How to overcome a dream, when it is necessary

One third of life adults spend in a dream. This physiological need is important for man. Many scientists have been studying the question of how to overcome sleep for a long time. They want to know if you can live without it.

how to overcome sleep

What is a dream

To understand this phenomenon to the end yet no one succeeded. Sleep helps the body to relax, but at the same time it is something mysterious and inexplicable. After all, the subconscious at this time gives us a variety of pictures, as it starts to work in full force. Very often in a dream people can find answers to important questions for them. Perhaps that is why in ancient times scientists tried to unravel the mysteries of dreams and the reason for their appearance.

Methods for controlling sleep

At night, after a long working day, the body needs rest. But it happens that you need to get rid of the desire to fall asleep. How to overcome sleep at night, so as not to harm the body?

how to overcome sleep at work

The most popular ways:

  • Coffee is an invigorating fragrant drink. Brewed by all the rules, it will fill the body with energy and give strength.
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  • Tea. Surprisingly, he also helps in the question of how to overcome sleep. The drink should be brewed hard enough. Recommended for people with heart problems.
  • Energetics are a huge number of them, they operate for about 5 hours. However, do not drink them all the time, they can be addictive.
  • Aromatherapy helps in a variety of problems. Do not sleep will help essential oils of lemon, jasmine, grapefruit, giving a charge of vivacity.
  • The contrast shower will tone the body and prevent it from falling asleep. Changing the warm water to the cold and back is very useful. You can start with the face, hands or feet, gradually accustoming to this whole body.

how to overcome a dream at night

  • Physical loads are very effective. It is often advised: if you want to sleep, you need to sit down or squeeze 50 times.
  • Express sleep. This method will help the body to fill the lack of energy. A five-minute sleep during the day is very helpful. A short rest will make you feel cheerful. The main nuance is - do not sleep more than 20 minutes, it will make fatigue stronger.

How to overcome sleep at work

Make the right mode of the day, distribute business and home. Sleep 7 hours a day minimum. During the day, take short breaks. During them, try to take a nap if possible, 5-10 minutes. This is enough to tune into the workflow. It is possible to take a walk in the open air during breaks - it is very useful.

how to overcome sleep in the workplace

How to overcome sleep at work, which does not like it? Exclude monotonous activity or alternate it with more active activities. How to overcome sleep yet? Talk with colleagues is also a good way.

Nutrition and drowsiness

Scientists have proven that the right food gives vigor to the whole body. How to overcome sleep with food? There are several important eating rules:

  • Eat lots of raw vegetables throughout the day. A large number of vitamins attach energy and strength.
  • Limit fats - such food causes not only the heaviness in the stomach, but also a great desire to go to sleep.
  • Drink clean water - it gives cheerfulness. Do not forget that it takes up most of our body.
  • Eat small portions. Do snacks when there is a feeling of hunger. Bring nuts, celery, fruit.

Proper nutrition will fill your energy, raise your mood and activity level. If you constantly feel lethargy, the desire to sleep - reconsider your daily diet.

Why do you want to sleep at work?

The cause may be human biorhythms. The decline in activity occurs at lunch time, about 14 hours. This is a physiological feature, and you do not have to worry about it. At about 4 pm, vivacity will return.

The workflow itself is important. If the work is monotonous and monotonous - it leads to drowsiness.

A tight, heavy lunch also provokes the whole body to want to sleep. Very often, when a person eats, he wants to lie down and take a nap.

Respiratory gymnastics against sleep

Break can be done in different ways, but how to overcome sleep in the workplace with it? It is very simple, it is enough to make healthy breathing exercises. And do it every day:

  • Exhale, strain the muscles, stay in this state for 6 seconds and slowly inhale. Sit at this moment straight, do not slouch. Repeat about 8 times.
  • Breathing exercises of Qigong will help enrich the blood with oxygen, give strength. Breathe in the belly, concentrating on the process. Slowly we breathe in the air, inflating the stomach, and on exhalation we draw it as much as possible, feeling the muscles of the press. If there is dizziness - this is normal.

Ventilate the room or go outdoors before performing. Nothing should interfere at this moment. If you exercise regularly, you will soon feel the effect.


You can overcome sleep during the day by moving from a soft and comfortable chair to a stool.

overcome sleep by day

You can play the game on your smartphone, but it should be bright and positive enough. And how to overcome sleep if the TV is turned on? Turn it off! It is better in this case to listen to the radio.

Take a cool shower, it will help to cheer up. If you want to sleep constantly, perhaps the problem is related to health, and you need to see a doctor.

If you get to work very early, try to stay up to 23 hours. Do not sit until late at night. Start each day with something pleasant and invigorating.

Sleep is necessary for a person. No matter how much you want to extend your day, the body needs rest. Absence of sleep leads to disorders of the nervous system, lack of appetite, headaches. To prevent this, it is necessary to remember the main rules: rest at least 7 hours a day, eat right, follow the daily routine. And wake up only with a good mood!