Butter "Stop-Active" against nail fungus: reviews, composition, instruction

How does Stop-Active oil work against nail fungi? Comments on the effectiveness of this drug for topical use, as well as its therapeutic characteristics are presented below. Also, the materials in this article indicate information about what properties are inherent in the medicine, what it represents, how it should be used in the presence of indications for use. Oil stop anti-fungal active product reviews

Basic information about the fungal disease

Before telling you about how Stop-Active works from the foot and nail fungus, you should tell what constitutes this unpleasant disease.

It is not a secret for anyone that the health of our feet is directly dependent on everyday and thorough hygienic care for them, as well as the prevention of skin diseases. To my great regret, not all people pay due attention to their own legs. Therefore, a significant part of the population suffers from such a fairly common disease as mycosis. Experts argue that the causative agent of this disease is the fungus.

How does this pathology manifest itself? The presence of fungus on the legs is quite difficult not to notice. This disease is manifested by redness, itching, and also peeling of the skin. In addition, it is characterized by the formation of cracks, swelling and pain.

Many people try to cure mycosis by traditional medicine, ignoring traditional methods. But not always this approach gives the right result.

Doctors specializing in the treatment of such a disease argue that the effectiveness of therapy for fungal disease guarantees the use of special antifungal agents. Very often, in the presence of mycosis, experts recommend the use of Stop-Active oil. Reviews, prices, and ways to use this product will be listed below.

What is a dangerous fungal infection for a person?

Many people with the disease in question are in no hurry to acquire butter or gel "Stop-Active" from the fungus. At the same time, they naively believe that such an infection is a non-serious and completely non-dangerous disease. Most patients believe that this is a kind of cosmetic defect that does not cause any noticeable inconvenience. But this is an erroneous opinion. Experts say that this ailment is very unpleasant and dangerous, especially if it was not cured on time. stop asset from fungus nails composition application feedback

The first trouble that a fungal infection carries with it is a marked deterioration in the patient's quality of life. With the development of a person's illness, it can constantly torment the itch of the skin of the feet, as well as disturb ulcers and cracks. By the way, in addition to skin, this disease often affects the nail plates. If this happens, the patient's legs become very, very unattractive. As a rule, people with fungal diseases are embarrassed to visit swimming pools, saunas or baths. Also, with sick legs, the entrance to the solarium, to the beach and even to the beauty salon is closed.

Speaking of fungal diseases, we can not say that they are very contagious. This infection is fairly easily transmitted from an infected patient to a healthy person. Thus, under the threat can be absolutely all members of the family sick.

Basic information about the antifungal drug

What is Stop-Active oil against nail fungi? The reviews say that this is a special medicinal product for local use. It is based on a complex of natural ingredients that show a pronounced antifungal activity.

Stop-active oil from the nail fungus helps to ensure full-fledged care for the feet and nail plates, as well as completely eliminate the existing infection. According to reports of specialists, this drug product should be used as monotherapy only at the early stages of the pathological process. With regard to the development of late illness, in this case, patients are prescribed complex treatment, including the administration of oral antifungal medicines. oil stop drug from nail fungus description of the drug

Action of a medicinal drug of a local purpose

How does the Stop-Active oil work from nail fungus? Description of the drug claims that its timely application helps solve several problems at once:

  • Provide an emollient and moisturizing action, and also eliminate the peeling available on the feet.
  • Neutralize the foci of fungal disease, prevent the spread of the disease to other sites and other people.
  • Get rid of the burning, itching and discomfort that were caused by the disease in question.
  • Normalize the impaired function of sweat glands and significantly reduce sweating of the feet.
  • Provide a deodorizing effect on the feet and eliminate the unpleasant odor emanating from them.
  • To heal existing wounds and cracks on the legs, and also contribute to the healing of damaged parts of the epidermis.
  • Restore the lost health and beauty of the feet, as well as the activity of movements and cheerfulness.
  • Provide a feeling of freshness and comfort.

Ingredients of the antifungal agent

Why is stop-active oil effective against nail fungi? The description of this local drug explains its therapeutic effect by the fact that the basis of this medication is only the natural components. In other words, it does not contain synthetic substances, which are quite often found in other preparations against fungal infection.

