Eleaf Istick Pico: review and reviews

Modern technologies help a person quit smoking with minimal discomfort. For this, a variety of electronic cigarettes are produced. They differ in a number of characteristics. One of the popular devices that help overcome the nicotine addiction is Eleaf Istick Pico.

The presented device is characterized by small dimensions and quite high power. At the same time, the electronic cigarette received a beautiful, stylish design. Features of this model should be considered before purchasing.

General description

The model Eleaf Istick Pico Kit 75 wow is a worthy innovation in the product line from the well-known manufacturer. The presented device consists of a boxmode and a cliromiser. This electronic cigarette is compact in size. Thus, the height of the body is only 7 cm. At the same time, the cliromiser that is included in the delivery kit has a length of only 4.5 cm. Eleaf Istick Pico

The device is quite powerful( 75 W).The work of the electronic cigarette provides a conventional removable battery type 18650. The new Starter Kit is quite miniature. Therefore, he does not have such interesting improvements as the screen. However, this does not reduce comfort in the application of the device.

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Prefix in the name of the device Pico should be translated as "outstanding" and "innovative".The device has been able to manually adjust the TCR resistance at the thermal control. The menu is no different from the analog products that are on the market.


It should be said that you can buy a set of Eleaf Istick Pico 75 w for about 3 thousand rubles. In this case, the buyer has the right to expect to receive certain components.Eleaf Istick Pico 75w

Includes boxless without battery. It will need to be purchased separately. Also, the user who opened the box will see a removable clitorizer Melo 3. In some sets, the manufacturer provides a mini version of the presented model. The volume of the cliromizer in this case is not 4, but only 2 ml.

The kit includes a USB cable for recharging and firmware updates. For Melo 3 there are spare colored o-rings. Also included are 2 instructions for the boxman and the clinic. For Melo 3 a spare evaporator is supplied( 2 pcs.).


It should be noted that the manufacturer produces a new modification of the presented electronic cigarettes. It's called Eleaf Istick Pico Mega. This model is characterized by an output power of 1-80 W and has the ability to work from a 26650 battery. In other respects, the presented devices are similar. Their appearance is practically the same.

The electronic cigarette Istick is made from a zinc alloy. There are 5 varieties of colors for boxman's design on sale. The case can be:

  • black;
  • gray;
  • pink;
  • white;
  • colors are metallic.

Ergonomic lines of the device allow you to comfortably feel the mod in your hand. To be able to hide the battery in the case, the developers used a convex cover. It provides a few extra centimeters, which make it possible to hide the battery.Eleaf Istick Pico Kit

The small size caused the "-" and "+" buttons on the bottom of the case. It is convenient to press them with a little finger. Users note the high quality of the assembly. The parts do not stagger. The total length of the product in the assembled form is only 11.5 cm. Therefore it can be easily hidden in the hand. It fits in your pocket, bag, without causing any inconvenience.


Cliromiser for model Eleaf Istick Pico Kit has an updated design and feature set. It is distinguished by its stylish forms. Cleromizer Melo 3 is completely collapsible. It can be made of glass or metal. If you accidentally mechanically damage the part, you can change the glass. Cliromizer can be supplemented with multi-colored o-rings. This will complement the appearance of the device.Eleaf Istick Pico 25

Refilling from Melo 3 occurs through the top. The cover is unscrewed, after which the liquid is easily poured in. At the same time, it will not be necessary to disconnect it from the boxer. To increase or decrease the thrust, you need to rotate the additional ring. Under it there are invisible holes for adjustment.

In the third version of the clinic the evaporator with two spirals is installed. They are made of cantaloupe. The spiral has a resistance of 0.5 ohms. For the thermal control mode, it is proposed to use an evaporator with spirals of titanium and nickel.


Eleaf Istick Pico TC The can operate in a power range of 1 to 75 watts. The adjustment step is 0.1 W.In the Mega model, this figure reaches 80 watts.

The temperature control function assumes the operation of the instrument in the range from 100 to 315 ° C.In this case, the setting can be made in steps of 10 ° C.The winding for the block can be made of titanium, nickel, steel. If an unsupported metal is used, you can manually set the resistance across the table. It is attached in the instructions. In this case, it is permissible to use a different winding. In the TC mode, you can change the power manually.

