Yessentuki, sanatorium "Victoria".Reviews about the sanatorium

Caucasian Mineral Waters has always been popular with those who care about their health and prefer a quality and useful in all respects rest. The picturesque nature of the Caucasus in combination with a mild climate and the purest mountain air heals, fills with energy and raises vitality.

Mineral Waters of Caucasus Mineral Waters

In the largest pearl of Russia - the Caucasian Mineral Waters - there is a large number of various health resorts, SPA and resorts. Currently, there are more than 115 health-improving institutions within the Caucasian Mineral Waters, which have no analogues in Europe and Asia. Sanatorium establishments differ from each other not only by the location, but also by the narrow focus of the services provided. Most of the hospitals have high equipment with qualified personnel and high-quality modern medical-diagnostic equipment.

City of Yessentuki: sanatorium "Victoria"

Clean air, picturesque parks and tall fragrant coniferous trees. The city of Yessentuki is quite young, f

ounded in 1825, and throughout its 200-year history continues to accept people willingly to relax and improve their health from all over Russia, near and far abroad. Treatment in local sanatoriums has always been considered a prestigious and most effective tool in the fight against many ailments.

The city of Yessentuki is one of the most popular resort cities in the south of Russia. Guests are primarily attracted to the chic nature with a view of the mighty mountains, rivers and luxurious flora, healing mineral waters, the cleanest mountain air, comfortable climate and unique architectural monuments. The city of Essentuki, can be safely called the most popular resort of the Caucasian Mineral Waters.

The basic sanatorium "Victoria"( Essentuki) is located in a specially protected recreational area, on a chic green territory of 22 hectares. The sanatorium meets its guests with a beautiful landscape. Green plantations, trees, sculptures and fountains give aesthetic pleasure to those who were lucky enough to visit the sanatorium( Essentuki) "Victoria".The secret of unsurpassed success and popularity of the resort is simple: picturesque nature, high-quality effective treatment, healing springs and old good traditions of the Caucasian Mineral Waters.

Services for the sanatorium "Victoria"

Everyone who cares about their health and plans a quality sanatorium vacation, is interested in a variety of services. Sanatorium "Victoria" gives its visitors the largest set of procedures for the treatment and prevention of various ailments and diseases. The program of treatment is made strictly individually, depending on the requirements of your body. The basic sanatorium is licensed and certified for 87 types of medical activities. Competent specialists regularly pass the appropriate certification. You can get acquainted with the curative programs by studying in detail about such an establishment, as the sanatorium "Victoria"( Essentuki).Feedback will help you to make a more detailed picture. The main areas of activity: treatment of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the cardiovascular, endocrine and nervous systems, respiratory and digestive organs, ENT diseases, treatment of eye organs, ailments in gynecology and urology, occupational diseases, metabolic disorders.

Almost everyone who has ever visited Yessentuki, sanatorium "Victoria", reviews about rest often leave positive. The health resort has in its base 18 advanced treatment and diagnostic departments and 6 general health centers, and is also the site of the regional center of the Russian Medical Academy of pre-diploma education. The significant distinctive quality of the sanatorium "Victoria" is the availability of its own drinking gallery. On the territory of the health resort is the largest in Europe drinking gallery, which has no analogues in the whole world.

In the sanatorium "Victoria" there are complex programs for the treatment of diseases of the digestive system, diabetes, musculoskeletal system, female genital organs, lung diseases, blood vessels and heart, etc. With a full list of available programs you can find on the official website of the sanatorium.

Family holiday in the sanatorium

It is worth noting that not only individual, but family rest is popular in the sanatorium. Children are accepted from 4 years. The basic sanatorium "Victoria"( Essentuki) offers caring parents a rich animation and sports program for children. You do not have to worry about the fact that the child will be bored and uninteresting - on the basis of the sanatorium there are experienced teachers and animators who will not only brighten up your child's rest, but will also develop and train him.

