"Azithromycin" and alcohol: joint use, contraindications, consequences

Most antibacterial drugs require specific application conditions. It is important to follow the instructions for use. Pay attention to the possibility of eating before or after the medication. Some consumers have a question: is it possible to take together the drug "Azithromycin" and alcohol. The compatibility of these substances will be described in the article.

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Description of the drug

Before you find out how the "Azithromycin" and alcohol interact, it is necessary to say about the medicine itself. The active substance of the drug is the compound of the same name. This is azithromycin. It is also present in such medicines as Sumamed, Zitrolid, Azitrus, Azivok, Sumaklid, Zetamaks and so on. Dosage of drugs is different. You can buy a drug with a content of 125, 250, 500 or 1000 milligrams of azithromycin. Depending on the manufacturer and the number of tablets in the package, the cost of drugs varies.

What does the instruction say? Is it possible to take the drug "Azithromycin" and alcohol at the same time? If you carefully study the annotation, you will not be able to find such information. The manufacturer does not prohibit the combination of ethanol and the active antibacterial agent. Many consumers accept this fact for permission. And they begin to simultaneously use tablets "Azithromycin" and alcohol. In this case, patients are not vainly afraid for their health. The effect of the drug may be unexpected for the consumer. Consider how the drug "Azithromycin" works in combination with alcohol.

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After taking

If you take both antibiotics and alcohol at the same time, the consequences can be most unexpected. The most harmless thing that happens to a patient is the inability to get a positive effect from the treatment. The use of alcohol contributes to the intensification of intestinal peristalsis. Especially this effect is noticeable in such beverages as beer or wine. After the combination, the active substance is quickly excreted from the body, not having time to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

If you take the medicine "Azithromycin" and alcohol, then the liver will suffer greatly. This medication is a fairly strong antibiotic. According to the instructions, it is taken only once a day. The drug has a toxic effect on the liver. If you use ethanol at the same time, the blow to the filtration organ will be enormous. At the same time, liver cells die, not having time to excrete poisons. Intoxication comes faster and lasts longer.

azithromycin and alcohol compatibility

Indications for use of the drug

Does the drug "Azithromycin" and alcohol compatibility? To answer this question, you need to refer to the instructions. In what situations is this medication prescribed? The drug is taken with infectious and inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system, urogenital system and digestive tract. In all these situations, the use of ethanol is prohibited due to the possibility of worsening the patient's condition. Consequently, the drug "Azithromycin" is not compatible with alcohol of any strength.

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Side effects: strengthening the negative reaction

If you take both antibiotics and alcohol, the consequences will manifest as side reactions. Disassembling the instructions to the drug "Azithromycin", we can say that the drug has a negative effect on the digestive tract. After using tablets, the patient may develop nausea, diarrhea, vomiting. Acceptance of alcohol products increases the likelihood of such reactions and increases their severity. Side effects include dizziness, migraine, blurred vision, agitation and sleep disturbance. Simultaneous use of alcohol almost in 100 percent of cases strengthens these reactions.

Yesterday alcohol, and today "Azithromycin": is this possible?

Is it permissible to use the antibiotic the next day after drinking? It all depends on the dose of ethanol taken. If you have drunk a mug of beer, then it is quite possible to begin treatment. After a bottle of wine it is worth waiting for two days to avoid a negative reaction. Doctors report that "Azithromycin" is a prolonged-release drug. That is why it is usually prescribed for three days of treatment, and not for 5-7, like the rest of these funds.

In this regard, it is not recommended to drink alcoholic beverages the day after the pills. Physicians are advised to wait 72 hours after the last dose. Only after this is allowed to drink a small amount of alcohol. If the plans are a stormy feast, then you need to wait at least 5 days after using the last tablet of "Azithromycin".

azithromycin and alcohol

What can we say in conclusion?

The drug "Azithromycin" refers to broad-spectrum antibiotics. The drug has pronounced prolonged and antimicrobial properties. Therefore, the conditions of therapy should be observed throughout the treatment and a few more days. You already know how much after the "Azithromycin" you can drink alcohol. Remember that drinking alcohol after therapy is only allowed in case of recovery. If the drug has not had a positive effect on the human body, then select another antibiotic. Whether it will be accepted with alcoholic beverages, it is necessary to consider it individually.

If you have any questions about the treatment with antibiotic Azithromycin and the simultaneous use of alcohol, talk with your doctor. Take care of yourself and follow the doctor's instructions. Good luck!