The diameter of the cliromiser should not exceed 23 cm. Otherwise, the cover on the battery compartment will prevent this part from being installed. Eleaf Istick Pico Mega

The display of the presented model is marked by high quality. Users claim that information can be easily read both in the dark and in direct sunlight. The display shows the temperature, battery power. Also here is information on the number of volts, ohms, watts. If desired, the display can be turned off. The image can be rotated by 180º.


Users note that the 18650 battery compartment is slightly shorter than the battery itself. It is covered with a convex lid. It is recommended to use accumulators for Eleaf Istick Pico for 25 A. The contact in the compartment on the plus side has a spring. This ensures a tight fit of the battery. Eleaf Istick Pico 75w Kit

Autonomy of the device is evaluated as high. The minimum battery voltage threshold at which the device can function is about 3.3 V. At the same time, the battery changes easily.

The connector is made of steel. The spring-loaded pin is made of brass. The connector is screwed into the housing in a twisted form. At the same time, on the surface of the lock, the cliromizers can leave traces. Screw them carefully. If you change the size of the removable part, scratches on the metal surface can be noticeable.

Firmware and protection

Firmware Eleaf Istick Pico supports updates. This fact allows you to add all the new features provided by the manufacturer. This greatly increases the comfort when working with the device.

To update the firmware, you will need to use a USB port and a cord. On the manufacturer's website you will need to download the corresponding program. The device comes with software version 1.0.It is assumed that the new version will increase the power of the device to 90 watts. Eleaf Istick Pico TC

The device has several protective functions. The manufacturer has provided for a system that avoids breakage due to short circuit, overheating of the evaporator and / or board. Also there is protection against overcharging and overdischarge, high or low resistance, voltage. The device has holes for gas removal. This allows you to significantly extend its work, to avoid unforeseen troubles.


Electronic cigarette Eleaf Istick The Pico is user-controlled with 3 buttons. The main one is "Fire".Also on the bottom are additional buttons "-" and "+".

To turn the device on or off, press the "Fire" button five times. Switch modes can also be done with this main button. In this case, you need to press it 3 times. The desired function is selected by means of additional buttons at the bottom of the device.

To be able to control the temperature of the board, you need to press the main button 10 times in a row. If the device is in the off state, you can simultaneously hold "Fire" and "-".In this case, the instrument will show the battery voltage level. Twenty-fold pressing the main button will provide information about the firmware version of the device.

To lock additional buttons and prevent accidental settings of the device, you must hold them simultaneously. By pressing "+" and "Fire" at the same time, the user will be able to block the resistance. If this manipulation is performed at the moment when the device's power is turned off, it will go to the TCR mode setting menu. All functions and options for customization are provided by the manufacturer in the manual.

Negative feedback

Electronic cigarette model Eleaf Istick Pico receives from users mostly positive reviews. Negative statements are also encountered. However, they concern only certain functions. In general, almost all customers noted the presented device as worthy of attention.

Among the negative feedback should be highlighted statements about the pressure of plastic on the display. This is an insignificant drawback, but it somewhat worsens the appearance and overall impression of the device. Also noted the impossibility of using atomizers, whose diameter exceeds 23 mm.

Due to the design features, abrasions appear quickly at the top and bottom of the unit. Also, many users are uncomfortable switching modes with the buttons that are located at the bottom of the device. Users note that the additional buttons have a backlash, a little shaky.

Positive feedback from

Despite some shortcomings, the presented device receives a lot of positive feedback from buyers and experts. When the model appeared on a free sale, many experts doubted that such a small device will be able to work fully in 75 W mode. However, the device fully complies with the manufacturer's specifications.

The cost of an electronic cigarette is quite acceptable for most users. It is interesting for its small size and light weight. The battery changes quickly and easily. This is a fairly functional, powerful model. It can be used even during charging.

The firmware to be updated was also noted by the buyers as an advantage of the model. This is a stylish, high-quality mod, which was waiting for many users. It is popular.

Having considered the features of the electronic cigarette Eleaf Istick Pico, it can be noted that this is a worthy, functional model. It is of high quality and in demand among buyers.