Consider the characteristics of all the ingredients of this local medicine right now. Oil Stop Foot Active Against Nail Fungus Description


Thanks to this component the stop-active drug from the nail fungus( composition, application, reviews mentioned in the article) has a deodorizing effect, and also helps to eliminate excessive sweating of the feet. It should be specially noted that this substance is included in many other cosmetic products. It helps to rejuvenate the skin, get rid of stretch marks, and also cure certain diseases. In addition, the mummy in the drug in question significantly reduces the risk of further spread of the infection. In other words, this element eliminates the favorable environment for reproduction of fungi.

Musk beaver

This substance is also very effective in the treatment of fungus. It has antibacterial and antifungal effects. The musk of the beaver helps to stop the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, as well as eliminates the sharp odor from the legs, and perfectly moisturizes the outer layer of the skin of the feet.

Cosmetic oil

How does the stop-active oil work against nail fungi due to this component? Reviews say that this is a very simple, but quite effective ingredient. Its presence in the preparation is important. Due to it, the agent under consideration softens and moisturizes the epidermis, makes the skin of the foot soft and supple. This helps to prevent the development of dryness and peeling of the integument, as well as to prevent the occurrence of cracks in the feet.

Contraindications to the use of medication for topical use

Does it have contraindications for the use of Stop-Active oil against nail fungi? The reviews say that when buying any medicine it is very important to remember that almost all medicines have their prohibitions on prescription, even if they do not contain any synthetic additives. stop asset oil from fungus nails price in pharmacies

According to the instructions, this tool is highly not recommended for use in the following conditions and diseases:

  • disorders in the functioning of the liver and kidneys;
  • hypersensitivity to the drug as a whole or to its individual components.

One can not help saying that breastfeeding and pregnant women should receive a doctor's approval before applying this medication.

In the event that during treatment with this remedy, the patient has developed such undesirable effects as swelling, redness of the skin or a rash, the use of the medication is stopped.

How should I apply the Stop-Active medication( oil from nail fungus)?

The price in pharmacies of this remedy may be different. About it, we'll tell you a little later.

Use this medication only on indications. Many patients claim that Stop-Active oil is very simple to use. Unlike other drugs that are applied to the site of infection by a local route, this medicine does not spread, and it also never stains, very quickly absorbs into the nail plate and skin.

How should I use the medication in question? The instructions say that this drug should be used only topically. In this case, the affected feet or nail plates should be preliminarily prepared for treatment. They are thoroughly washed with a soap solution, rinsed and wiped dry with a waffle towel.

Once the legs have been prepared, Stop-Active oil should be applied in a small amount to a finger or a cotton swab, after which it is actively rubbed into the skin or nail plates that have been infected with the infection. stop asset reviews real doctor reviews

To obtain the necessary therapeutic result, this treatment is required to be carried out continuously for 3 weeks. In this case, rub the antifungal agent preferably twice a day.

Side effects of

What are the side effects of stop-active medicines? Reviews are real, doctors' reviews report that this reaction does not cause any side reactions. If, in the process of using it, the patient feels discomfort or observes irritation, then the use of the medicine should be stopped immediately. In this case, the fungal infection will have to be treated with other means that the doctor will recommend.

The price of the drug, its purchase

How much is the drug under consideration intended for the treatment of fungal infection? The price of this drug is quite high. It is about 1000 rubles. Moreover, it is not always possible to purchase this medication in regular pharmacies. Therefore, many patients suffering from fungal diseases are forced to order it via the Internet. At the same time, an original and effective tool can be purchased only on the official website of the manufacturer.

User reviews

What do consumers say about Stop-Activ oil from nail fungus? Reviews( the price of this local medication was indicated above) state that this medication effectively treats mycosis table and fungus on the nail plates. The same opinion is shared by most doctors. Doctors report that "Stop-Active" is an excellent modern drug that has a pronounced antifungal activity. It contains only natural active ingredients that effectively manifest themselves not only in the therapy of the disease mentioned, but also in the process of daily skin care of the feet. means of stop-active from foot and nail fungus

It should also be noted that the timely and regular application of the oil in question can prevent serious pathological complications that can develop with improper treatment of fungal infection.

By the way, during therapy of fungal disease of the feet and nail plates patients should always remember that to achieve therapeutic results, it is not enough to just apply Stop-Active oil. To eliminate infection, it is also very important to monitor the hygiene of your feet, wear "breathable" and comfortable shoes, and wear dry and clean socks made only from natural fabrics.