List of hypnotics without prescriptions. Recommendations for use

Constant problems at work and at home can lead to a person stopping to sleep properly. And if in addition to this, he will have some kind of disease, then insomnia will be guaranteed. Provide a person a healthy and sound sleep can sleeping pills. Names of drugs that guarantee a deep and long rest, there are a myriad. But most of them require a doctor's prescription. However, there are medicines that pharmacists sell freely. Let's find out the names of these funds, their cost, and also determine how to properly accept them.

What are sleeping pills for?

If a person falls asleep badly, wakes up early or in the middle of the night, then this may indicate insomnia. And if these symptoms combine together, then this is a real nightmare. Then the person becomes irritable, unbalanced, apathetic. In this case, drugs can not be dispensed with.

hypnotic for people

Sophores will come to the rescue. After all, it's enough to swallow one pill, as after a while a healthy and sound sleep will return. Sleeping drugs provide a person a quality and long rest. Many people believe that such medicines can be purchased only on the instructions of a doctor. But this is not so. There is a whole list of sleeping pills without prescriptions, which you can easily buy at the pharmacy. But still it is not necessary to think that if the remedy is implemented without the instructions of a specialist, then it can be taken without measure. Before you start using this tool, you need to carefully read the instructions and follow all of its points.

Sleeping medicines with a chemical composition that are dispensed without a prescription

To date, medications that help a person fall asleep, when needed, act on the nervous system and can cause such undesirable effects as drowsiness and apathy. Many often create addiction. For these reasons, most of these drugs are dispensed by prescription. But still there are medications that you can buy yourself.

So, the list of hypnotics without prescriptions with the chemical composition is given below:

  • "Andante";
  • Donormil;
  • "Melaxen";
  • "Valocordin-Doxylamine";
  • "Reclip";
  • "Circadian";
  • "Melarena".

Donormil pills

These tablets are a sleeping pill without prescriptions, not addictive. It is allowed to use even pregnant women. The composition of the drug "Donormil" many people do not like. So, the elements of this hypnotic act: doxylamine succinate, magnesium stearate, lactose monohydrate, croscarmellose sodium, macrogol, hypromellose. All these components are not of plant origin, which means that a person will stuff himself with chemistry. Nevertheless, this drug causes a minimal number of unwanted reactions, and numerous people's testimonials about it indicate that this is an excellent drug against insomnia, which can be purchased without a doctor's prescription.

effective sleeping pills

To take Donomil means you need half or a whole pill once a day. If necessary, the dose can be increased to 2 tablets per day. The duration of the drug should not be more than 5 days. If after this insomnia continues, then the question of the advisability of further use of this drug should be discussed with the doctor.

The cost of 30 tablets( 15 mg) of Donomil is about 350 rubles.

Andante Capsules

This drug is recommended for people who have sleep problems, which lead to exhaustion and the appearance of chronic fatigue.

Take this sleeping pill according to the instructions you need before bed, preferably 2 hours after eating. The recommended dose for men and women is 2 capsules. This hypnotic for the elderly can be used in a lower dosage - one capsule per day. The course of treatment with Andante should be short and not exceed two weeks.

This drug has its limitations, which must be observed. So, it is forbidden to buy Andante capsules in such cases:

  • for severe hepatic impairment;
  • during pregnancy;
  • for women who feed babies with breast milk;
  • for children under 18;
  • to persons with increased sensitivity to the components of the drug;
  • with severe myasthenia gravis;
  • in the syndrome of nocturnal sleep apnea. a dose of sleeping pills

Buy this sleeping pills in the pharmacy is simple: first, it is sold without a prescription, and secondly, it is considered a popular tool, and therefore widely distributed. For 7 capsules of "Andante" a person will have to pay about 430 rubles. This is quite an expensive tool, so the buyer should be aware of this. If the person wants to save, then you need to look at other OTC medicines.

Vegetable sleeping pills

If a man( woman) for quite understandable reasons is afraid to take one or another of the medicines listed above, then he can turn his attention to safer drugs. After all, sold and herbal sleeping pills, which are also very effective. And, probably, some of them will give a better effect than the famous and effective medications "Melaxen" or "Andante".So, below is a list of sleeping pills without prescriptions. This list consists of medicines with a vegetable composition:

  • "Dormiplant";
  • "Persen";
  • "Novo-Passit";
  • Corvalol.

Drug "Persen"

This is a sleeping pills without prescriptions, not addictive and perfectly suitable for people who do not want to take medicines of chemical origin. But in fact, the "Persen" means has an excellent plant composition. So, the main components of this medicine are extracts of plants such as valerian, lemon balm, peppermint.

The drug "Persen" a person can get if he has insomnia, increased irritability, as well as nervous excitability.

Despite the fact that it is a herbal remedy, it can not be taken by pregnant women and women who feed their babies with their milk, as well as children under 12 years old.

The drug "Persen" is prescribed for adults, as well as adolescents with 12 years of age in this dosage:

  • for insomnia - 2-3 tablets an hour before bedtime;
  • with irritability and increased excitability - 2 pills three times a day.

