How to treat streptodermia in children

Streptodermia occurs when the surface layer of the skin is affected by streptococci. It happens often in people with impaired immunity and in children. Since the disease is bacterial, we can say that it is quite contagious, so it can be transmitted at tactile contact. If parents have noticed in their child the signs of this ailment, you must contact the pediatrician or dermatologist. They will put the correct diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment. However, it is not always possible to seek medical help from a doctor. Than to treat streptoderma in this situation?

Traditional methods of exposure Than to treat streptoderma. The lightest form of

Most often, the disease is treated in a home environment. With a relatively easy flow, external means are prescribed. Doctors often recommend greasing bubbles with green. Crusts on the part of the head where the hair grows are cleaned with a two percent salicylic petrolatum. Other skin integuments are treated with mercury ointment, which is recommended to combine with boric acid, resorcinol, naphthalene paste. When deciding which ointment to treat streptodermia, it is worth considering that applying antibacterial ointments to children is not recommended, as they often cause allergic reactions. The dry form of the disease is treated by lubricating the affected areas with 2 percent silver nitrate at least twice a day.

Treatment of severe forms of

Than to treat streptodermia in severe form? In the event that there is an increase in body temperature, Than to treat streptoderma on the face tests show high ESR, lymphadenitis and leukocytosis are present, very often the doctor prescribes ingestion of antibiotics. In particularly severe cases, blood transfusion, ultraviolet irradiation, and albumin infusion are possible. In addition, it is necessary to monitor the proper nutrition of the child, since the use of sweet, flour products can promote the further spread of streptococcus.

Traditional medicine

Than to treat streptoderma, if drug treatment is impossible? The skin of the baby should be washed daily with soap and gently dried with a soft cloth. This will help to avoid further spread of the infection. Then the affected areas of What ointment to treat streptoderma should be treated with the following decoctions and infusions.

Bark of hazelnut

The milled bark should be filled with water and allowed to stand on a water bath for half an hour. It is necessary to take 1 part of grass and 10 parts of water. The resulting broth can be taken orally, and it is also possible to treat the skin with it.

Camel Thorn for Toddlers

Than to treat streptodermia in infants? You can use infusion of camel thorn( 1 part infusion into three parts of water).For the healing effect, it is necessary to bathe the baby in it.

Than to treat streptoderma on the face?

Broth cooked from chamomile and oak, will help to dry the bubbles. You can do both lotions and just wipe the patches.

Wounding wounds

When wet wounds should be used garlic juice, mixed with black pepper in proportions one to one. Erosions and abscesses will quickly come down.