Where to make densitometry in Moscow: the addresses of the clinics, the procedure

With age, the structure of bone tissue changes, becoming more porous. A person over the age of 50 is more prone to fractures. Women most often suffer during menopause. This is due to changes in the hormonal background. In addition, with age, the quality and quantity of physical exertion is significantly reduced. Bones become brittle and sensitive. Serious diseases of the musculoskeletal system can develop. Densitometric research allows to reveal the problem in time. The procedure is absolutely everything to everyone after 50 years. Where to do densitometry in Moscow? Detailed information will be provided below.

What is this procedure?

If a person suffers frequent fractures even with minimal physical exertion, it is necessary to undergo a study. Densitometry helps to detect osteoporosis. The disease can develop in old age or in young patients due to hormonal changes. Timely diagnosis allows you to examine the structure of bone tissue and prescribe therapy if changes are observed. Thus, it is possible to prevent the development of a serious incurable disease.

where to make densitometry in Moscow What is Diagnostics? Densitometry is a non-invasive method for determining bone mineral density. With the help of special equipment, a specialist can determine the amount of calcium in the body of a particular patient. The most important is information about the condition of the spine. Densitometry of the lumbar region, as well as the neck of the hip, is often performed. Fractures in the listed areas are the most dangerous, since they threaten loss of motor activity.

Densitometry in clinics is conducted according to various methods. The most popular is quantitative computed tomography. Such diagnostics make it possible to obtain the most complete information about the structure of bone tissue. Also conducted are ultrasonic and magnetic resonance imaging, dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry, bone peripheral densitometry.

How is the procedure performed?

Before you figure out where to do densitometry in Moscow, it is worthwhile to understand the nuances of the procedure. All manipulations are quick and painless. However, you should follow certain rules. In order to obtain reliable information, the patient must stop taking calcium supplements in the day before the procedure. If in recent time had to undergo radiological studies, the doctor should be informed. To obtain a clear image during the diagnosis, it is necessary to observe immobility.

densitometry how is spent how much is Depending on the area of ​​study, the patient should occupy a certain position on a special table. The doctor uses a special sensor that projects the image onto the computer screen. The whole procedure lasts no more than 20 minutes. The doctor describes the result immediately after the diagnosis.

What does densitometry show?

Already managed to figure out why densitometry is needed. How is it conducted, how much is the procedure, and what are its results? The expert can tell about everything before the beginning of the research. To timely reveal changes in the structure of bone tissue, experts recommend that you undergo procedure after 45 years once in two years. Women in the menopause period should preferably be diagnosed more often. If the patient begins to lose bone tissue, densitometry will help to detect this in time. The specialist will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

densitometry in Moscow for free Diagnostics allows you to get two basic indicators - a score of Z and a score of T. The first shows the ratio of bone mass to the age of the patient. If there are deviations in greater or lesser side from the norm, treatment is prescribed. The score T shows the deviations in bone density from conventional.

How much is the diagnosis?

The cost of the service may depend on the price policy of the particular medical institution. Densitometry in Moscow can be conducted free of charge in state polyclinics. In this case, the patient must have a compulsory medical insurance policy. In private clinics, the most costly is a complete study of the skeleton. The patient will have to pay at least 5000 rubles. However, this procedure is not carried out in all institutions. Where to do densitometry in Moscow? Popular clinics will be described below.

densitometry of the address If it is necessary to conduct a study of a particular department, the price of the procedure will be relatively low. It all depends on the equipment that the clinic applies. Ultrasound densitometry will cost no more than 700 rubles.

Are there any contraindications?

Absolute contraindications do not exist for the procedure. However, in some cases, as a result of the research, it is possible to obtain incorrect data. For example, during pregnancy, the calcium in the bone tissue of a woman is significantly reduced. But this does not mean the development of any disease. After birth, the bone mass is gradually restored.

lumbar densitometry If there are changes in the lumbosacral spine that do not allow the patient to take a convenient position for diagnosis, the procedure also has to be postponed. By itself is completely safe densitometry. The addresses of the Moscow clinics, in which it is possible to carry out the diagnosis, will be presented further.

Multipurpose center "Medicine"

Private clinic of OJSC "Medicine" provides a huge range of services. Densitometry is also performed here. How is it conducted, how much does the procedure cost here? The expert will tell about all this at the first visit. There is a medical facility near the Mayakovskaya metro station at Tverskoy-Yamskaya Pereulok, 10. The clinic is open daily from 8:00 to 21:00, without interruption. Preliminary to make an appointment, you can call: 8( 495) 488-22-15.

diagnostics of densitometry In the diagnostic department, qualified specialists can do x-ray, ultrasound examination, mammography, computer tomography. A full complex of laboratory diagnostics is carried out. Patients are assisted in such areas as gynecology, orthopedics, neurology, narcology, cardiology, plastic surgery, physiotherapy. There is an opportunity to solve not only functional, but also aesthetic problems of the body.

OJSC "Medicine" is a member of the association "Leading clinics in Switzerland".This means that not only domestic doctors, but also foreign professionals, provide assistance to patients.

Family Doctor's Clinic

A multidisciplinary medical center is located near the Oktyabrskoye Pole metro station. Those who do not know where to make densitometry in Moscow, you can contact the institution at the address: General Karbysheva Boulevard, Building 13, Building 1. The modern outpatient clinic provides a full range of services for small and adult patients. Densitometry is performed by qualified specialists on the newest equipment.

Diagnostic center "Patero Clinic"

The medical center carries out complex diagnostics and treatment of all body systems. Densitometry is conducted here at a high level. For the study of one site will have to pay from 1000 rubles. The clinic is located near the metro station "Sviblovo" at: Mira Avenue, house 211. You can make an appointment by calling: 8( 495) 705-75-32.

examination of densitometry Like many other medical institutions, the specialists of "Patero Clinic" work in the following directions: mammology, orthopedics, dentistry, ophthalmology, cardiology, proctology, pulmonology, etc. There is also a beauty salon. The treatment of acne, correction of wrinkles, microlifting, therapy using mesorollers.