Homeopathic preparation "Enterokond" for newborns: reviews, description, instruction for use

With the advent of a newborn baby in the family, parents face many difficulties. Frequent trouble, because of which most children cry, are colic. They inevitably bother every second baby. All because of the fact that a child with an absolutely sterile intestine is born. Only afterwards the digestive tract of the baby is populated with a useful microflora. It occurs during the first 3-5 months. All this time the baby can have a strong stomach pain.

At present, there are a lot of medicines on the pharmaceutical market that help to cope with such symptoms and alleviate the condition of the child. Also, some parents use folk methods and proven recipes. Often, moms and dads give the baby a homeopathic remedy called "Enterokond".Instructions for use, price, reviews about it will be presented to your attention. The article will tell you about the peculiarities of using the drug, and also will tell you what opinion it has about paediatricians.

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Enterokond for newborns: reviews about the composition. Description of the medicine

Homeopathic remedy is a remedy with no medicinal components. It is created solely on the basis of natural ingredients. Representatives of the manufacturer say that this is exactly the drug "Enterokond".It contains chamomile, magnesium, glycerin, xylitol, ethanol and other ingredients. Many parents are afraid to give medicines to their children because of the content of alcohols. Whether this fear is justified - let's try to figure it out further.

The drug is available in liquid form. Attached to each unit of the drug "Enterokond"( drops) instructions for use. The doctor's comments always begin with a reminder to the patients that before using any medication( homeopathic or medicinal), one always needs to carefully study the annotation. Particular attention should be paid to adverse reactions and contraindications.

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What helps this homeopathic remedy?

What do they say about the drug Enterokond( for newborns) reviews? Representatives of the manufacturer state that the composition of the drug contributes to the normalization of digestion. It relieves spasms from the smooth muscles of the intestine, and also reduces the number of air bubbles in it. What information does the abstract carry? The instructions indicate the following indications for use:

  • increased anxiety of the baby while eating;
  • strong crying a few minutes after eating;
  • gassing in the tummy, delivering discomfort;
  • stool disorder( diarrhea or constipation) and so on.

About the drug "Enterokond" doctors say that it can be used not only for direct treatment, but also for the prevention.

Supplements to the contraindications

What is the homeopathic preparation of "Enterokond" doctors' reviews? Specialists of pediatrics emphasize that the instruction for use contains very scant information. So, in contraindications to the use of the composition, only the hypersensitivity to one of the constituent components is indicated. However, this paragraph should be added.

Most of the doctors' recommendations indicate that the drug should not be given to premature infants without proper prescribing. In connection with the content in the preparation of a small amount of ethanol, it should not be used simultaneously with the antibiotics of certain subgroups. The drug is not assigned to pregnant women( especially in the early stages).The fact is that despite the relative safety of the composition, it can have a teratogenic effect on the future baby. It is also very important to visit a pediatrician before using the drug and make sure that the child's anxiety is caused by colic, and not by any other reasons.

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Adverse reactions: are they possible?

The drug "Enterokorind"( for newborns) reviews is mostly positive. Parents confirm that the remedy is well tolerated by children of even the smallest ages. However, there are also those who remained dissatisfied with this remedy. What is the reason for the formation of a negative opinion?

On the drops of "Enterokond" reviews are negative due to adverse reactions. The manufacturer reports that the remedy is a homeopathy, and, therefore, can not cause any harm to the human body. This is not quite true. Because of the lack of appropriate research graph "side reactions" in the annotation is empty. Consumers also report that the described medicine can cause allergies. More often it appears in the form of reddening of the skin and the appearance of itching. Rarely, there may be edema of the upper respiratory tract or bronchospasm. In addition, the remedy in some children provokes abdominal pain.

If any adverse reactions occur or if the child feels unwell, it is important to stop the therapy immediately and consult a doctor. Also it seems to the pediatrician if there is no positive effect of the treatment for several days.

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How to use

The drug "Enterokond"( for newborns), reviews, the price of which will be presented to you further, is taken exclusively inside. Preliminary composition can be mixed with a small amount of water or baby food. You can add the product to tea or juice. So its unpleasant taste will be felt much less. If the drug is prescribed to a baby who is breastfeeding, then it is necessary to use mother's milk for dilution. To do this, express a small amount and mix with drops. After this, give the drug to the child from a spoon or syringe. Then you can feed the crumbs.

In what dose do you need to give the drug "Enterokond" for newborns? Feedback from specialists suggests that in each case, an individual scheme of application and a portion of the medicine is selected. That is why it is so important to contact the pediatrician beforehand. Instruction for use recommends using 3 drops of medication 3 to 6 times a day.

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Opinions about

Many parents are confused by the high price of the compound. It is due to the constituent substances.

This remedy removes spasm from the intestines, eliminating colic. Also, the drug has an anti-inflammatory effect. Drops split gas bubbles and gently pull them out. Parents of children who had to use this medication report that within a few hours after the first use the child becomes easier.

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As a result of treatment, the baby's appetite increases, the baby becomes calmer, he sleeps better. All this allows you to feel better and his mother. Some women report that they have taken the composition on their own for prevention purposes. At the same time they were breastfeeding. The therapeutic effect of this method is positive, but it is less pronounced.

Cost of medicine

You already know what "Enterokond"( for newborns) has. The price of the drug, according to consumers, is quite high. The cost of a bottle of 20 milliliters varies from 800 to 1200 rubles. At the same time, many similar medications can be purchased at a price several times lower. What to choose is up to you.

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Short conclusion

You learned about the composition of "Enterokhynd".Instruction, reviews, price, description of the drug were presented above. Remember that you can not carry out treatment yourself. Especially dangerous it can be for young children. Do not forget about the content of the drug ethanol. It is forbidden to increase the dose of the drug or the frequency of its use.