Unpleasant bitterness in the mouth. The reasons for its appearance

In the morning, after eating or, conversely, on an empty stomach, an uncomfortable phenomenon such as bitterness in the mouth may occur. The reasons for its appearance can be very different. It is not always the symptoms of any diseases in the body. Most often it occurs due to the intake of spicy, fried, fatty foods or after drinking. But still, in those cases when bitterness in the mouth starts to disturb more and more often, and the person is sure that he did not consume harmful products, it is necessary to seek advice from a specialist, since one of the signs of a disease of the digestive system and the gallbladder canthere is frequent bitterness in the mouth.

The causes of it most often are problems with the gallbladder. If its normal functioning is disturbed, bile may enter the esophagus and thereby cause unpleasant bitter sensations in the mouth. But the best solution in this situation will be a deep examination of the body, to identify the exact cause. A full examination of the bile ducts will indicate the place of stagnation of bile and if the case is not dangerous, the specialist will prescribe cholagogue preparations. In case of serious problems, one of which may be the development of cholelithiasis, more serious treatment may be required.

Problems with the stomach and intestines, such as a violation of the correct motor activity or gastritis, may also be the cause of a phenomenon such as bitterness in the mouth. The treatment here is, first of all, in the passage of gastroscopy, a complete examination of the gastric mucosa. If problems in the functioning of the body are not identified, but continues to worry bitterness in the mouth, the cause should be hiccups in the intake of various antihistamines, therapeutic infusions with sea buckthorn oil and St. John's wort, as well as antibiotics. These substances, irritating the walls of the stomach, destroy good microflora, causing dysbacteriosis, which results in unpleasant bitterness in the mouth. The causes can also be found in dental diseases of the oral cavity. It is possible that the fillings or other types of prosthesis are made of a substance that is rejected by your body. The basis can be an inflammatory process of the tongue( glossitis) or inflammation in the oral cavity( stomatitis).

Very often in pregnant women, bitterness occurs in the mouth. The reasons here are usually not so serious and are the result of improper intake of food, its composition and quantity. The settled opinion that it is possible to eat anything you want to pregnant is only partially true. This does not mean that you can eat everything, mixing incompatible and swallowing whole chunks. Women in the situation a thousand times more carefully to monitor their health and one of the conditions of a good state of mom and baby is a comfortable regime and timely meals. Let them be four, five or even six times a day, but in small portions. Do not hurry, it is recommended to chew each piece at least eighteen times and only after swallowing. Enjoy the taste of food, drink water only before or after a meal, do not go to bed immediately after dinner, move more, wear loose clothing, and unpleasant bitterness in your mouth will not bother you.

After identifying the exact reasons, you can safely embark on the treatment of bitter taste in your mouth and most often it is easily eliminated, removing from the diet harmful products such as bitter vegetables( radish, garlic, horseradish and others) and bakery products. It is necessary to eat as little as possible fried, hot, sour. For some time, you can replace the usual tea and coffee with medicinal broths of dogrose, elderberry, currant, mint, viburnum. Use as much as possible pure water, it is recommended to drink about two liters a day of clear, moisture-purifying body. And do not forget that all the unpleasant phenomena in our body are a direct consequence of our wrong way of life.