"Siberian Health Source of Purity": reviews of doctors. How to take "Siberian Health Origins of Purity"?

The manufacturer of this additive is one of the leaders of the domestic market for the production of products for beauty and youth. This company can be rightly called an expert in the field of healthy lifestyles. And for someone, she became a true partner in creating a business. Briefly reveal the essence of what she does. This is the development and production of high-tech food additives, products to maintain health. In addition, the company is engaged in training its own consultants, which will help the buyer to make the right choice. Many today are familiar with the drug "Siberian Health. The origins of cleanliness, "the doctors' reviews of which are very diverse. This is a whole complex, aimed at a full-fledged cleansing of the body.

Siberian health sources of purity reviewed by doctors

The body is a balanced system, is it appropriate intervention?

This question is raised very often, so today we will discuss this problem in more detail. The fact is that an important condition for the normal functioning of the body is the optimal operation of each of its cells, that is, the constancy of the internal environment. It is this issue that experts who develop the drug "Siberian Health. The origins of purity. "Reviews of doctors, no matter what, do not disprove the effectiveness of dietary supplements to maintain health and improve its condition. According to many Aesculapius, such remedies are a balanced, multi-stage system that works effectively and yields good results.

So, each of our cells is one of the bricks that pursue a common goal. Each of them needs a certain temperature and humidity, acid-base balance, a balanced concentration of sodium and other ions, oxygen. In this case, toxins are able to change these conditions, and even completely block the nutrition of the cell. Of course, the body has a huge number of internal mechanisms for removing all that is harmful or no longer needed. But not always it turns out to cope with the load in full.

sources of purity Siberian health

Help your body

Today, the rabid rhythm of urban life puts the homeostasis of the human body under attack. Emissions of enterprises and exhausts of cars, stuffy air of office premises and work in harmful production, poor nutrition, saturated with carcinogens - all this leads to the fact that the body can not purify itself. At the same time, home cleansing of the body rarely gives a positive effect: usually it either does not exist or it is insignificant. It is necessary to have a system scientifically based and confirmed by numerous studies, which is proposed by the company that released the active supplement "Siberian Health. The origins of purity. "Comments of doctors cautiously call this drug a homeopathic remedy, and they are right. However, it is necessary to take into account that behind the producers of this dietary supplements is 35 years of scientific research and more than 10 years of practical application of the developments.

Scientific platform

In fact, a drug that could help the body resist toxins and free radicals has long been an urgent necessity. Finally, the country's leadership transferred to the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences an order to develop a special system that would support the health of workers in harmful industries. sources of purity Siberian health reviews Thanks to this, colossal work was done, and by the mid-1990s the system was not just put into production, but was tested. On a voluntary basis, employees of industrial and metallurgical enterprises were involved in the investigation. This gave colossal material for the elimination of minor shortcomings.

A lot of work has been done in this direction. Up to 2012, research was carried out to improve this complex. In many respects this became possible thanks to the latest technologies. After the qualitative transformation, the brand "Siberian Health began to gain immense popularity. The origins of purity. "Comments of doctors confirm the effectiveness of the complex, which can easily give a second youth. The high quality of the additive has led to the fact that more than 20 countries of the world started using it. Therefore, she decided to assign a single name.

What is the BAD "Origins of Purity"

This complex consists of three packs of capsules, each containing 60 pieces each. That is, the uniqueness of the complex "The origins of purity. Siberian health "is that it is not just a set of ingredients, but three full-fledged formulas, each of which has an independent effect. But at the same time, all components are complementary. Thus, it becomes possible not only to carry out a banal cleaning, but also to restore the normal functioning of each cell, to raise immunity. Such a complex can be recommended as a daily supplement to food for those who live in large industrial cities.

When is this drug recommended?

We have already mentioned that living in unfavorable regions, close to large industrial enterprises, in the center of the metropolis is a definite occasion to acquire this facility. However, this is by no means the only indication, when the supplement "The sources of purity can be useful. Siberian Health".Consider the possibility of periodic passage of this course for workers of harmful production, as well as for those suffering from chronic diseases. The fact is that most ailments develop due to intoxication of internal organs, which leads to the formation of toxins. Siberian health sources of purity new formula reviews It can be liver disease and various diseases of the intestines, obesity and violation of carbohydrate metabolism, kidney disease and skin( including allergic) diseases. Often, this category includes diseases of the cardiovascular system. Of course, the treatment should appoint a doctor, so do not immediately rush to buy and take the drug "The origins of purity. Siberian Health".Reviews say that in the first place this complex is designed to prevent diseases, as well as to maintain the resources of the body at the time of treatment and recovery.

How does the toxin come off?

We would like to tell you in more detail what is happening in the body during the reception of the funds "The origins of purity. Siberian Health".The reviews say that a few days after the beginning of the course a person begins to feel light. This indicates that the intestine has started functioning normally.

