Ball-antistress - a simple way to inner peace

The ways to combat internal irritation and external problems are different for everyone: for some it's a scream and offensive words, others prefer to drag on a cigarette in a secluded corner, while others choose a well-trodden path to the fridge with goodies, eating bad emotions. All these actions can be described as bad habits. In this case, there is a simple and effective solution - a ball-antistress, which helps here and now in every single situation.

Features of the impact on the nervous system

Squeezing and releasing the antistress ball, you not only train the muscles of the palm and wrists, but also strain the entire arm. The instruction is simple: squeeze the toy for one or two seconds, and then release it. You can throw it on the floor and walls. At the same time, the muscle tension in the hand falls down, and the clips in the whole body are relaxed along the chain. The anti-stress ball is a simple way to get rid of negative emotions for both adults and children( from three years old).Bright pictures and nice textures also raise the mood.

anti-stress ball

Used materials

Factory models are most often made of rubber, polyurethane filled with gel. To make the ball-antistress at home, craftsmen use flour, starch, cereals, beans as a filler and usual inflatable balls. Also, you can find suggestions for making knitted "touch-toys" with an unusual design.

Dimensions, colors and textures

The market offers a variety of color, dimensional and textural solutions. The most popular options are: soccer ball-antistress, globe shape, drop, heart, design "virus", fur-tree, ball, star, etc. The size varies from 3 to 10 cm in diameter.

You can order an individual design with a print in certain online stores. Drawing is made at the request of the buyer.

soccer ball anti-stress

Additional benefits of

A supple ball strengthens the muscles of the hand, develops the writing skills of children, relieves stress after long written tasks, and also during long work behind the keyboard, which is indispensable for tunnel syndrome.

It helps to catch objects with your hands and hold them tightly, which is important for the development of muscle precision in children. You will be surprised how the antistress ball improves the concentration of attention and raises it to a whole new level

The toy will become an indispensable gift for the holidays, for example, in the form of a heart - to Valentine's Day, Christmas trees or stars - by the New Year, a ball glowing in the dark with the originalsmile to Halloween. It will be appropriate for such a present for the development of fine motor skills and attention in the child. They can decorate the interior or use for training and outdoor games in the team. Bright colors and textures also raise the mood.

ball anti-stress brick


Inside the ball is a liquid latex or silicone that creates such a wonderful effect when squeezed. It should be careful with sharp objects and pressing nails, as they can cut the ball and lead to pouring out( rash) filler. Do not give the ball to young children or pets.

How to make a ball-antistress at home

A soothing toy can be easily made by yourself. This will require conventional inflatable balls of round shape, filler( store filler, flour, starch, small grains, soda, sand, beans, lentils, peas) about one glass. You can mix several kinds of fillers to experiment with the density.

Preparation: take 2 inflatable balls, one cut off the neck, starting from the round part. One ball must stay with the neck. You will also need a watering can, a spoon, a filler, a thread, a color or black marker.

how to make an antistress ball


1. Take the ball with the neck and lightly inflate it to straighten it.

2. Put the ball on the neck of the watering can and gently fill the filler glass. Align.

3. Tightly tie a ball and decorate the knot with a bow, a beautiful clasp or bubo of threads.

4. Place the second ball on top of this ball, trimmed to make it more resistant to damage. You can experiment with the colors of the top layer.

5. Draw a funny little face with a marker - and the ball is antistress ready.