Leisure in the sanatorium "Victoria"

Cultural and entertainment and leisure program will also pleasantly surprise you with its diversity. For lovers of swimming on the basis of the sanatorium there is a large swimming pool, fitness and aerobics fans will appreciate the gym, disco aerobics class and terrenkur. The rich library and an entertaining picture gallery that the sanatorium has at its disposal( Yessentuki) will please the guests of the hospital."Victoria" is located in the picturesque dendrological park, which undoubtedly will be appreciated by lovers of evening walks. Sports fans will also be satisfied, during the treatment you can enjoy your favorite hobby. On the territory of the health resort there are basketball and volleyball courts, a tennis court and equipment for table tennis, badminton, darts and a luxury billiard room. For holidaymakers there is always a sauna, an open-air swimming pool and an aerosolarium. Representatives of the fair sex will be able not only to receive quality treatment, but also to use the services of a beauty salon and a professional cosmetology center.


"Safety and comfort of vacationers - above all" - this is the policy that the sanatorium( Essentuki) has been working with for its clients for many years."Victoria" for comfortable living of guests offers the following types of additional services:

  • storage rooms equipped with a special security system;
  • children's leisure rooms, animators and teachers;
  • guarded parking;
  • long-distance and intercom and Internet.

There is also an ATM, a pharmacy, a cafe, a bar, various shops and souvenir shops, air and railway tickets.

Drinking gallery

Drinking gallery on deserved right can be called the main gem of the sanatorium "Victoria".Since 1990, thousands of tourists come to the Caucasus Mineral Waters to not only admire the unique architecture of the gallery, but also enjoy the healing mineral water springs. The largest in Europe gallery contains a collection of three mineral springs - three galleries, designed for daily visits to 5000 people. A majestic structure with elements of glass and metal amazes imagination at first sight, and being inside, you will be no less surprised: in the center of the gallery there is a sculpture "Source", which symbolizes the mother-nature that gives us her riches. Sanatorium "Victoria"( Essentuki) has positive reviews about the rest in 2014.The decoration of the gallery resembles a majestic museum, and you can easily find exhaustive information about the sources and medicinal properties with which they are rich.

Things to know before you go to the sanatorium "Victoria"

If you are thinking about buying a voucher or already planning your vacation with tickets and vouchers, then this article will be useful to you. Before you go to the treatment, you need to study the information about the place where you plan to go - to the sanatorium "Victoria"( Essentuki).Feedback will help you draw up a plan of action for the preparation of all documents. First of all, you need to visit a polyclinic at your place of residence in order to get a sanatorium card and make sure that you do not have any contraindications to the treatment. Do not worry, getting a spa card is not a complicated procedure, it's just a standard set of diagnostic tests and analyzes, lasting no longer than a month. If desired, for an additional fee you can go through all the tests and take tests on arrival at the sanatorium. If you have had any operations or difficult procedures, do not forget to bring all the certificates and conclusions to the sanatorium with you. If you are going on vacation with children, then you also need to study the reviews of guests who have had a rest with children, and arrange a spa card, as well as take a certificate of the epidemiological environment and the vaccinations made earlier. And, of course, do not forget the passport, the birth certificate if the child has not reached the age of 14, and the policy of compulsory medical insurance. If you go to the sanatorium again, do not forget to bring your sanatorium cards of past years, this will give you an opportunity to get a discount of 3-5%( in cases when payment was made directly to the cashier).

How to get to the sanatorium

The city of Yessentuki is quite small in area. With a competent approach, you will not have problems with moving to the city of Yessentuki, the sanatorium "Victoria".How to get there by public transport and a taxi, you will learn by guidebooks. For the convenience of movement, you will find a map that you can buy at any kiosk. You can also explore the online city of Essentuki, the sanatorium "Victoria".Pictures of local attractions and luxurious nature will delight you. Clean streets, roads and unique monuments of architecture will not leave anyone indifferent. Also on the route maps you will be able to determine the best way around the city of Essentuki. Sanatorium "Victoria"( how to reach it, you tell the local people or taxi drivers) is easy to find.

