Medical functional beds and their features

Caring for a lying person is a complex and responsible exercise. To provide comfort to the patient and facilitate the work of the nurse, you must purchase a special bed. What are the features of such furniture? What are its advantages over traditional counterparts?

The modern medical functional bed is a model that has many convenient options. Furniture is represented by different options. To choose the right one, it is worth consulting with a medical professional. Beds have a different degree of rigidity. Modifications with mattresses that have orthopedic properties and a solid foundation are designed for patients with spinal trauma. If a person has a fracture in the femur, it is better to choose a softer mattress. The presence of section controllers and a pull-up loop located on top is important here.

Automatic functional beds are available in several variants. They are equipped with a regulator, allowing you to lower and raise different sections and set a certain angle. The number of moving elements varies from one to four. Thanks to such beds, a person can independently lower and raise his head, legs, hip and intermediate parts. So he can sit or rise.

Advantages of using "smart" beds are as follows:

  • the patient reduces the risks of getting bedsores;
  • relatives and carers of obese patients do not experience difficulties during care;
  • immobilized person gets the opportunity to partially take care of yourself on your own.

Functional beds are equipped with mechanical or electric drives. You can familiarize yourself with possible options by visiting the online store .Furniture with manual control is more affordable. It is controlled by means of a special scrolling lever. Beds with an electrical system, respectively, are more expensive, but they are easier to use. For remote control is designed.

Medical beds are easy to transport. They are compactly assembled and can be installed anywhere - in a hospital room or in a living room. The furniture is made of strong materials, which allows them to withstand heavy loads.