Fistula of the rectum: symptoms, treatment with folk remedies at home. Rectal fistula treatment without surgery: reviews

Fistula of the rectum - this is one of the symptoms of the disease, which no one will discuss with their relatives. Many are embarrassed with such problems to seek help from specialists. But paraproctitis is an insidious disease that causes not only moral suffering, but also physical pain. The disease rarely goes without consequences. However, it can be defeated with the help of many medicines. With a fistula of the rectum, there is a sharp pain in the area of ​​the anus and perineum. The disease is often accompanied by violations of defecation, chills and fever. Often with paraproctitis, difficulty urinating. Usually, specialists offer surgical intervention to get rid of the patient from ailment. However, some practice the treatment of the fistula of the rectum without surgery.

rectal fistula treatment

Why does the disease occur?

Why does paraproctitis occur? There are many causes of this disease. Most often, the disease is provoked by factors that can reduce immunity. Among them is the following:

  1. Irrational food.
  2. Sedentary, sedentary lifestyle.
  3. Acute or chronic form of digestive tract infection.
  4. Constipation of stools constipation, diarrhea.
  5. Chronic diseases.

As the statistics show, the disease affects mainly women. The reason for this lies in wearing panties-tanga, bikini, tight trousers. Especially dangerous clothing made of dense fabric. It is capable of rubbing the skin in the perineal region. In addition, to cause inflammation is capable of hypothermia. After all, many women wear short skirts and thin pantyhose in frosts. In the elderly, usually the paraproctitis proceeds in a chronic form. At risk are those who in young age suffered an acute form of the disease.

Initial stage

Treatment of the fistula of the rectum without surgery is possible. In the early stages of this disease, the doctor usually appoints warming compresses. They must be applied to the perineal region. In addition, experts recommend that procedures such as warm baths and putting facilitating enemas. Such measures can significantly improve the patient's condition.

For the treatment of the fistula of the rectum, antibiotics are usually prescribed. In the process of treatment, patients are recommended bed rest.

Acute form

Treatment of the fistula of the rectum without surgery in acute form is also allowed. However, such therapy has some peculiarities. As a rule, doctors recommend surgical intervention, in which an abscess is opened. But, as practice shows, many patients do it at home with the help of non-traditional medicine. In any case, after opening the abscess, it is necessary to clean the inner hole. If this is not done, then a recurrence of the disease can occur, up to the formation of another fistula.

treatment of the fistula of the rectum with folk remedies

Features of the disease

Even in the simple case, after the removal of the fistula of the rectum, an opening in the anal canal is formed. As a rule, it does not heal. This forms a fluid fistula. Very rarely a scar appears.

If any factor again provokes the development of paraproctitis, then in the same channel an abscess may form again. If there is a scar at this place, an abscess can occur next to it. If the disease recurs, then its treatment should be the same as in the acute form.

Paraproctitis can occur even in infants. Treatment of the fistula of the rectum with folk methods in this case is unacceptable. The child should definitely show the doctors. In this case, it should be noted that surgical intervention is very difficult, since in young children, the opening of suppuration has a small diameter. This greatly complicates the cleaning of the channel.

What is the best way to heal?

Is it possible to overcome the fistula of the rectum? Treatment without surgery, reviews show, can proceed quite successfully. For many centuries, many ways have accumulated, allowing not only to save the sick from the disease, but also to prevent its re-development. However, the maximum effect can be achieved if the treatment of the fistula of the rectum combine the traditional as well as unofficial medicine.

Baths with salt against fistula of the rectum

Treatment of the fistula of the rectum with folk remedies allows much faster cure for the disease. As many reviews show, sessile baths with the addition of salt make it easier to relieve the patient's condition and eliminate some of the symptoms. Such procedures perfectly cope with inflammation, and also help to remove pus.

Such a bath is very easy to prepare. To begin with, you need to pour in 5 liters of boiled water. In a liquid it is necessary to dissolve soda food, sea and usual salt. It is enough to take a spoonful of each of the ingredients. A ready-made solution must be filtered. Take a similar bath should be within 10 minutes. Treatment of the fistula of the rectum with folk remedies should be carried out by courses. Do salt baths need for 15 days, one procedure per day. After the trays, special ointments should be used. As a rule, they are appointed by a doctor.

fistula rectum treatment without surgery

Herbal baths

How else can rectal fistula rectal? Symptoms, treatment, and recovery from a disease - all this causes a lot of negative emotions and unpleasant sensations. To facilitate the course of the disease, you can take a sessile bath, but not with a saline solution, and herbal decoction. You can prepare it at home.

