Adhesive for medical rubber-textile lining: purpose, operating characteristics, advantages

There are many medical products. At the same time, doctors need to work with patients not only specialized tools, but also items for sanitary and hygienic purposes. These include an oilcloth medical rubber-fabric bed.


The product is widely used not only in specialized medical organizations to cover sleeping places, but also in social services, private clinics, boarding houses, beauty salons, and homes. It is used in dental practice, surgery, during massages and physiotherapy. oilcloth medical rubber-fabric bed

Rubberized tissue liner is an excellent prevention of the formation of pressure sores. It is covered with couches, stretchers, tables, beds, mattresses. Its application is also relevant in the national economy. In addition, from large pieces of fabric you can make screens, bibs, shoe covers, aprons and other necessary items.


The medical rubberized fabric bed liner is made of several types:

  • A - is made on the basis of cotton fabric.
  • B - is based on synthetic fabric.

oilcloth medical rubber-fabric lining 3251 91 The finished product is coiled. In accordance with the requirements of their width should be at least 75 centimeters, and the length is 75 meters. Suppose the release of segments from one and a half to three meters. The re-woven fabric has a waterproof layer applied to the polyester base. PVC today meets everywhere - in mobile phones, bags, clothes, sports equipment, credit cards, furniture, furniture and so on. He has it and an oilcloth medical rubber-fabric lining.

State standard

GOST 3251-91 presents to the product a number of requirements:

  • lack of stickiness;
  • elasticity and water resistance;
  • resistance to disinfection by means of chloramine solution;
  • use in the manufacture of light colors;
  • no roughness, wrinkles, unevenness, as well as peeling, contamination, all kinds of damage;
  • availability of fringe;
  • resistance to temperature changes( from minus fifty to plus fifty degrees);
  • use in the manufacture of safe materials;
  • presence of marking;
  • mandatory passage of the product of the relevant tests;
  • a shelf life of at least twenty-four months from the release date for Class A, for Class B - twenty-six.

If the listed mandatory requirements are not met, then the medical rubberized fabric liner, GOST 3251-91 of which is not observed, will be considered defective. Use it in medical whole can not, because it does not meet safety standards.

Advantages and cost of

The following items are inherent in a quality product:

  • lightness;
  • small layer thickness;
  • resistance to multiple disinfectants;
  • good strength;
  • operative adaptability to body temperature;
  • resistance to mechanical attack and severe temperature drop;
  • possibility of manufacturing medical supplies;
  • homogeneity and smoothness;
  • excellent thermal conductivity;
  • availability of watertightness and gas permeability;
  • prevention of ulcers, decubitus, cold shock;
  • effective protection of bed linen and other surfaces;
  • suitable width and length.

It is also noted that the oilcloth medical rubber-fabric bedding, whose average price is about seventy rubles per one meter, is accessible to medical institutions, private clinics, boarding houses and other institutions in whose activities this product is used. oilcloth medical rubber-fabric bed in pharmacy

If the cost is lower, this indicates that in the production process cheap raw materials were used, simplified manufacturing technology was used, the work was done by unskilled employees, or cost savings were achieved by saving on tests. In such cases, one can not count on the positive qualities of the product.

Thus, an oilcloth medical rubber-fabric lining in a drugstore is realized in the form of rolls or cuts of various lengths. The scope of its application is extensive, and the cost is not too high, which explains the popularity of this product. It has many advantages and useful characteristics, if it is made according to all the requirements of GOST.