Subinvolution of the uterus after childbirth: causes, prevention and treatment

Restoration of the body after childbirth is not always calm. Sometimes friends and relatives begin to scare the newly mum with various health problems. In the list of suspicious violations often there is a subinvolution of the uterus. After giving birth, treatment of this pathology should be started immediately. And what symptoms it accompanies, will be told in this article.

Brief description of

The doctors call the first 30 days after the birth of a child the tenth month of pregnancy. At this time in the body there are reverse processes: the hormonal background and the appearance of a woman are changing, the work of the organs is restored. Otherwise, this is called an involution. Under favorable conditions, all changes take no more than two months. Subinvolution of the uterus after childbirth

However, even a young woman may have a subinvolution of the uterus after childbirth. The first symptoms of the pathological process usually appear in a week after the baby's birth. It is characterized by overlapping of the cervix with particles of fetal membranes, blood clots or placental remains. In this case, the genital organ can not contract to its natural size.

Why is subinvolution possible?

After the birth of the baby, the muscles of the uterus begin to contract intensively, trying to return to their normal state. Usually it takes from one to two months. Sometimes a genital organ can not assume its natural form for certain reasons. In this case, the weakness of the ligaments contributes to its inflection.

Subinvolution of the uterus after delivery is of two types: infectious and true. In the first case, the development of the pathological process is due to inflammation in the background of pyelonephritis or anemia. Also, the infection can enter the body during delivery or scraping. The emergence of true subinvolution contributes to excessive stretching of the uterus. Similar ailment is observed in women with multiple pregnancies, after cesarean section or against adenomyosis. Subinvolution of the uterus after the birth of the cause

Manifestations of the pathology of

The first warning sign of the disorder is bleeding from the uterus. Isolations are characterized by abundance, unpleasant odor and unusually dark color. If the attending physician does not notice this violation during a routine examination, the woman should track and point out the problem to him. During the examination, the gynecologist can also alert the increase in the size of the genital organ, the heterogeneity of its inner shell.

What else has the subinvolution of the uterus after the birth of the symptoms? Another equally important manifestation of pathology is the causeless increase in temperature. Indicators can range from 37 to 38 degrees. The increase in temperature indicates the onset of the inflammatory process in the body. If at the time of the listed symptoms you are already discharged from the hospital, you do not need to postpone the visit to the doctor. Neglect of own health can negatively affect the state of health in the future. Subinvolution of the uterus after childbirth symptoms

Treatment of infectious form of subinvolution

Determining the cause of the pathological process allows you to select the most effective treatment option. The diagnosis of "infectious subinvolution of the uterus after childbirth" implies the appointment of antibacterial agents. Their use is necessary to suppress the focus of inflammation and the destruction of pathogenic flora. Self-medication is strictly prohibited.

In the postpartum period, all medicines should be selected by a doctor. The fact of breastfeeding significantly narrows the list of medicines that can be used. If a gynecologist believes that without a course of antibiotic therapy can not do, a woman needs to stop GW.Another option is possible - constantly express milk to preserve lactation.

If the newly mum has a placental remains in the uterus, they should be removed immediately. For these purposes, doctors often use a special vacuum device. It allows you to quickly clean the birth canal. All manipulations take place in such a way that the risk of infection during the procedure is minimal.

Treatment of the true form of the


If the subinvolution of the uterus after birth occurs in a natural form, due to excessive stretching of the muscles, drug therapy is recommended."Oxytocin" and "Sinestrol" are prescribed to accelerate the reduction of the uterus to normal size. These drugs also help to slow the bleeding and restore the full activity of the genital organ. One option for local therapy is rectal uterine massage. As a result of continuous pressure, the process of stimulation of pathological regions is started. Subinvolution of the uterus after delivery

The dynamics of treatment should be controlled by ultrasound. Usually the procedure is repeated on the third, fifth day of therapy. If a woman complies with all the recommendations of a doctor, the recovery comes very quickly. A positive prognosis is even infectious subinvolution of the uterus after childbirth. Methods of physiotherapy with this variant of pathology are used extremely rarely, but it is not necessary to talk about their inefficiency.

Useful recommendations of

doctors To maintain muscle tone, doctors are strongly advised to use phyto-tea based on birch or nettle leaves. Also useful properties are the following plants: field horsetail, shepherd's bag, yarrow. To enhance the positive therapeutic effect, you can do vaginal douching on a decoction of these herbs.

For the entire period of treatment, a woman should give up lifting weights, doing sports. In your spare time you can make quiet walks. Restoring the contractile activity of the uterine tissues helps to put the baby to the chest. In this case, the hormone prolactin begins to be intensively produced in the body. He helps the uterus return to its natural form. Subinvolution of the uterus after delivery Methods of physiotherapy

What is dangerous after the birth of the uterine subinvolution?

The causes of the pathological process determine the tactics of treatment. However, they also affect the development of complications, provided there is no quality treatment.

  1. The most unpleasant consequence of an ailment is infertility. Inflammatory disorders in the uterine cavity can affect the quality of the childbearing function.
  2. Postpartum problems are often the cause of gynecological diseases. Among them, the most common are myoma, endometriosis and hyperplasia.

In most cases, the pathology has a favorable prognosis. The timely treatment increases the chances of a quick recovery.

Prevention measures

Proper prevention of any pathology is the key to good health. One of the most popular methods of preventing subinvolution is the training of the pelvic muscles with the help of the Kegel complex. When is it better to start doing exercises? The most favorable time is the period of pregnancy planning, when the woman is not burdened with household chores yet. The essence of the complex is to reduce and alternately relax the muscles of the pelvic area. To properly implement it, you can practice in the toilet. During urination, it is necessary to stop this process for a while. Feeling your body from within, every woman should understand where the muscles of the small pelvis are located and how they work. Subinvolution of the uterus after childbirth prevention

An active way of life is another preventive measure in such a pathology as the subinvolution of the uterus after childbirth. Prevention of any ailment implies the absence of hypodynamia. In this case, newly mums are advised to move more and not to lie in bed, unless this is indicated by the attending physician. Even an insignificant physical load contributes to the activation of blood circulation throughout the body. Be healthy!