Furasol: instructions for use, price and reviews

During the infectious diseases of the mouth, doctors prescribe a variety of medications."Furasol", the instruction on which application is simple enough, is applied locally or externally, but in no case inward. And of course, before taking it is necessary to consult with your doctor. furassol user guide

What kind of drug

The active substance of the drug "Furasol", the instructions for use of which will be described in detail below, is furazidine. It is a fine crystalline yellowish powder with a bitter aftertaste. Actually, "Furasol"( the instruction on application is attached to each package) is only a trade name. In fact, this is the same drug that is used to rinse the throat and mouth. In some cases, it is prescribed to treat an infected open wound.

Dosage form and cost

Furasol, the price of which varies from 250 to 500 rubles per package( depending on the volume), is available in the form of a powder for the preparation of a solution. It is noteworthy that when exposed to an open wound or mucous membrane does not cause irritation. But only in the event that there are no contraindications. And they, by the way, are quite a lot.

furassol instruction


You need to familiarize yourself with them before buying Furasol. The instruction to it says that it should not be taken by pregnant women at any time( in any of the trimesters of pregnancy).The same applies to nursing mothers, as well as children, whose age is less than four years. In addition, those who suffer from allergic dermatitis, psoriasis and other skin diseases, should bypass the drug side. And of course, people with hypersensitivity, too.

When prescribed "Furasol"

Instruction for use indicates that infectious and inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity and nasopharynx are particularly successful with this medication. Many otolaryngologists prescribe a powder for the preparation of a solution in those cases when a favorable environment for the development of microbes is just beginning to form. That is, in the initial stages of the disease. furassol user

Furasol. Instruction for the reception of

Powder is diluted solely immediately before intake, the ready-made solution can not be stored. To make it, you need to pour a bag of "Furasol" with a glass( standard - 200 ml) of warm water. Not hot and not cold. The powder is stirred well, and then the rinse solution is rinsed for three days. In a day, the mouth and throat are treated three times a day. After the procedure, it is not recommended to drink or eat for half an hour.

Treatment of wounds with

If Furasol is prescribed to wash open or postoperative wounds, it is diluted in the same way as rinses. However, the temperature is somewhat lower, so as not to cause unnecessary inconvenience and discomfort. In addition, clean gauze dressings are wetted in solution, and then applied to the wounds for a while( 60-90 minutes, constantly updating).Because furazidine has antimicrobial properties, it allows you to protect against soft tissue infections. furassol price

How to treat a child's throat

Babies, whose age does not exceed seven years, it is difficult to rinse out the mouth cavity in a qualitative way. Therefore, we can resort to some trick: the solution of furazidine is injected into the syringe, from which it is sprayed into the mouth. The throat is treated in the same way, if it is painful or uncomfortable for a child to rinse it by himself. The main thing is that he does not swallow the drug. After the procedure, you need to wait half an hour, after which you can give a drink of pure boiled water.

Feedback on the treatment of the throat

Many of the tried-and-tested furazidine-based powders were satisfied with the result. Some say that even a complicated angina passes much faster if you regularly gargle with the help of Furasol. Thus, the purulent formations in the pharynx dissolve more rapidly under the influence of an antimicrobial agent, and the inflammation and edema decline after just a few procedures. That is why many people who suffer from chronic throat diseases have got such a drug as "Furasol" in the medicine cabinet, instructions for use, the price and the main component of which are described above.

Treatment of children with

Many parents at the first symptoms of throat diseases try to stop the spread of the infection themselves, with the help of folk remedies. Pediatric Doctors strongly recommend not to do this if the pharynx is already inflamed and swollen. That is why children who are older than four years, write out "Furasol" for daily rinsing. The drug really helps not only to remove symptoms, like, for example, resorption tablets or herbal infusions, but also to destroy the foci of microbes in a matter of hours.