How to remove water from the body

How to remove water from the body, excessively accumulated and manifested as edema? Methods depend on the causes of its occurrence, and there may be many. Although very often people do not even suspect that there is a surplus of fluid or mucus in their bodies. Sometimes this happens completely unnoticed. Only when your body starts to rebel and give signals for help by forming edemas, then you realize that with health everything is not all right.

Swelling may occur due to heart or kidney problems. In women, there may be swelling associated with the cycles of menstruation. Some ladies simply "swell" before the start of the cycle, but if the men usually go on intermittently and for a long time, the swelling may eventually become permanent. Therefore, in order to quickly get rid of swelling, you need to do something right now.

Many do not know how to remove water from the body without resorting to expensive medications. Although in fact everything is not so difficult. To begin with, it is critical to evaluate your lifestyle and diet to find out all the reasons that cause the body to hold up fluid.

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Let's consider in detail the most probable causes.

  • Lack of water. During the day you drink juice, coffee, tea, soda, kvass and hope that this completely replenishes your body's daily need for fluids. Unfortunately, it is not. Your body needs 2 liters of clean water a day, not in its "substitutes".And these same "substitutes" are already saturated with substances that are unable to remove harmful slags from the body.
  • Drinks that you drink. Soda, tea, coffee, beer and other alcoholic beverages literally expel all the valuable moisture from our body. But the fact that your clever organism managed to save, he stores as he can, though. .. in the form of edema. Excess salt in the diet. Since it is difficult to remove water from the body without limiting salt intake, we advise you to remember that "salt is a white death".Abuse of salt is a common reason why fluid is trapped in the body. Everyone knows that if he ate something salty, then after a while he will strongly want to drink. And this is not because, as the witty people say, "the fish require water," but because your clever organism tries to get rid of the salt that is harmful in such quantity. Well, if you have always consumed a lot of salt, your body specifically stores moisture so that salt does not harm it so badly.
  • A sitting job or job all day long. Those who have a sedentary job, or who spend the whole day on their feet, are the first to complain about swelling of the legs. In the first case, a slow metabolism due to inactive work is a payment for comfort and convenience, in the second - there is an excessive load on the legs and joints.

Having read this list of reasons, you will certainly find among them a problem familiar to you, which is the root of your troubles. Now you can think about how to remove water from the body. But first you need to understand a simple thing: the balance of fluid in the body depends on whether the body receives enough water for its work. If there is enough water in it, a number of very important mechanisms are launched: the endocrine system works better, the amount of liquid stored by the body decreases, the excess is eliminated, more fat is burned, and the feeling of hunger decreases.

The removal of water from the body must be carried out, observing two simple rules - and then the health and beautiful figure will not slow down.

  1. Water diet. You should drink at least 2-3 liters of drinking water a day. And you need to drink gradually throughout the day. Then your body will eventually realize that moisture is already enough and will simply stop storing it for future use. Already ten to twelve days after the beginning of the use of pure water, you will feel an extraordinary lightness in the body and an obvious burst of energy. Also, you will begin an intensive removal of toxins from the body.
  2. Salts are smaller. If you, after analyzing your diet, realized that the cause of accumulation of excess fluid in the body is an excess of salt in the diet, then we recommend gradually reducing its amount. And, believe me, it's not so difficult. Just need to understand that salt makes the taste of any dish more intense. And if you add various seasonings with sodium glutamate( flavor enhancer) to the salt, then the nuclear mixture is obtained, which the producers of the product try to put on as a drug. And this helps to delay fluid in your body.

Along with the problem of delays in the body of excess water, there is another - a conglomeration of mucus. How to get the mucus out of the body of people thinking about their health, worries no less. According to one version, mucus appears in the human body from boiled food. If you regularly eat a lot of raw vegetables and fruits, they, like a "whisk", will clean the body of mucus. However, it is desirable to limit the food in the diet, the use of which contributes to the formation of mucus: cakes, noodles, potatoes, milk, cheese, meat, smoked products, salt, alcohol.