The duration of use of these tablets should not exceed two months.

The cost of 40 pills of the drug "Persen" ranges from 340-360 rubles.

Novo-Passit solution

The pharmacological action of the hypnotic is due to its extracts of such plants: valerian, melissa, St. John's wort, hawthorn, passionflower incarnata, hops, guaifenesin. The drug "Novo-Passit" has an anti-anxiety, soothing effect. It also relaxes the smooth muscles.

light sleeping pills

The medicine is available in the form of a brown syrup. This drug can be taken only by adults, as well as children from 12 years of age. But women who are expecting the birth of a baby, and nursing mothers can not buy it.

Drug is sold in vials of 100 and 200 ml. For a smaller bottle you need to pay about 180 rubles. And for a bottle of 200 ml, you have to pay 300 rubles.

Homeopathic remedies for excellent sleep

People treat this kind of alternative medicine in different ways. Someone thinks that homeopathic remedies are just a pumping out of money, others are sure that they really help. Nevertheless, such funds are widely produced and are popular. Below is a list of hypnotics without prescriptions, which any homeopath physician can recommend:

  • "Avena Comp";
  • Nerosed;
  • "Calm";
  • "Nervohel";
  • "Rescue Remedy";
  • Valerianachell;
  • "Passiflora Edas-111";
  • "Hypnosed";
  • "Passidorm".

Uspoku preparation

This is an easy sleeping pill that contains homeopathic diluted ingredients. With the use of this remedy, people feel a sense of anxiety and irritability, sleep improves. This is an effective sleeping pill, when used in humans, there is no inhibition of psychomotor reactions.

hypnotic without prescriptions is not addictive

Use tablets "Calming" simply: it is enough to put a pill under the tongue and wait for its complete dissolution. The course of treatment by this remedy should not be more than 2 months. Under stress or severe irritability, this homeopathic remedy can be taken up to 3 times a day.

Nervohel tablets

These are sublanguage homeopathic pills that have only a minor number of side effects, and the list of contraindications is limited to only two points. Use this drug can be with increased nervous excitability, problems with sleep. Side effects of tablets "Nervohel" are only allergic reactions: a rash on the body, itching. And contraindications to the use of these pills can be called:

  • age to 3 years;
  • is an allergy to a medicine.

Use tablets "Nervochel" you need for half an hour or an hour after eating. It is necessary to put 1 pill under the tongue and wait until it completely dissolves. Only 3 tablets can be used per day. The course of treatment with this homeopathic remedy should be from 2 to 3 weeks. If a person wants to continue taking this medication further, then he should already discuss this question with the doctor.

action of sleeping pills

Despite the fact that you can use the medicine "Nervochel" from the age of three, you still need to use it only for the doctor's prescription and under his supervision.

The cost of 50 tablets of this remedy is about 430 rubles.

Baby drops "Passiflora Adas-111"

This is a light sleeping pill that is used to treat babies. This drug parents can purchase for their child, if they have such problems:

  • increased irritability;
  • poor falling asleep;
  • asthenic condition;
  • neuroses.

The dose of the sleeping pill "Passionflower Edas-111" depends on the child's age:

  • up to 2 years - 1 drop;
  • from 2 to 5 - two;
  • from 5 to 10 - three;
  • is older than 10 years - 4 drops three times a day.

The preparation should be dripped into a refiner or mixed with water before use.

The composition of the medicine will not scare parents, but rather, on the contrary, will please them. So, the main elements of this remedy are: coffee tree, chilibukha ignition, passionflower red and white, sugar croup.

"Passionflower Edas-111" is a sleeping pill without accustoming, it is not for nothing that it is meant for children. Also, this drug does not cause withdrawal symptoms in children.

A bottle with these drops can be bought at a price of 180 rubles( for 25 ml).

Recommendations for the use of hypnotics

Can sedatives be effective and safe at the same time? In fact, there are no harmless medicines. Even those drugs that have a natural composition, contain in the instructions chapter "Side effects and contraindications."However, hypnotics can be considered relatively safe and suitable if they meet the following requirements:

  • Efficacy. With the use of certain non-prescription drugs, the physiological sleep of a person should quickly normalize.
  • Minimum number of extraneous effects and contraindications. Any sleeping pills should not affect the coordination of movements or the speed of mental reactions.

    list of hypnotics without prescriptions

People should not forget that even over-the-counter drugs can not be used for more than 6 weeks. And if the instructions to this or that remedy say that the medicine is forbidden to drink for more than a month, then the person is obliged to comply with this item. Otherwise, he will not escape from side effects. Of course, people should take into account their physiological characteristics: one dose should be used for grandparents, another for men and women. Also, do not give children a hypnotic drug that is meant for adults. Conversely, a tool for babies is forbidden to use by parents.


Despite the misconceptions of many people that it is possible to buy hypnotics only with the prescription of a doctor, there is a whole list of medicines freely sold in pharmacies. And the choice of a person: homeopathic medicines, vegetable, chemical. Which particular drug to choose depends on the preferences of the buyer, as well as on his financial condition.