Orthodontic vestibular plates with a bead: reviews

During the formation of the jaw, various abnormalities of the occlusion and speech apparatus may occur in children. Timely elimination of these defects will help to avoid problems of the dentition system in the future. The causes of bite and speech anomalies can be not only birth defects, but also harmful habits that develop in infancy.

vestibular plates with a bead

What should I do?

An effective method of treatment are vestibular plates with a bead or with a tongue flap that have been practiced in orthodontics for more than 30 years. This simple but effective device will help to eliminate such problems:

  • Many speech defects, some of which are dysarthria and rhinolia.
  • Consequences of bad habits, such as thumb sucking and misuse of a pacifier.
  • Anomalies of bite and development of the dentoalveolar system.

vestibular plate muppy with bead

Vestibular plates with a bead with speech defects

At the age of 3-9 years, children have a habit of certain articulation in speech. One of the developmental defects may be dysfunction of soft tissues, which take a direct part in articulation. Vestibular plates with a bead with dysarthria help fix the tongue in the correct position. Thanks to the memory of a small patient and stimulation of the lingual muscle with a bead, the problem of articulation will soon be solved.

Another common anomaly of the speech apparatus is rhinolia. This gives the speech characteristic nasal, which is due to an insufficient rise of the upper sky during phonation. The reason for this is a weak articulation, which can also be adjusted by vestibular plates with a bead. This device can be used in exercises with a speech therapist during correction of sibilants and sound "p".

One of the frequent indications for the production of the vestibular plate is congenital rhinolia. After the operation to eliminate the cleft palate, children are prescribed to wear a plate to restore oral sensitivity. This method helps to improve the tone of tissues and to train the muscles in the oral cavity. Plates with a bead are also effective in the treatment of stuttering. The massage of the lingual muscle with a bead has a relaxing effect and relieves the spasms of the speech apparatus.

vestibular plate with bead reviews

Vestibular plate with a wire damper for the tongue with bite anomalies

For the correction of bite anomalies, a vestibular plate with a tongue flap is often assigned. It helps to correct problems that are innate or caused by a number of bad habits. This type of orthodontic plate allows you to monitor the position of the tongue in the oral cavity when certain sounds are pronounced. The inability to pronounce the interdental sound can be a consequence of an open bite. Vestibular plate with a flap in the shortest time will help correct an open bite. The device is retained in the oral cavity with the help of a closing lip reflex, which is established during 2 hours of wearing the plate per day.

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Dimensions and types of

Vestibular plates used in speech therapy in children are manufactured in two standard sizes. The first type of plate has a radius of 22.5 mm and the red ring is a distinctive feature of the plates for correction of the bite. For children of older age with problems of a replaceable occlusion, plates 30 mm in radius and a blue ring are made.

Orthodontic vestibular plates MUPPY

One of the most gentle methods of treatment of dentoalveolar anomalies in children are orthodontic vestibular plates MUPPY.High-quality materials do not cause allergies in the oral cavity of children. Vestibular plate MUPPY with a bead is one of the most frequent choices of parents who care about the health of the teeth and the future beautiful and competent speech of their babies. German manufacturer Dr. Hinz Dental makes the best tools for painless prevention of deformation of the dentition.

vestibular plate muppy with bead reviews

Harmful habits resulting in dentoalveolar anomalies

Having noticed a bite defect or a speech problem in a child, parents should first try to understand the cause of the pathology. Most often, the cause of deformation of the dentition is bad habits, such as the abuse of a pacifier. Vestibular plate with a bead will also help here, reviews about which are almost always positive. The fact is that with prolonged use of the nipple, a reversible type of swallowing is retained when the tongue rests against the front incisors. The pressure on the teeth during the formation of the jaw can cause protrusions - the forward extension of the lower jaw. Therefore, it is recommended to wean the child from the pacifier until the age of 3 years.

Another common bad habit that parents of babies can observe is sucking a thumb. This reflex should be paid special attention after abandoning the pacifier. This habit can lead to the development of asymmetric bite. With such a defect, the upper incisors protrude considerably forward. Vestibular plate MUPPY with a bead, the reviews of which can be heard from many patients only positive, will help to correct these defects.

vestibular plate with a bead

Problems that can be solved by using the vestibular plate MUPPY

  • Breathing with the mouth is one of their problems, in which the orthodontic plate can also be prescribed. With reflex closure of the lips during the wearing of the plate, a uniform nasal breathing normalizes. Contraindications to this method can be sinusitis and chronic rhinitis.
  • Normal development of the lower jaw is not always possible without the help of orthodontic methods. Wearing the vestibular plate normalizes the development of the jaw and promotes the formation of a beautiful and even bite.
  • Orthodontic vestibular plate gently eliminates speech defects in less than 3 months.
  • Infant type of swallowing is one of the most common causes of open bite. The plate will help to normalize the position of the tongue and avoid the development of protrusion.
  • When the orthodontic plate is worn, there is a process of natural natural self-regulation that can be inhibited for various reasons.

When using MUPPY plates, you can easily and without compulsion get rid of bad habits. This method can become an indispensable assistant in the process of abandoning the pacifier. In this difficult moment for the baby, the plate will relieve discomfort and stress. One of the problems with the treatment of a plate is its wear schedule. Children may experience some discomfort, which, when worn at night, can cause a vestibular plate with a bead. In St. Petersburg, many orthodontists recommend starting the treatment gently, with the help of a game. The time of wearing the MUPPY plate increases gradually, which does not cause stress and rejection in the baby.

Types of vestibular plates MUPPY

A specific vestibular plate with a bead can be selected for each patient. The instruction for its use is issued by the doctor and is attached to the kit. ManufacturerHinz Dental offers the following types of plates that help solve individual problems of dentoalveolar and speech abnormalities:

  • MUPPY-S - for restoring nasal breathing, eliminating the habit of sucking a thumb.
  • MUPPY-OS - for removal of protrusion and retraction.
  • MUPPY-G - to eliminate dysfunction swallowing and speech.
  • MUPPY-P - for massage of the tongue.

As practice shows, many problems are solved quite easily and safely at a young age by a vestibular plate with a bead. The instruction for each of them is necessarily included in the kit and will help you understand the basic principles of its use to everyone.