Nylon prosthesis with complete absence of teeth and partial. Reviews about nylon dentures

Strong teeth are necessary not only for beauty. Their health is the absence of most digestive problems. However, not every person can boast of a smart smile. Some do not have several teeth at once. If the problem is more extensive, then you can use a nylon denture. With complete absence of teeth, it is considered very effective. However, it also has some peculiarities.

What is this product?

nylon prosthesis with complete absence of teeth

Nylon prosthesis with a complete absence of teeth is a special design, which is made of a special dental material - nylon. Most often it is not permanent and only for a while can perform the functions of the jaw. However, in some cases, the product can be permanently fixed.

It should be noted that the presented design has certain features and indications that should be considered when choosing a prosthesis. Naturally, these issues need to be carefully considered. Improperly selected products can contribute to the emergence of additional financial costs and physical problems.

Advantages of

nylon dentures in europe are banned

Nylon prosthesis with complete absence of teeth is established quite often. The fact is that it has a lot of advantages. Among them we can distinguish such:

1. Flexibility of the material. This allows you to make crowns that will take the necessary shape. Patients note that the product is very convenient, it does not cause discomfort.

2. Ease of use. You have almost no discomfort when wearing a structure. Although the first time you will feel a foreign object in your mouth - at first, many complain about it.

3. Excellent appearance. Thanks to the pink color, the base will not visually differ from its own gum. Many people like this naturalness.

4. Good strength. Just because the product does not break, although it is not recommended to drop it on hard surfaces.

5. Absence of allergic reactions and hygiene. Due to these qualities, the design can be installed practically to every person, if there are no other contraindications.

6. Reliable mounting in the oral cavity, as well as high accuracy of fit.

7. There is no need for a long period of habituation.

8. During installation, it is not necessary to grind the support crowns. This allows not only to reduce the cost of the installation procedure, but also leave most of the dental tissues intact.

9. Resistance to aggressive action of food additives, liquid absorption and unpleasant odors. However, if the prosthesis is scratched, then the occurrence of such problems is possible.

10. Good distribution of the chewing load, which will not allow the product to break. However, please note that you can not chew all the time on one side. Otherwise, the material will be erased unevenly.

As you can see, nylon dentures, patient feedback is highly appreciated, they have a huge number of advantages compared to other designs.

Disadvantages of

nylon prosthesis with partial absence of teeth reviews

However, there are significant disadvantages that may prevent the use of such products:

- Nylon prosthesis with complete absence of teeth in some cases contributes to bone tissue atrophy.

- Occurrence of minor injuries on the gums. Some patients complain of wounds and pain in the gums.

- The appearance of mechanical scratches.

- Nylon dentures are quite expensive, so they are not considered affordable for everyone. In reviews, it is often noted that the high cost of the product.

- The product requires careful and proper care. Otherwise, a microbial deposit quickly forms on the surface.

- From time to time, this design will need to be changed.

In principle, with the correct use of such designs, many problems can be avoided.

What indications for use exist?

partial nylon denture

Before you install a partial nylon denture, you need to understand when it can be done. There are such indications for the procedure:

- Allergic reaction to other types of materials.

- Stomatitis, which is the result of the installation of other prostheses.

- Complete or partial absence of crowns.

- Prohibition of grinding of supporting teeth.

- Cardiovascular pathology, epilepsy, bronchial asthma.

- Occupation associated with an increased risk of injury to the jaw.

Nylon denture patient reviews are characterized as durable and reliable. They are installed in the case when it is necessary to adapt the tissues of the oral cavity to the fixation of permanent structures.

Are there any contraindications?

prosthetics with nylon prostheses

They also exist. Among the contraindications can be identified as follows:

1. Low crowns or the presence of atrophic changes in the alveolar process.2. Too much damage to the dentition.

3. Inflammatory diseases of the gums or oral cavity in general.

4. Gingivitis, periodontitis, as well as the last stages of periodontitis, which can be accompanied by exposure of the roots.

There is some information that nylon dentures in Europe are prohibited for use. However, this is not quite true. On the contrary, qualitative nylon designs are used abroad quite often.

Stages of product manufacturing

flexible nylon dentures

A nylon denture with partial absence of teeth is used to accelerate the gum addiction to subsequent permanent crowns. Naturally, the design must be properly manufactured. The entire procedure is considered to be quite difficult, therefore it can take a long time to complete. Production includes the following stages:

1. Thorough examination of the patient by an orthopedist and orthodontist. This is necessary in order to clarify the general condition of the oral cavity and eliminate present pathologies.

