies and symptoms:

  • Helminthiasis.
  • Violation of defecation.
  • Pain syndrome of different nature.


  • Increased irritability.
  • Fatigue is chronic.
  • Sleep disorders.
  • Rashes on the skin.
  • Pathologies of an infectious nature.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Pathology of the digestive tract.

As a rule, doctors do not designate "Helmyphagus".Application of its manufacturers is recommended for the above described conditions of the body, but not individual, but complex. These manifestations should make a person think and find a logical explanation. All these symptoms can tell about the presence of parasites in the body, and with the help of this tool you can effectively and without consequences cure helminthiasis.

But if to reflect, these signs can meet at people pretty often and without presence of parasites in an organism. Then why take this drug?

Is the drug effective or is it a divorce?

When a new drug appears and promises a good effect, many are wondering if it is not fraudulent? The effect that promises capsules "Helmyphagus" - the truth or divorce, this question is set by many who have read about it.

To answer the question of interest, it is definitely impossible. After reading the positive feedback, say that it is good not, because they can write and commissioned by manufacturers. Having bought this drug and tried it, you can feel the desired effect. But where is the guarantee that the parasites in the body were? Probably, the drug has expelled them, and can, and is not present.

To accurately say whether a drug is good or not, you need to undergo a test, and if parasites are detected, then start taking it. But in Roszdravnadzor drug registration failed. And what actually is included in the capsule, only the manufacturer knows.

All companies that produce food supplements know perfectly well that for fast sales, good advertising is needed, promising a quick and effective recovery. They also know very well that negative feedback is also needed, because when everything is fine, this is already in doubt. Therefore, it is impossible to rely solely on what the creators say about the preparation and about it. The best choice is a time-tested medicine that has undergone all the necessary research and proved its effectiveness in practice.

Instruction for use of "Helmyphagus"

To answer the question, "Helmyphagus" - divorce or not, the instruction will also help, because only correct application and adherence to the course of treatment will allow to get the effect of treatment. To each box with capsules is attached an instruction in which it is clearly described how to take the remedy and in what quantity. capsule helmyphage true or divorce

Manufacturers recommend taking the drug 1 capsule 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening. The recommended course is at least 4 weeks, it is undesirable to interrupt treatment, if there are no serious reasons for that. If there is a desire, then in time you can repeat the reception.

As prevention from parasites, it will be enough to take 1 capsule in the morning for 30 days.

"Helmyfag" in the treatment of fungus

According to the advertisement, the remedy not only allows to get rid of parasites, it is also effective in the treatment of fungus. People who note a significant improvement to the question: "Helmyphagus" - the truth or divorce? "Answer unequivocally. The tool suits them completely. The reviews confirm that in addition to the fact that the drug effectively eliminates parasites, restores the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines, so it also perfectly fights against the fungus. helminthag

The drug effectively relieves the fungus on the legs, on the nails and even with the facial mite fights. This effect is explained by the fact that the composition contains only natural components, proven by time. This unique composition has a detrimental effect on parasites and fungal microorganisms.

The drug cleanses the body of parasites and helps to eliminate the fungus. It promotes the rapid removal of all toxins and at the same time strengthens it. As a result, all skin diseases pass. But "Helmyphagus" also receives negative reviews. People claim that it is ineffective. This may be due to the fact that he does not fit the patient for some individual characteristics. It must also be remembered that he has contraindications. And perhaps the tool is really ineffective.

When is it not recommended to take Helmyphag?

This preparation, which contains natural components, has almost no contraindications. So we are assured by manufacturers. Supplements should not be taken with special intolerance of its components. Also, it is not possible to carry out therapy during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The drug is recommended for children from 3 years of age and adults. The product has a very mild effect on internal organs and mucous membranes. It can be combined with other drugs.

Analogues of "Helmyphag"

As for the analogues of the drug, they can even be ordinary herbal preparations with a similar composition. Many dietary supplements promise a similar effect - "Phytophymus", "Troychchatka Evalar", although the compositions vary.

So it is worth remembering that if you offer the drug "Helmyphag" analogs, you need to keep in mind that you must first compare the labels. And we must not forget that there are many medications that successfully relieve helminths.


As for the comments of those who bought a dubious drug that promises so many things: complete disposal of parasites, restoration of the intestinal mucosa and stomach, getting rid of the fungus and much more, that is, doubts about their sincerity. Perhaps someone helped him get rid of pathologies, but where is the guarantee that this is the merit of the Helmyphag preparation? Negative feedback from those who have already acquired this drug seem more plausible, because if he helped solve so many serious health problems, he would be in great demand and probably interested in official medicine. It would be bought by all pharmacies and medical institutions, and so it is sold only online or from dealers of dietary supplements.

Where to buy "Helmyphagus"?

In pharmacies, the preparation for parasites "Helmyphag" can not be found, since it does not have a registration with Roszdravnadzor. It can be purchased only in those institutions that work with pharmaceutical companies for the production of dietary supplements. You can order it online by visiting the official website of the manufacturer and leaving there an application for purchase and delivery.


Summing up, you can say for sure that "Helmyphag" is a drug of doubtful origin, because it is not sold in pharmacies, almost nothing is known about it to doctors. If everything were so perfect, why not submit an official application and not recognize it as a medicine? There are a lot of questions, but there are absolutely no answers. How to be, buy or not this dietary supplements, everyone decides for himself, but here guarantees in its effectiveness can give only a beautifully written article on the seller's website and questionable origin certificates.