Massage with a hernia of the spine. Massage with lumbar hernia

The intervertebral hernia is a very serious disease, in which the disk located between the vertebrae, comes out of its assigned boundaries. According to statistics, this disease is diagnosed in people after the age of forty, but recently it has become a little "younger."Treat this disease, as a rule, surgically. However, this is an extreme measure, and for the beginning you can try a massage with a hernia of the spine. It is a good alternative to surgical intervention. massage with a hernia of the spine

How dangerous the hernia of the spine

As a rule, the disease comes with age due to aging of the body. Often this is a consequence of falls, bruises, fractures. Scientists have proved that even sleeping on an uncomfortable hard mattress is a guarantee of a future hernia between 4 and 5 vertebrae. Loads on the spine, wearing heavy weights - these are the factors in which his post suffers and rewards the person with this disease.

Such traumas lead to jamming of nerve endings, inflammation and edema. An unbearable pain when moving and even in complete peace pierces the patient's body. And if in time to not take measures, then later a person is threatened with unpleasant loss of sensitivity in the limbs, violations in the pelvic organs, muscle weakness and general reflexes. As a result, the quality of life is significantly reduced, moreover, there is a threat of paralysis of parts of the body.

Prevention of the disease

Prevention of the disease is divided into categories when the hernia already exists, and if it is necessary to prevent its formation.

The first involves prevention, aimed at increasing the intervals between bouts of pain. In case of exacerbations,

  • should seek medical assistance from specialists;
  • unload the spine from excessive physical exertion;
  • get rid of bad habits;
  • to do massage with an intervertebral hernia;
  • to strengthen the muscular corset after the course of treatment.

In the second category of the disease, when there is no hernia, you should:

  • treat scoliosis, flat feet, locomotor system diseases, if any;
  • calculate the optimal diet;
  • to join in regular physical activity.

Is it effective from the massage?

With all the positive possibilities of this method of treatment, it should be noted that back massage with a hernia of the spine can not be done in the early days of exacerbation of the disease. But the effectiveness of such therapy increases when the vertebrae are displaced, which is often found in the disease.

An important condition for a good result of this procedure is that the massage with a herniated spine should be done by an experienced qualified specialist. This will avoid unforeseen cases and ensure the effectiveness of procedures.

What should I avoid during the procedures?

Soft and careful movements of the hands of a specialist - the key to successful massage with a hernia of the spine. Power elements that lead to painful sensations are excluded. If this happens, then stop the procedure and see a doctor. The fact is that sharp force receptions can lead to rupture of the intervertebral disc. This will increase the spasm of muscles, provoke swelling of the stem nerves. Consequences can lead to the fact that urgent surgical intervention will be required.

How to make a massage

When referring to a specialist, you should remember that the course of treatment is accompanied by a combination of medication, a set of exercises and proper nutrition.

Therapeutic massage with a lumbar hernia differs from the usual relaxing because it is used during ointments and medications that help to achieve the desired effect of healing. Means that improve slip on the body, too, are used.

The universal method of treatment, capable of pacifying and stopping pain, brings positive changes. Therefore, the vertebral hernia, which is massaged regularly and a course of two weeks, ceases to bother.

Benefits and healing are the processes that arise during massage:

- Strengthening the conductivity of nerve fibers. Nutrients are important not only for vertebral discs, but also for nerve fibers. They suffer if microcirculation is not in order. Motor disorders are the result of intervertebral hernia. But if a massage is done, the nerves are better supplied with blood. This even reduces the pressure on them with soft tissues.

- Improvement of microcirculation. During the massage by rubbing the palms on the surface of the skin, thermal energy is released. The body warms up, and the vessels begin to give off heat, expanding and obeying the mechanism of thermoregulation. In turn, tissues are saturated with oxygen and feed. In the absence of their blood supply, a subsequent hernia may form.

- Removal of edema. The mechanical effect that occurs during the massage, helps to accelerate the outflow of lymph and eliminate venous congestion. In turn, the edema disappears and the compression of the nerve roots decreases. The intensity of the painful syndrome disappears and mobility of the extremities appears.

- Muscle relaxation. The main cause of pain and inflammation in the hernia of the spine is muscle spasm. Therefore, when the masseur kneads muscles, they relax. Spasm of the muscles disappears, which successfully eliminates the radicular syndrome.

Types of massage

Applied techniques have many nuances and subtleties. Yes, and the variety of massage exists in the disease a lot:

  • Thai;
  • honey;
  • hydromassage;
  • canned;
  • point;
  • general back massage;
  • segmented.

Honey massage

Indications for the procedure using the beekeeping product are those cases where a powerful stimulation of nerve endings is required. Therefore, massage with a hernia of the spine is an effective auxiliary reflexology. Receptors of the skin are irritated and nourished, skin peeling occurs. In addition to the effect of cleansing, honey massage with a hernia of the spine has another property - it fights with hernial formations, as it draws them and all the old slag from the body.

The procedure is very useful for weakened and aging patients. But the children are cautious about it because of the pain effect, which occurs due to the adhesion of the specialist's hands to the skin. If the child has problems with the spine, then for the massage should make a mixture of honey and fir oil. It happens that the hernia in children is congenital, while the baby can have an umbilical hernia. It is not necessary to combine manipulation on the spine and massage of the umbilical hernia in newborns at the same time, if these problems are present. You should consult a pediatrician who will give the necessary recommendations.

A specialist in the back area is rubbed with stroking strokes, warming it up. Then a thin layer of honey is applied to the skin, and the master, tapping the entire surface, does a massage. The skin sticks to the palms, there is a slight pain, but it can and should be patient. After the procedure, the warming gel is applied to the sore spot, the patient is wrapped in a warm blanket.


Honey massage with a hernia of the spine can be done if there is no individual intolerance to the product of beekeeping and increased pain sensitivity.

As for the general manipulation of this orientation, the procedures can not be carried out in the first days with exacerbation of the disease, except for those that relieve inflammation and discomfort. During the session, a bad sign is severe pain in the area of ​​the hernia. If the patient experiences this, the masseur must switch to another area of ​​the back or completely stop the procedure. The main principle is not to be zealous, but to act gently and carefully so as not to harm.

Recommendations for back massage

Treatment takes quite a long time, so the patient should be aware of this and be patient, follow all the doctor's recommendations. In addition to massage, there are still many manipulations that help healing:

  • treatment of sanatorium-resort type;
  • exercise therapy, exercise at home;
  • anti-inflammatory and analgesics, chondroprotectors;
  • physiotherapy;
  • yoga.

honey massage with a hernia of the spine It should be taken into account that manual and other massages act as an auxiliary tool that affects the pain zone. Manipulation of the master reduces the deterioration of the patient and the risk of pain to a minimum. But the best treatment is a comprehensive approach to the disease.