Salt lamp: contraindications, benefit and harm. Salt lamps - expert reviews

Have you ever thought about why people living on the seacoast have better health, and the overall life expectancy is higher than that of residents of inland regions? It turns out that the matter is in sea salt, in large quantities contained in the seaside air. Stone salt, deposited in grottoes and caves, also has medicinal properties. It ionizes the air and prevents the multiplication of various pathogens.

After the beneficial properties of salt were discovered, scientists thought about the possibility of its application in the treatment of diseases of different etiologies. The development of the first therapeutic methods resulted in the creation of special salt mines. Then, in the conditions of medical institutions, artificial salt rooms began to be equipped. And today there is also a passive technique of salt therapy. For this purpose, a salt lamp is used. Contraindications to this method of treatment are absent, but the benefits are very palpable. salt contra-indication lamp

How does the device

Every day, more and more popular are salt lamps. The experts' testimonies indicate that they can successfully replace visits to a salt treatment room in a wellness center or SPA-salon. Even in a small amount, salt crystals have a beneficial effect on the body. Studies have demonstrated that the use of the device allows to obtain the necessary therapeutic effect.

Many people ask about whether salt lamps can be harmful? It is worth saying that the information about any negative consequences after their use was not received. And this means that the instruments are absolutely safe. To work the lamp needs to be heated - as the temperature increases, ions that have a negative charge begin to be released. They eliminate the particles forming in the atmosphere of rooms, positively charged. The most important element of the device is a crystal of sodium chloride( it is also called "halite").Therapy itself with a salt lamp is called "halotherapy."Inside the mineral, an incandescent lamp is mounted, and with it, heating occurs. Also the device is equipped with a stand and a switch.

Breathe fresh air - great!

Looking for a way how to clean and produce air ionization without using expensive devices? You need a salt lamp! Contraindications to the use of the device have not yet been identified, hence, they simply do not exist. On the contrary, such a device will allow you to replace the airing of the room, which in a large city, where many pathogens are in the air, can be dangerous.

Negatively charged ions, formed when the lamp is heated, are naturally found in mountain, sea, forest air - they form after a thunderstorm. Remember how well it breathes in the street immediately after the summer torrential rain, accompanied by thunder! A device based on halite will allow you to experience it without leaving home.

Salt lamp: use of

Such a device is an ideal night light for a children's room. Why? Now tell. The fact that salt lamps( reviews of experts confirm this) help in strengthening the immunity of the child. They also allow you to quickly cope with bronchitis, tracheitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, allergies. It will be useful to place the device next to a computer or TV to neutralize harmful electromagnetic radiation.

What is a good salt lamp? The good is to reduce the amount of mold, microbes, fungi in the room, that is, the whole pathogenic flora. This makes it possible to eliminate unpleasant smells in the house. For prevention of bronchial asthma, neurosis, rheumatism, dermatitis, thyroid gland diseases, diabetes mellitus, respiratory diseases, a salt lamp can be used. Contraindications, which often have medicinal products, do not allow using them for preventive purposes at the risk of these pathologies. And the device we are considering is suitable for everyone. The device regulates the humidity level in the room, which improves the microclimate.

Application Guide

The salt lamp is very easy to use. The instruction on its use does not differ by tricky methods - the device simply needs to be included in the socket. And that's all! The expiry date of the device depends on the operability of the electrical cord. And, of course, a light bulb sometimes have to be changed! With proper operation, the salt lamp will last for at least ten years.

Features of the

It should be remembered that the range of the device is three meters, therefore in spacious rooms, several lamps or one, but of a large size, should be installed at once. By the way, the speed of ionization and purification of air depends on the dimensions of the device - the more the surface area is larger, the efficiency is higher.

To eliminate the effects of electromagnetic beams, it is recommended to place lamps in rooms where there are electrical and household appliances: electric stoves, microwave ovens, televisions, computers and so on. In addition, the salt lamps clean the air in the smoking rooms. Many people for therapeutic purposes put them at the head of the bed in the bedroom.

Customer Feedback

Users of devices based on halite reviews leave an exceptionally positive. A universal home doctor is a salt lamp! Contraindications for health reasons and age are absent, side effects do not occur. In addition, the devices are hypoallergenic.

Many people who care about their own health and the health of their loved ones, who want to have fresh air and a safe microclimate in their house, no longer represent their daily lives without the use of salt lamps. They note that such appliances bring a particle of real wildlife into the apartment, allow them to breathe in full bosom.

Salt lamps are afraid of humidity!

It really is. What to do if the device, while in a room with high humidity, absorbed water? First, wipe the device with a dry cloth and place in a warm place to dry. Do not turn on the lamp if there is moisture on it, because there is a risk of a salt spray on the surface of the plafond.

If the raid does appear, do not worry. In principle, this only affects the appearance of the device, all other properties and characteristics remain unchanged. If desired, the salt spray can be removed with a file or nazhdachkoy, then you need to quickly wipe the dome with a damp cloth, and immediately after that - dry.

Where to buy salt lamp

Such devices can be purchased at points of sale of lighting devices, as well as in online stores. It should be noted that salt lamps come in a variety of colors. A variety of shades is achieved due to all kinds of impurities, foreign bodies( minerals, algae), which are pressed with sea salt during formation of the rock.

Science revealed that lighting of different colors has different effects on the body. So, orange lamps treat nerves, excite, develop a sense of security, activate the work of the bladder and kidneys. Yellow - stimulate the pancreas and liver, enhance intelligence. Reds - increase vital energy by improving blood circulation and strengthening the heart.