Surely you know that every cell of our body is surrounded by intercellular fluid. It is constantly updated, and the waste material is output through a network of special ducts. This scheme uses the first formula of the complex called "Siberian health. The origins of purity. "The new feedback formula collects daily, as each person, after experiencing a dramatic improvement in condition, lifting the mood, improving the performance of all organs and systems, recommends a successful method of treatment for friends and acquaintances. So, let's consider what the first formula is.

Cleansing complex of medicinal plants №1

Given its numbering, we will consider the drug in the first place. What is the additive "The origins of purity. Siberian Health"?The doctors' comments, cellular cleansing are called the most important, and sometimes the only possible way to eliminate toxins. Siberian Health Formula 3 origins of purity reviews However, do not forget about the intercellular space, which accumulates a lot of harmful biological material. A balanced formula helps to quickly clean and clean. The composition of the drug includes grass hay and sporis, clover and licorice grass, burdock root, St. John's wort and horsetail, currant leaves and cowberry, immortelle flowers, lime and tansy. Such a rich composition is carefully balanced so that one component complements the other.

Effects on the body of the formula number 1

We turn to a detailed consideration of the unique effect that the dietary supplement "The origins of purity. Siberian Health".Reviews about it, of course, are different. Especially note the fact that the drug is not suitable for the treatment of serious diseases. But if you decide to use it in advance, to prevent chronic diseases or prevent their exacerbation, this remedy is what you need. First of all, the described formula leads to cleansing of the intestine. This is extremely important, since it is here that toxins accumulate with food or are formed during metabolic processes. It helps to improve the activity of the intestine and normalize the intestinal microflora "The sources of purity. Siberian Health".The doctors' comments call not to get carried away with cleansing, especially without the appointment of a specialist. However, in this complex, this is one of the necessary stages, which makes possible the complete elimination of the organism from toxic residues. Contribute to this included in the composition of fennel and senna, aloe, plantain and burdock.

Purification through the liver

This is our natural filter, which detains in itself all the harmful substances entering the body. Such a process is impossible without increasing the activity of the bile excreting system, which is why the first formula activates these processes. Siberian health product reviews the origins of purity This effect becomes possible thanks to an extract of artichoke, chamomile and fennel. They are the basis of many choleretic preparations, and therefore work well in the composition of this complex. Not for nothing that the attention of doctors and pharmacists around the world attracted the company "Siberian Health".Reviews of the product "The origins of cleanliness" suggest that after the first course digestive problems completely disappear, weight and eructation, constipation and diarrhea go away.

Alternative cleansing

The first formula also activates other ducts through which toxins can be removed. These are the circulatory and lymphatic systems. These liquids wash each cell, taking away the decay products, and extracts of mug, plantain and aloe help to activate the cleansing functions. Urinary tracts are another important channel for eliminating toxins. To activate it, the composition includes the bearberry extract and horsetail of the field. Finally, the respiratory system is another way through which toxins enter our body and, accordingly, are derived from it. For this, chamomile and plantain are effective.

Formula №2

This is the second container in the complex "The origins of purity" - cellular purification."Siberian Health", the reviews emphasize that it is absolutely necessary to use this complex, otherwise the effect will be incomplete, - a unique preparation that allows the body to purify itself naturally. So, the second formula differs in composition and action from the first, its task is to stimulate special intracellular enzymes that neutralize harmful substances that enter. bad sources of cleanliness Siberian health reviews And different ingredients of this formula provide a multidirectional action. Extract of cruciferous vegetables and saltwort, milk thistle and Kuril tea are used to neutralize dangerous toxins. In this case, dandelion and parsley, silver fir and green tea stimulate their excretion.

Formula No.3

We still have the last container to review the complex from the company "Siberian Health" - formula 3, "The origins of cleanliness."The doctors say that this is the only one of the three cans that can be taken separately from the whole complex. It is a source of antioxidants, that is vitamins and minerals, as well as substances that protect the body from the destructive action of radicals. Antioxidants provide external protection of cells. They neutralize dangerous molecules that appear in the immediate vicinity of the body of the cell. In addition, they provide internal protection of cells. They are zinc and selenium, copper and manganese. Finally, antioxidants strengthen the cell walls, which prevents the penetration of toxins into them.

Method of application of

We have analyzed in detail the biologically active additive to food "Siberian health. The origins of purity. "How to take the drug, we will discuss further. So, the complex consists of three jars. In the morning, you need to take two capsules from the formula number 1, and one capsule from the tank number 3.At lunchtime, the reception of the drug is skipped, and in the evening it is necessary to use two capsules from formula No. 2, and one capsule from the third can. Duration of admission is exactly one month, but with strong toxic loads, you can extend the period to 2 months. The course is repeated up to 3-4 times. Do not forget to consult your doctor regularly. The whole complex will cost 2250 rubles. This is just enough for one course. The cost may seem high, but it is an investment in one's own health, which, as is known, is not saved. In addition, the drug attracts the fact that formulas based on herbs are based, that is, the action of the agent is more sparing for the body, in contrast to drugs.