  1. If you get by train, then you need to go to the station "Sanatorium Essentuki", call a taxi or take a shuttle bus number 14, on it you will reach the stop "Victoria".In general, the city of Yessentuki is small, the sanatorium is not very far from the railway station, about 2 km, it's about 15-20 minutes walking distance. The shuttle bus does not go very often, it is easier to catch a taxi( drivers are constantly standing at the station), it will cost about 100 rubles.
  2. If you flew by plane, then you will land in Mineralnye Vody. Sanatorium( Essentuki) "Victoria" is located 35 km from Mineralnye Vody. Taxi driver services, as a rule, do not exceed 1000 rubles for the whole journey, with a duration of 40-50 minutes. A cheaper way is, but it will take much more time. So, you need to get from Mineralnye Vody Airport by minibus to the railway station, take the Mineralnye Vody-Kislovodsk train and go to the Yessentuki stop. The train schedule changes, sometimes they go every 20 minutes, and sometimes every 1 hour, depending on the time of day. The time spent on the road is 50 minutes. Arriving in Yessentuki, you get to the sanatorium in any convenient way: by minibus or by taxi.

What should I do first of all upon arrival to the sanatorium

? First thing on arrival at the sanatorium you need to get to the reception and accommodation of visitors. Find it is not difficult, it is located between the first and second bedroom corps. It does not matter what time you arrive, the service is open around the clock, reception specialists will help you with the registration, hand over the keys to your room and the sanatorium book, answer all your questions. It is worth remembering that the estimated hour in the sanatorium "Victoria" at 8.00.

If you are going for medical treatment from the social insurance fund, but for some reason you can not come to the set day and time, you need to inform the sanatorium specialists in advance so that you can rest for a few days ahead or back.


If you have any complaints or complaints during your stay at the sanatorium, you should contact your doctor or the head of the building, or you can contact a quality control specialist. In case of serious problems, you can contact the Consumer Rights Protection Society, with a note: Yessentuki, sanatorium "Victoria".Comments and complaints will be reviewed and taken accordingly.

Sanatorium "Victoria", Essentuki. Reviews of holidaymakers

Every year thousands of people visit the health resort. A huge popularity was received in 2014 by the sanatorium "Victoria"( Essentuki).Reviews of the year 2014, which were put up by vacationers, will undoubtedly help you."Forewarned" means armed, "says the people's wisdom. Before buying a ticket, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with what is written about the city of Yessentuki, the sanatorium "Victoria".Reviews, recommendations and photos in more detail will disclose to you a picture of what is happening. Many vacationers regularly leave comments about the rest in the sanatorium at various forums and sites, share impressions, give an assessment of service, personnel, treatment and other services. More often than not, high-quality medical services, a cozy atmosphere and an effective result are celebrated, which did not take long to wait. Special attention should be paid to comments about the staff and the friendly reception of guests, which is offered by the city of Yessentuki, the sanatorium "Victoria".Reviews about the kitchen deserve special attention. The diet is developed depending on the prescriptions of the attending physician, often it is dietary, but nevertheless very tasty.

Contacts of the sanatorium "Victoria"

For comfortable planning and pastime, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with more detailed contact information.

Sanatorium "Victoria"( Essentuki) contacts has these:

  1. Address with the postal code: 357600 Stavropol Territory, the city of Essentuki, ul. Pushkin, 22.
  2. Geographical and GPS coordinates:
    Longitude: 42 ° 52'16.33 "E( 42.871203)
    Latitude: 44 ° 2'57.01" N( 44.04917)
  3. Phones: 8 8793-31-30-90, 8804-333-08-06 - this number is free of charge throughout Russia.
  4. Fax: 8( 8793) 31 30 90.

You have a good rest.