As a rule, for the treatment of the fistula of the rectum use a decoction of St. John's wort, oak bark, calendula, hawthorn, yarrow, calamus, shepherd's bag and other herbs. To prepare the product requires 50 to 60 grams of herbs. This amount of raw materials must be poured with boiling water( 1.5 liters) and placed on a fire. Herbs should be brought to a boil and cook for 20 minutes. Now the remedy should be infused. This takes about 40 minutes. The prepared broth should be carefully filtered, and then poured into a container of a suitable size and diluted with warm water( 5 liters).Take such baths should be 10-15 minutes.

Recipes for baths

Fistula of the rectum, treatment at home which is recommended only under the supervision of a doctor, is a very unpleasant phenomenon. For therapy, the following sessile baths can be used:

  • 70 grams of ash should be filled with water( 7 liters) and placed on a fire. Boil the product should be within half an hour. After this means, such a decoction must be filtered and cooled to a temperature of 35 to 37 ° C.Take a bath should be about 25 minutes. The number of such procedures is not limited and depends on the degree of the disease.
  • Two liters of milk must be brought to a boil. Then add a few medium sized onions and 4 garlic cloves to the bowl. Boil this means you need 2 minutes, and then cool a little. Take the bath must be hot. In this case, the body should be wrapped in a blanket. Stop the procedure until the milk completely cools. The course lasts until full recovery.

fistula rectum treatment without surgery reviews


Treatment of the fistula of the rectum without surgery by folk remedies is a complex process that requires endurance and patience. The use of microclysters increases the patient's chances of recovery. For carrying out similar procedures, a special pear with a rubber tip is required. Before use, the tool should be handled correctly. In order not to injure the tissues, the tip should be lubricated with cream or vegetable oil. Here are some effective recipes:

  • The honey spoon should be dissolved in 100 grams of water. The field of this must be prepared with infusion of herbs. This will require chamomile, yarrow and sage. The mixture should be poured with 200 grams of boiling water. In a separate container you need to mix both products, taking 1 dessert spoon each. This solution should be infused for at least 30 minutes. Before going to bed, you can douch. After that, the procedure should be repeated, but using only herbal infusion about 40 milliliters. In addition, it is recommended to drink 1/3 of this medication.
  • Crude potatoes must be thoroughly washed and grated with a peel. The resulting mass should be gently squeezed. The resulting juice should be used for syringing. In the anus at night you need to enter a tablespoon of the drug. The course is 10 days.
  • In the fistula of the rectum helps microclysters with a solution made from fresh flowers of marigold. First you need to prepare a remedy. A glass of boiling water should be poured into 20 grams of calendula flowers. The remedy should bite well. This takes several hours. Ready infusion should be filtered and can be used for the intended purpose.

treatment of the fistula of the rectum without surgery by folk remedies

Fat against the fistula of the rectum

Badger, as well as bear fat will help eliminate the fistula of the rectum. Treatment without surgery is a long process. During the therapy, various means of alternative medicine can be used. In addition to microclysters and sedentary baths, you can use tampons. They should be soaked in fat and injected into the anus for the night.

If you do not have these components, you can use chopsticks from fresh potatoes. Use them, like tampons with fat. It is worth noting that potatoes soothe irritation well, and heals and envelops erosions and cracks located in the anal region of the intestine.

treatment of fistula of the rectum folk

Tea recipes

Treatment of the fistula of the rectum without surgery can be carried out not only with the use of topical products. To overcome the ailment, you can use a variety of teas. Such remedies help to cope with paraproctitis.

To prepare the preparation, you need 100 grams of plantain leaves and althea roots, as well as 75 g of yarrow. All components must be crushed and then mixed. In the evening, you should pour three tablespoons of 700 milliliters of boiling water. The remedy should stand overnight. In the morning, the ready-made infusion should be filtered. A day is recommended to drink 150 milliliters of such a drug before eating. For greater effect, take the drug at least 4 times during the day. It is worth noting that infusion allows you to cope with paraproctitis and, of course, with a fistula.

Fistula of the rectum: treatment of St. John's Wort and other herbs

This is another effective way to treat the fistula of the rectum, as well as the disease that caused it. To prepare, take a glass of 50 milliliters of

herbs such as St. John's wort, basil, Japanese and celandine sofa. Birch leaves are also required. They need a few such glasses.

All the ground components must be mixed, and then brewed with 1.2 liters of boiling water. The container with the product should be placed on a fire and brought to a boil. Boil the drug for a minute on low heat. Now the broth should stand for about an hour. The finished product should be filtered and taken between basic meals, at least three times a day. Dosage is a tablespoon.

fistula rectal symptoms treatment

Specialists also recommend using infusion of herbs for microblogging. They can be done up to 4 times a day. After such procedures, a tampon moistened with decoction should be applied to the suppuration sites. Such a remedy will help to quickly eliminate the fistula of the rectum. Treatment without surgery in the ways described above, allows you to recover faster after the disease.