2. Manufacturing of casts of dental rows. For this, a special quick-hardening paste is used.

3. Manufacturing of a dental model from gypsum. This procedure should be carried out in the laboratory.

4. Production of a wax copy of the future prosthesis.

5. Fitting a model with a description of all the defects that appear.

6. Subsequent casting of the prosthesis from nylon with a thermal press under the influence of high temperature( 250 degrees).

7. Grinding of a cooled product using circles or cutters.

8. Last fitting and error correction.

As you can see, a nylon prosthesis with partial missing teeth will be quite expensive. However, it will prevent further defects in the row of crowns.

Versions of the

designs There are such types of products:

- Partial. They can be used on both the upper and lower jaws.

- Single. Such flexible nylon dentures are used in cases when one or two crowns are missing. They are attached using clasps. In this case, it will not be necessary to make a special fit for the teeth to which the prosthesis will be worn.

- Complete. They are attached to a special base, which fits snugly against the sky. For good fixation in the oral cavity, you can additionally use special fixing gels.

Cost and time of application of the

Nylon prosthesis with a complete lack of teeth photo

structure If you have information that nylon dentures in Europe are prohibited, then this is not entirely reliable data. Perhaps they are not so popular, as they are not recommended for permanent use, but everything depends on the patient's desire. Naturally, expensive products meet all the requirements.

The price of quality prostheses is about 16 000 - 25 000 rubles. The cheapest are small single designs. Full prostheses can have a higher cost. As for the period of use, it is about 5 years. However, for so long the product can only be used if it is properly handled.

Please note that it is not recommended for specialists to use the presented constructions longer. Otherwise, the bone will atrophy. In addition, during the operation of the prosthesis it is necessary to visit the dentist periodically, who will monitor his condition.

Preparation for prosthetics and installation details for

Nylon prosthesis with a complete lack of teeth( the photo you can see in the article) should be correctly fixed. However, before the procedure, you should always prepare the oral cavity. For this, the following activities are carried out:

- Elimination of all tissues affected by caries.

- Installation of seals, curing pulpitis.

- Elimination of tartar and plaque. In this case, it is also possible to bleach the crowns.

In principle, this preparation can be completed. Next, in fact, prosthetics with nylon prostheses is made. Most often they are fixed with the help of clasps( metal hooks).They are capable of providing good structural strength. If the prosthesis is complete, then a camera system is used to mount it. For fixation, support teeth can be used on both sides.

Features of care

Nylon dentures, whose manufacturing materials are considered strong and reliable, require some care. It is in this case that they can serve as long as possible. So, there are such rules of care:

- The design requires periodic cleaning at the dentist.

- Try to rinse your mouth every time you eat.

- To clean the prosthesis should be the same as your own teeth - twice a day. Do not use paste with solid particles to whiten the crowns. They can scratch the surface of the product. And still need to buy a soft brush that does not damage the surface of the nylon.

- To ensure that during the installation or removal of the prosthesis from the oral cavity, it does not accidentally fall and does not break, you should carry out all manipulations on the sink filled with water.

- For a periodical disinfection it is necessary to use a special antiseptic solution.

- If you do not use a prosthesis, you should not just leave it on the nightstand. It is better to put it in a bactericidal solution that is sold in any pharmacy.

- If you want to apply deep cleaning of the structure, you can use ultrasound.

How to store the product?

If you want to install nylon dentures with a complete lack of teeth, feedback will help you decide on the type of design, as well as the need for its application. It is impossible to name responses of patients unequivocally positive. They are different. Everything depends on the quality of the work of dental technicians and dentists, the cost of the product and other factors.

If you have made removable nylon dentures, then at night they will need to be removed from the mouth. That they are not damaged and do not dry out, you can leave them in a glass with plain water or a bactericidal solution. Of course, the fluid needs to be changed daily. Some doctors believe that to remove the prosthesis for the night should not be, because they will break faster. However, it's up to each person to decide. Some people point out that it is inconvenient to sleep with such a design.

As you can see, the presented designs are quite popular, despite their shortcomings and high cost. However, you only need to choose the right product after a thorough consultation with a specialist. Nylon prosthesis with partial absence of teeth( the reviews confirm this) will provide the functionality of the jaw and a beautiful smile. Be healthy!