Perforation points: reviews of doctors, instruction

The problem of reducing visual acuity in our age of computer technology is particularly acute. PCs, laptops, tablets and other modern achievements are undoubtedly useful and useful, but they are the main cause of eye fatigue and visual impairment.

How much time does a person spend each day at a computer? The answers may be different, but it is perhaps difficult to find even one who does not use modern technology at all. The overwhelming number of people spend every day from several tens of minutes to several hours, working at the computer, playing games, communicating in social networks, watching favorite TV shows, etc. And this is a significant burden on the eyes. Everybody knows about this, but they continue to spoil their eyesight, forgetting not only to do special gymnastics to relieve tension, but even without observing the recommended breaks in work.

Glasses perforating

Why does vision deteriorate? Excessive eye strain. Prolonged action of bright sunlight on the organs of vision;daily, without interruptions work at the computer;reading in poor light - all this leads to overloads, extremely harmful to the retina of the eyes. The neglect of the elementary rules of hygiene of sight eventually ends pitifully.

  • No training for the muscles involved in focusing the look. It's about the ciliary muscles, the reduction of which affects the curvature of the lens. If a person looks at the screen of a computer monitor for a long time, on a book page or on a TV screen, these muscles practically do not work. And in our body, elements that do not perform their functions for a long time, eventually, atrophy. Reducing the strength and stamina of ciliary muscles leads to a decrease in visual acuity.
  • Destruction of visual pigment. Retinal cells responsible for perception of visual information and signal formation for the centers of the brain contain a special substance called rhodopsin, which is extremely important for the normal functioning of the eyes. In the conditions of vitamin A deficiency, as well as with age, the visual pigment disintegrates, which leads to impaired vision.
  • Blood circulation problems. For example, atherosclerosis of vessels feeding the retina often causes a drop in visual acuity. Another disease in which the vessels of the eyes are affected is diabetes mellitus and its complication, such as retinopathy( pathological changes in the walls of the retinal vessels, which disrupt trophic cells and retinal cells begin to experience ischemia).
  • Dry eyes. Insufficient functioning of the lacrimal glands leads to the fact that the eyes dry, and this has a bad effect on visual acuity.
  • Deterioration of eye function may be a symptom of the disease. Examples can serve not only the pathology of the organs of vision( cataract, glaucoma, keratitis), but also some other diseases( for example, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, pituitary adenoma).
  • What should I do?

    Are there effective methods of preventing visual acuity reduction or adjustments if the last one did happen?

    Everyone knows about gymnastics for the eyes, but for some reason not all of them perform it. But these simple exercises are very effective means of relieving fatigue during visual overloads.

    Points are already a method of correction. For prevention, no one wears them, it is not necessary and even harmful. By itself, wearing glasses gradually reduces visual acuity, but for those who are already already poorly seen, there is simply no other way out than the constant use of glasses.

    Perforation training glasses However, at the present time, glasses for correcting vision( perforating glasses) are gaining increasing popularity. Unlike ordinary, they do not contribute to the fall of vision when they are constantly worn;act mainly as a means of prevention, not correction.

    What are training glasses and how do they work?

    Glasses perforated look like this: the place of glass lenses is occupied by dark plates with many small holes. The principle of their operation is based on the principle of diaphragm, that is, through these holes a lot of focused beams of light fall on the retina, which greatly increases the clarity of the image.

    Punching training glasses increase visual acuity and help to relieve tension from muscles involved in accommodation.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of

    Perforation glasses only improve vision. Their action is based on the above-described effect of diaphragm, but after stopping the use of glasses, problems with vision are returned again. So, despite the assurances of advertising, glasses-simulators are not a curative. They are good, first of all, for prophylaxis, since their regular application helps to prevent further fall in visual acuity.

    It is very convenient that even those with absolutely normal vision can wear such glasses as a simulator to relieve fatigue. Perforating glasses are completely safe and do not exacerbate, in contrast to conventional corrective glasses, problems with eyesight.

    Perforating glasses-simulators( responses) The duration of their use is limited by the instruction, but nevertheless, if desired, you can wear them for longer. The absence of harm from their use allows you to sometimes violate the rules. Although, of course, in most cases this is very few people do. Plates in place of the lenses significantly reduce the amount of sunlight falling on the retina, so it is uncomfortable to stay in these glasses for a long time, especially in low light.

    Perforation points require several days for adaptation. At first, there is a feeling of an obstacle before your eyes, discomfort due to a decrease in illumination. But with the regular use of glasses, all these effects quickly disappear.

    How correctly to wear sunglasses?

    Despite the relative safety, perforation glasses do not suit everyone. Even for them, there is a list of contraindications:

    1. Glaucoma.
    2. Retinal pathology.
    3. Progressing myopia.
    4. Nystagmus.

    In addition, it is also important to wear perforation glasses-simulators. The instruction clearly advises to use them no more than half an hour a day. This time is more than enough to rest the eyes and restore their efficiency.

    Glasses for correction of vision( perforating glasses) The illumination level is also very important if you wear perforating glasses. The instruction does not recommend the use of them in the absence of sunlight, since the glasses themselves have a dimming effect. If this rule is neglected, there is a risk of tiring your eyes. After all, lack of lighting for them - a serious load.

    What do patients say about glasses-simulators?

    Opinions about this method of prevention of vision problems diverge, but positive still prevail. Many who used perforating glasses, reviews about them leave approximately as follows:

    1. Vision has ceased to deteriorate.
    2. Eye fatigue decreased.
    3. There was an opportunity to go home without corrective glasses. After all, simulators can be used when watching TV programs or working at a computer, without resorting once again to ordinary glasses, even if it corrects the eyesight well, but still with prolonged wearing unsafe.

    Perforating glasses: instruction Some talk about the ineffectiveness of perforating glasses. Like, vision improves only when you wear them, and then returns to the previous state. But from the point of view of the purpose of these points there is no contradiction. Eyeglasses do not heal, their main task is to stabilize the vision at the level that is available now, preventing further deterioration. Those who talk about inefficiency, apparently, do not quite understand what perforating glasses-simulators do specifically. The testimonies of these people indicate that they either did not read the instructions or were deceived. Yes, advertising sometimes likes to give these glasses healing properties, but this is not entirely true.

    What do doctors say?

    Ophthalmologists often recommend that their patients wear perforation goggles. The doctors' comments about the latter are usually positive. Of course, no doctor views these glasses as a remedy, since they only improve vision temporarily, and this effect is not good. However, as a means of preventing more serious visual disorders, perforation glasses proved to be good.

    Perforation glasses-simulators: instruction It's important to follow the instructions. Although the glasses are positioned as completely harmless, the list of contraindications clearly indicates that, when mismanagement is used, they can still do harm.

    Side effects of

    Some people have noted the occurrence of headache, dizziness, nausea and pain in the eyes after wearing perforation glasses.

    Why was the emergence of all these unpleasant feelings possible? Most likely, in this case glasses have been worn for too long, perhaps even in poor lighting. And maybe those on whom glasses have had such an unpleasant effect, have acquired a fake, not the original product.

    The use of glasses-simulators in accordance with the recommendations( they can be read above) are usually not accompanied by such effects.

    Perforation glasses( reviews)

    A few words in conclusion

    Vision is a very important component of a comfortable existence, which is why eye health should be treated very carefully. It's always easier to destroy than to restore. The lost acuity of sight is, as a rule, very difficult to return. So take care of your eyes. Do not forget to give them a rest from time to time, and do not be lazy to regularly perform gymnastics to relieve tension.