The drug 'Diana 35' - description

"Diana 35" is a combined preparation that contains estrogen and has a progestational effect. Thanks to the use of this remedy, the high viscosity of the cervical mucus remains, therefore it is difficult for spermatozoa to enter the uterine cavity, and this property provides a contraceptive effect. The presence of ciproterone in the preparation "Diana 35" allows to block the androgen receptors, so there is a reduction in hair growth by the male type and hair loss on the head, a decrease in the production of sebum. The use of this drug helps fight acne and prevents the appearance of a new acne. The effect of using the drug comes on the 14th day after it began to take it, and it acts for 7 days after the end of the application.

Indications for use

"Diana 35" is used to prevent a woman's pregnancy. Also, the drug is used in the presence of women acne, seborrhea, excessive hair loss in the male type, or baldness, due to the action of male sex hormones.

"Diana 35" - instruction for use

To prevent pregnancy, one tablet of the drug should be taken from the 5th to the 25th day of the menstrual cycle. After this, they take a break for five days and again start taking the drug in the quantity indicated above.

Smoking significantly increases the risk of complications in the cardiovascular system, especially for women over 35 years of age. Before starting to take the drug, as well as with its regular application, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist.

Immediately stop taking the drug "Diana 35" with the appearance of inflammation of the vein wall, unusual pain in the legs or chest, thrombosis and embolism, the appearance of a feeling of breast compression. It is also necessary to refrain from taking this remedy with the initial appearance of migraines, visual and hearing impairments, and impairments in the functioning of the motor system. If surgery is planned, then within 6 weeks you should also stop taking Diana 35.

People with high blood pressure should be aware that the risk of thrombosis is much higher. It is canceled the use of this drug in the presence of diseases such as jaundice, cholestasis, pruritus, increased episodes of epilepsy. If "Diana 35" is used together with antiepileptic drugs, "Ampicillin", "Rifampicin", "Butadiene", "Griseofulvin", barbiturates, its effectiveness is significantly reduced.

If during the day a vomiting and diarrhea is noted in a person it is necessary to take the pill again, since the drug is quickly excreted from the body and does not have its effect on it. If these symptoms last longer, then it is worth switching to another method of contraception.

Possible side effects after taking "Diana 35"

There may be pain in the stomach, as well as headaches, change in body weight and sexual desire, may also be noted for depressive conditions, chloasma, intermediate bleeding.


Do not take the drug with liver damage, pregnant, with breast cancer, fat metabolism disorders, otosclerosis and lactating mothers.

In cases of an overdose with this medication, vomiting, vaginal bleeding and nausea may occur. In such cases, symptomatic treatment is performed.

"Diana 35" - reviews about

Most patients note that the drug protects against unwanted pregnancy and has a cosmetic effect. Also, many women note the fact that the condition improves not only the skin, but also the hair and there is a slight increase in the breast. The disadvantage of the drug is the need for its regular intake, otherwise the risk of becoming pregnant is significantly increased.