Treatment of sore throats with folk remedies is a good combination in combination with prescribing a doctor

At the entrance to the throat on the sides and on the upper vault of the sky are the guards of our body - the tonsils. They consist of a special lymphoid tissue and protect us from uninvited guests - various pathogens. But sometimes they themselves are attacked and inflamed. This is angina. Therefore, with angina and all signs of inflammation of the edema, an increase in size, redness( hyperemia) of the tonsils and pain. In some cases, islets on the surface of dirty gray plaque or small pustules( purulent follicles) are formed. Angina is easy to diagnose - due to the characteristic pain in the throat when swallowing. And for the statement in the diagnosis it is enough to just open your mouth to look into the throat - the tonsils are clearly visible. Angina refers to infectious diseases and needs antibiotic therapy under the supervision of a doctor.

The tonsils are located so that in addition to taking medication, they are available for rinsing, lubrication and there are many different ways to do this, including the treatment of sore throats by folk remedies. Moreover, if the process of inflammation in the pharynx is not strongly pronounced and accompanied by fever and copious plaque, but only a slight soreness and a slight reddening of the pharynx, it is possible that antibiotics can be delayed, since they are far from harmless to the organism( especiallypediatric), and use exactly the people's treatment of angina.

Treatment of sore throats with folk remedies is widely covered both on the pages of the Internet of medical subjects, and in the special literature. In addition, due to the widespread prevalence of this disease( angina has been ill once in a lifetime, probably, every person), almost every family has its own "grandmother's recipe", describing home treatment of angina. But still, the treatment of angina by folk remedies is most often based on the same ingredients, most often mentioned in folk recipes. For example, propolis is recommended. Adults fit alcohol tincture: 30 grams of propolis dissolved in 100 ml of 70 percent alcohol and diluted with water about half. A teaspoon of the obtained tincture is retained in the throat as long as possible, rinsing the tonsils with angina. The procedure can be repeated up to 4 times a day. But propolis can simply be chewed in an amount of 2-3 grams several times a day, including children. It is only necessary to ensure that it is fresh, since only such a product has a curative effect. Treatment of sore throats with folk remedies can be carried out with the help of ordinary saline solution( 1 teaspoon without a slide to a glass of water), where it is good to add freshly squeezed juice to half a lemon. For one rinse - 1 cup of the mixture. You can repeat 3 or 4 times a day. In addition, treatment of sore throats with folk remedies includes and ordinary iodine, which can lubricate the inflamed tonsils. But here we must exercise reasonable caution. First, iodine can be an allergic reaction, and secondly, it is not recommended to perform iodine lubrication more than 2 times a day.

Meet among the councils recommending a popular treatment for tonsillitis and common dangerous misconceptions, among which the first place is the lubrication of the throat with kerosene. Individuals manage to extract this product of distillation of oil and try to conduct treatment. Do it categorically not! Like all petroleum products, kerosene is a poisonous substance and, if ingested, can cause poisoning, especially in a child's body. In addition, it has a strong irritant effect and can aggravate the inflammation process. And also cause spasm of the muscles of the pharynx until the breath stops completely.

For the treatment of quinsy with folk remedies, it only benefits, always before using this or that remedy, it is necessary to consult a doctor.