The Cabinet "Healthy childhood" in a polyclinic - what is it and why does it exist?

Each parent knows perfectly well how difficult it is to be with a child in a pediatric outpatient clinic. It's no secret that healthy and sick patients should sit in the general queue in front of the doctor's office for a long period of time. In order to reduce the risk of spreading airborne infection, in large cities began to open the cabinet "Healthy childhood" in the clinic. What is this place and what is happening in it?

The office is a healthy childhood in the clinic that it

Background of the occurrence of this room

The reception of children in children's hospitals is arranged so that healthy, convalescents and patients should sit in one common queue. Each parent has repeatedly faced such a situation - almost a recovered child after a visit to a doctor gets sick even harder. Recently, the offices of "Healthy childhood" began to open in large cities. In a children's medical institution, a healthy child, as a rule, has to stand numerous queues in order to get the document to the kindergarten, school or pool. All the necessary information can now easily be obtained in one office.

Already done. ..

For the first time a special cabinet for healthy children was opened in the children's city polyclinic No. 94 in Moscow in August 2014.Of course, then the cabinet "Healthy childhood" in the Moscow polyclinic was only a pilot project, however, he proved himself only on the positive side.

When can parents apply?

cabinet a healthy childhood in a polyclinic

Many children's establishments have already opened special rooms for healthy children, but not all parents know what they are for, and who can turn to it.

When can parents go to the "Healthy childhood" office in the clinic( what is it, it is written above)?

• When preparing the necessary documentation on the health of the child before attending various sports clubs and sections.

that the cabinet is a healthy childhood in a polyclinic • For obtaining a children's certificate in a sanatorium, swimming pool or health camp. It's no secret that before visiting the pool or going to a sanatorium, you need to undergo a medical examination and get a certificate from a doctor.

• For registration of the certificate in the form of f-026 / y. Everyone knows that before starting classes in a kindergarten or a school, a child needs to undergo a full medical examination in a polyclinic. The Cabinet "Healthy childhood" in a children's polyclinic is an office where every parent can quickly and without unnecessary nerves draw up a medical card for a child.

In what cases can I apply?

a healthy childhood in a children • To obtain directions for analyzes. Many are forced to sit in the queue for a long time to the doctor only in order to get a referral for the delivery of clinical tests.

• Any parent can record his son or daughter to see a specialist doctor. The medical worker in the "Healthy childhood" cabinet will carefully examine the child, interview the parent about the reasons for going to the medical institution and, depending on the testimony, will write the child for consultation to a suitable doctor.

• For medical examination before vaccination. Before every vaccination the doctor should carefully examine the child, the whole procedure takes about 5 minutes, and standing in line for the pediatrician takes from 15 to 60 minutes, and even more.

• For prescription for dairy children's kitchen. It's no secret that for the parents of the baby it is very problematic to visit a children's polyclinic, especially if it is only a prescription for a discount prescription. What kind of office "Healthy childhood" in the clinic? This is the place where the baby's parents can receive a discounted prescription for dairy food in a matter of minutes.

How can I get to the office of "Healthy childhood"?

a healthy childhood in a children There are already special rooms in many children's polyclinics, however, parents are still interested in the question: "The Cabinet" Healthy childhood "in the clinic - what is it and how can you get there?" You can take a coupon to the reception in the registry exactlyAlso, as a ticket to any other doctor of the children's polyclinic, you can also register in this office through a special website on the Internet, selecting the column "pediatrician - a healthy childhood."

The Cabinet "Healthy childhood" in an out-patient department - what is it, necessity or excess? The organization of such offices has significantly reduced the spread of airborne infections in children, because now there is no need for the healthy and sick to sit in the same queue. In addition, it became much easier to obtain the necessary directions or references for children's institutions.

What in the end?

• Improving the quality of care and the availability of a district pediatrician.

• Reduction of the reception time and waiting in the queue.

• Quick and qualitative design of medical records.

• Release of the time of the local pediatrician, which he can give to sick children.

Not so long ago in large cities special rooms "Healthy childhood" were opened, which were created specifically to facilitate the life of small patients and their parents. For several months of their work they have already justified their effectiveness and necessity. In our country, everything is done in order to improve the quality of services and reduce the number of queues in children's hospitals, so the offices of "Healthy childhood" must be created in each child's medical institution. Get a certificate, enroll in a narrow specialist, get a prescription for children's dairy cuisine - all this can now be done within 5 minutes in a special room.