Herpes on the buttock: reasons, treatment, photo

Almost every person at least once after suffering colds noticed that on the lips appear painful places, covered with a crust, with small redness around the edges. This is the herpes virus. Vesicles filled with fluid can appear on various parts of the body.

Genital herpes is divided into two categories: 1 and 2. It delivers a lot of suffering and discomfort to the patient, besides, it causes the development of psychological problems. Gluteal herpes( the photo is shown below) is not much different from other forms of the disease.

herpes on the buttock


When a person develops such rashes as herpes on the buttocks, the causes of the appearance should be sought in the environment. Typically, the carriers of infection are people with whom you have recently been closely associated. Thus, the main way of infection with the virus is direct contact with the human carrier. From this we can conclude that you can get sick under such circumstances:

  • during sexual intercourse;
  • in tactile contact with the vector of infection;
  • in domestic conditions, I use the same dishes, bed linen, things;
  • in some cases occurs self-infection;
  • infection of the infant during the fetal development from a sick mother;
  • during the kiss.

herpes on buttocks causes

The herpes virus lives in the body of every person, so the self-infection option should not be discounted. To transfer the infection from one place to another, a small contact with hands with the affected area, and then touching them to healthy parts of the body.


As mentioned before, herpes on the buttock in its manifestations is similar to other forms of the disease. Because of this, the final diagnosis can only be made by an experienced specialist. Depending on the activity of herpesvirus, the apparent symptoms and treatment scheme will be different.

The main signs of the disease are:

  1. Presence of a constant or periodic burning sensation.
  2. A constant desire to scratch the affected place.
  3. Puffiness.
  4. Appearance of pain in the affected area and in the genital area.
  5. Multiple vesicles.

If the virus has passed into the active stage, and the treatment has not started, the patient's body temperature rises noticeably, the general weakness appears.

Features of genital herpes in men and women

Herpes at the waist and buttocks is a fairly serious disease. The main danger is that the virus can affect not only the surface layers of the skin, but also involve the sex organs.

If herpes on the buttock was diagnosed in a woman, it can be complicated by the inflammatory process of the vaginal mucosa and the development of cervical leukoplakia. Pregnant women should be especially concerned if they have herpes, because this can harm a future child, for example, miscarriage or infection may occur. In the latter case, the probability of developing a child encephalitis is high.

Herpes on the buttock to which doctor to consult

Men very often suffer from herpetic prostatitis against the background of the infection. Cases of defeat with herpes of the rectum, anus are frequent, development of a cystitis and a urethritis is possible.

Predisposing factors of

Given the fact that every virus of this species lives in the body of each person, it can be said that the herpes on the buttock appears only if the immune system decreases, when the immune system is unable to suppress it.

The body is weakened by a number of factors, among which:

  • permanent stay in a state of physical and mental fatigue;
  • abuse of alcohol and tobacco;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • poisoning or intoxication;
  • HIV;
  • frequent colds and viral diseases;
  • menstrual period( in women);
  • prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or ultraviolet radiation;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • menopause;
  • improper power supply;
  • subcooling or overheating.

Doctors state the fact that in people who do not suffer from a decrease in immunity, the protective function of the body works to the full and preserves the ability to block the vital activity of the virus. It follows that every person is a hidden carrier of herpesvirus, and therefore, is able to infect people with weakened immunity, without knowing it.

Methods of diagnosis

If a person has herpes on the buttock, what kind of doctor should she contact? This is a natural and correct question that pops up in my head. If the disease was cold, then it would be necessary to go to a dermatologist. Since the form of the disease is genital, one must visit an andrologist, urologist or gynecologist, depending on the sex of the patient.

At the admission specialist will perform a visual examination of the skin and collect anamnesis. This data is enough to draw up a clinical picture of the patient's condition.

how to cure herpes on the buttocks

To make an accurate diagnosis it will be necessary to pass a number of tests, among which the main one is the enzyme immunoassay. Give the patient will need blood, and laboratory assistants in her research pay attention to the presence of antibodies IgM.If they are found, the diagnosis is confirmed.

Modern therapy

To prevent the progression of the disease and prevent the transmission of the virus to other people, the first symptoms should be treated with medical help. The therapeutic approach is necessarily complex, it includes methods of combating discomfort and painful sensations.

The patient should be prepared for the fact that if at least once he has been diagnosed with herpes of any form, the disease will not be completely cured. He remains forever in the body, you can only stop his life.

herpes on the lower back and buttocks

Medicines for treatment, their dose and the regimen are determined by the attending physician. The main list is:

  1. Ointments for external use to eliminate visible manifestations of the disease.
  2. Medical preparations that kill viral cells.
  3. Means that strengthen the immune system.
  4. Multivitamin Complexes.

It is worth noting that the genital herpes, a photo of which is presented at the very beginning of the article, is quickly treated with affordable medicines.

Treatment with folk remedies

So, how to cure herpes on the buttocks at home? As already mentioned, getting rid of the disease does not work, but you can eliminate unpleasant symptoms. To relieve the inflammatory process, when the disease is in its infancy, it is recommended to apply fir oil or ointment twice a day to the affected area, camphor is also suitable.

Everything else should be prescribed by a doctor, self-medication can aggravate the course of the disease.

Prevention measures

The main preventive measure is hardening, that is strengthening the body's immune system. For this, it is necessary not only to bathe properly with cold water, but also to diversify the daily diet with a sufficient number of fresh vegetables and fruits.

herpes pictures

It is necessary to avoid promiscuity. During sexual contact, contraception should be used. It is also necessary to follow basic rules of personal hygiene.

Doctors also prescribe preventive measures. Their correct reception allows people who are prone to defeat herpesvirus, to prevent the disease. The drugs of the nucleoside group are best in the fight, where the most effective is Acyclovir.