Gymnastics for the shoulder joint: exercises, features and recommendations

Gymnastics for the shoulder joint is a method of treatment carried out under the supervision of a medical worker who has undergone special training. therapeutic gymnastics with arthrosis of the shoulder joint A complex of exercises, correctly selected, will help prevent the onset and progression of diseases characteristic of this joint. Gymnastics and physiotherapy: what is the use?

Performing certain movements during the gymnastics has a positive effect on the body of the individual:

  • restores the amplitude of movements;
  • residual effects of the inflammatory-degenerative process are stopped;
  • restores tissue nutrition;
  • in the affected area improves microcirculation and circulation;
  • relieves tension from muscles and tendons;
  • ligamentous structures are strengthened;
  • muscle tone is gradually restored.

Contraindications to therapeutic gymnastics

Below are the cases in which the performance of exercises is not recommended:

  • disease in the acute stage;
  • increased pressure;
  • hyperthermia;
  • chronic circulatory failure;
  • is a strong pain syndrome in the area of ​​the affected joint when performing exercises.

General requirements of

Before starting a complex of therapeutic gymnastics for the shoulder joint, you should familiarize yourself with some rules:

  1. Begin a set of exercises from the supine position on the back.
  2. First of all, with shoulder-piercing periarthritis, the joints of the upper limb, distant from the shoulder, should be used in the exercises.
  3. With the help of massage before performing gymnastics it is possible to reduce the limited volume of movements in the shoulder.
  4. Pain syndrome of low intensity, arising during the exercise, is not an excuse for refusing medical gymnastics. It can be removed by taking medications that have analgesic effect.
  5. The intensity of the loads performed increases gradually.
  6. Introduction to the complex of exercises of special sports devices, such as a gymnastic stick, tape, dumbbell, ball, will help to achieve good results.

arthrosis of the shoulder joint treatment of gymnastics To get a lasting effect from medical gymnastics, it is recommended to do it regularly.

Treatment of shoulder joints with gymnastics

One of the frequent pathologies is a dislocation resulting from a decrease in the activity of the periarticular muscle tissue and a weakening of the ligamentous apparatus. Unpleasant sensations and pain in the shoulder joint reduce the ability to work and the quality of life. Therapeutic exercises strengthen the muscles and ligaments around the joint, improve the circulation of the intraarticular fluid and the tonus of the shoulder muscles, normalize the blood circulation, which, in turn, relieves the pain syndrome and relieves swelling of the tissues. For the development of the shoulder joint, the so-called parterre gymnastics is used. Its feature is that all exercises are performed in the supine position and sitting on the floor. Due to this, the compression load on the joints is eliminated. Gymnastics can be divided into several stages:

  • First .Exercises are performed, accompanied by contraction and relaxation of the muscle, movement in the joint.
  • Second .Exercises are aimed at stretching the muscles.
  • Third .Meditative exercises aimed at complete relaxation.

therapeutic gymnastics for the shoulder joint Competently pick up gymnastics for the shoulder joint will help a qualified medical professional.

Osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint

This disease develops when there is a change in the cartilage, which is degenerative-dystrophic. The causes of this pathology are several, among them - and excessive physical activity. The treatment is primarily aimed at eliminating pain and restoring normal cartilage in the cartilaginous tissue. Further, rehabilitation and preventive measures are taken to prevent the progression of the disease. Massage and gymnastics for the shoulder joint are the main methods of non-drug treatment. gymnastics of the shoulder joint of the priest A prerequisite is a gentle load and regular exercise. Execution of this simple rule will reduce the limitation of joint movements to a minimum. For each patient, a training system is developed individually.

Medical gymnastics for arthrosis of the shoulder joint

In this disease, many patients undergo rehabilitation treatment according to the Bubnovsky method. The complex of the exercises developed by him is aimed at reducing the strength of the pain syndrome and restoring the movements in the damaged joint. Gymnastics are simple in performance and are available for performance at home. Like other types of rehabilitation measures, it is done after removing the symptoms of exacerbation of the disease. Immediately before performing the exercises right in bed, you need to stretch your arms up, then - to spread out to the sides and place under your head. This will be a small warm-up, allowing you to tune in to perform exercises and bring the skeletal muscles into tone. The next thing to remember is breathing. On exhalation, that is, in the relaxed state of the skeletal musculature of the thoracic region, all exercises are performed.

So, for the normalization of movements and improvement of metabolic processes in the treatment of arthrosis of the shoulder joint, gymnastics is recommended by the method of Dr. Bubnovsky:

  • In a sitting or standing position( as more convenient), raise dumbbells or special rubber bandages that resist the lifting. Weights of dumbbells are selected individually in the range from one to four kilograms.
  • In the sitting position, straighten your arms forward with dumbbells and spread them apart. Repeat 15 to 20 times.

gymnastics for the shoulder joint The Bubnovsky method has several variations. Before performing the exercises, be sure to consult with medics.

Shoulder bladder periarthritis

In this pathology, the inflammatory process encompasses the ovicular articular tissues of large joints( capsules, ligaments, and also the tendons and muscles that surround them).The most affected are middle-aged or elderly people. periarthritis of the shoulder joint gymnastics Causes of the disease are heavy loads, hypothermia, cervical osteochondrosis or trauma. In the treatment of periarthritis of the shoulder joint gymnastics with a correctly selected set of exercises with regular execution will bring a positive result. However, it should be remembered that these medical measures are performed in the remission phase of the disease.

Exercises of Dr. Popov

Physiotherapy together with curative gymnastics give a lasting effect. There are many different techniques that are aimed at restoring the mobility of the joints. The most effective for the shoulder joint is the gymnastics of Popov. He managed to create a special method of treating the disease, which consists of several exercises aimed at restoring the affected limb. The following gymnastic exercises( time for one - 5 seconds, repeat 10 times) are performed daily in the morning:

  1. Walking on site. Sit on the edge of the chair, placing your legs apart. Make movement with your feet, as when walking. Hands with this from top to bottom glide over the surface of the thighs.
  2. Relaxation of muscles and ligaments. Do a smooth movement of the shoulders, while the hands are in a relaxed state. Then bend and straighten, continuing to move his shoulders. All movements are performed at a slow pace.
  3. Pulling the shoulders forward. Extend your arms in front of you, shoulders make movements in the form of a figure-eight.
  4. Lower your hands. Breathe in and push your shoulders forward to cross your arms over your chest. Return to the starting position with exhalation.
  5. Circular motion forward and backward elbows.
  6. Putting your feet to the width of your shoulders, lean forward, while trying to reach the feet, which are directed inwards. Straightening, pulling the shoulder blades, socks while looking out.
  7. Put your hands on your shoulders, elbows to do a stretch before you.
  8. The dropped hands completely relax. Having inhaled, raise them upwards, on exhalation - lower them.

treatment of shoulder joints by gymnastics Exercises are performed in the sitting position. Gymnastics is terminated if unpleasant sensations arise during its execution. After the withdrawal of the pain syndrome, the lessons can be continued. Gymnastics Popova well helps to develop the mobility of the affected joint of the limb, and also allows you to return to the physiological tone of the shoulder girdle.


Therapeutic gymnastics for the shoulder joint, together with drug therapy, facilitates the patient's condition, reduces soreness and promotes faster rehabilitation. However, we must remember that recovery is a long process, and one should not wait for immediate results.