Vitamins are inexpensive and effective. Rating of vitamin complexes

It's no secret that the human body needs vitamins. Without their sufficient number, the normal functioning of all organs and systems is impossible. What vitamins are inexpensive and effective? This is exactly what will be discussed in the article.

Life spans that require vitamin support

Every person in life has many periods when he needs increased vitamin support. These include:

  • children's age, when the body is in the process of increased growth;
  • school and young age, when a person experiences increased mental and emotional stress;
  • working age;
  • old age.

For each life period, various vitamin complexes are used.

vitamins are inexpensive

What are the vitamins?

List of vitamins necessary for the normal functioning of the body:

  • Vitamin A - retinol. It has important functions: stimulation of cell regeneration, antioxidant action, regulation of the function of the sexual glands, participation in the visual function.
  • Thiamine is a vitamin that supports the work of the nervous system. It is necessary for the full work of neurons. Participates in the formation of the mediator acetylcholine. Improves the secretion of gastric juice. Participates in all types of metabolism.
  • Riboflavin is a vitamin B2.Participates in the synthesis of hormones, ATP.Promotes the improvement of the function of vision. Improves skin and nails.
  • Vitamin B5 is a pantothenic acid. Participates in the function of intestinal activity and nervous system. Responsible for immunity. It is part of some digestive enzymes.
  • Vitamin B6 is pyridoxine. Responsible for the operation of the peripheral nervous system. Participates in the synthesis of nucleic acids.
  • Folic acid. Indispensable for adequate blood formation. It is necessary for the body of a pregnant woman to fully ripen the nervous system of the fetus.
  • Cyanocobalamin. Provides adequate hematopoiesis. Used by the body to synthesize DNA molecules.
  • Ascorbic acid. Multifunctional vitamin. Has detoxification effect. Participates in the synthesis of collagen. Has a positive effect on metabolism.
  • Vitamin D. Necessary for the prevention of rickets. Strengthens the structure of bone tissue. It is used to treat certain skin diseases.
  • Vitamin E - tocopherol. The main antioxidant in the body. Participates in the regulation of the sexual glands. Improves tissue regeneration.
  • Vitamin K. Hemostatic vitamin. Strengthens bone tissue. It is necessary for the proper functioning of the renal system.

Above was a list of the most famous vitamins, but there are a lot of other substances that are also needed by the body.

vitamins are inexpensive and effective

Complex vitamins

Vitamins are rarely used separately. To improve their effectiveness, various balanced complexes are created. Depending on the functional purpose, they have different composition.

Now in each pharmacy you can see a large number of different vitamin complexes at different costs.

The name of vitamins and vitamin complexes:

  • Vitrum.
  • «Complivit».
  • «Alphabet».
  • Duovit.
  • "Gerimax".
  • "Solgar".
  • "Triovit".
  • Pikovit.
  • Biomax.
  • «Multi-tabs».
  • Revit.
  • "Gendevit."
  • Undevit.

the name of vitamins

What vitamins are preferred?

Naturally, I want to choose vitamins that are inexpensive and effective. To understand all this diversity, you need to know on what principles the vitamin complexes are divided. The list of vitamins given to your attention above can be divided by age periods, by functional purpose, by the curative effect.

Classification of vitamin complexes

What vitamins are inexpensive and most effective? Let's see how the vitamin complexes are classified:

  • Vitamins for the youngest, up to a year. Such compositions are few, they are issued in the form of drops or syrups. What vitamins for children at this age recommend doctors? There are medicinal - "Vigantol", "Akvadetrim".They contain vitamin D3 and are used to prevent and treat rickets. There are complex vitamins - "Multi-Tabs Baby", "Alphabet: Our Baby".
  • Vitamins for preschool children. During this period, the body most in need of vitamin support, as the processes of growth and mental development are activated. For this age, such vitamins as "Multi-Tab Baby", "Pikovite 1+", "Alphabet: Kindergarten", "Vitrum Baby", "Complicant for Toddlers", "Vitamishki" are offered.
  • Vitamins for junior and senior schoolchildren. Support the body of the child during periods of intense mental stress. These include Multi-Tabs Junior, Pikovit 7+, Alphabet Shkolnik and Alphabet Teener, Vitrum Junior, Complitiv Active, Univit Kids.
  • Vitamins for people of young and middle age. This age period is characterized by mental stress, physical activity, frequent emotional stress. To support the body in this case, there are Vitrum, Complivit Antistress, Multi-Tabs Intensive, Alphabet Classic, Duovit, Triovit, Biomax.
  • Vitamins for the elderly. They help to improve memory, contain the optimal set of substances necessary for the body in the period of aging."Vitrum Centuri", "Multimax", "Complivit 50+", "Multi-Tabs Classic".

There are vitamins that are inexpensive and effective only with healing effect. They are applied on the advice of a doctor. Usually it is the vitamins of group B - "Kompligam", "Milgamma", "Binovit", "Kombilipen".They are available in injection form, Kombilipen also has a tablet form.

Remember: Before starting any medication, you need a doctor's consultation!

multi tabs

Specialized vitamins

A person passes many conditions during his life, during which the body intensively uses vitamins. For such conditions, too, special vitamin complexes are produced.

  • Vitamins for pregnant women. The name of the vitamins: Vitrum Prenatal, Complimit Mama, Multi-Tabs Perinatal, Elevit Pronatal, Femibion, Alphabet Mother's Health. These vitamin complexes are characterized by increased doses of constituent substances, folic acid necessary for the full development of the fetus has been added there.
  • Vitamins for the recovery of the body after diseases - "Multi-tabs Immuno plus", "Alphabet During the colds", "Biomax".
  • Vitamins that help with hair loss, deterioration of the skin and nails - "Pantovigar", "Merz", "Revalid."

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Male and female vitamins

Vitamins that are inexpensive and effective can also be separately for men and women. They differ in composition, aimed at maintaining health and physical activity. The company "Farmamed" produces different lines of vitamins for men and women - "Lady Formula" and "Mens Formula"."Duovit for men" and "Duovit for women."

There are also simple complex vitamins that do not contain mineral substances - they contain 3-6 basic vitamins. This is Undevit, Gendevit, Revit. Such vitamins are inexpensive, but they have a proper effect.

list of vitamins

Rating of vitamins

To understand which drug to prefer, it is worth to study the rating of vitamin-mineral complexes.

  1. Open this rating vitamins "Multi-tabs".The widest range of vitamin complexes - from infants to the elderly, there are vitamins for pregnant women, for athletes, for supporting the body after catarrhal diseases, vitamins in periods of intense mental stress and emotional stress. Balanced rich composition, ease of use, pleasant fruit flavors allowed "Multi-tabs" vitamins to take the first place in the rating.
  2. "Vitrum".On the second place there is a ruler of vitamins "Vitrum".They also offer complexes for different occasions - vitamins for children and adults, to maintain beauty of the skin and hair, for bones and eyesight. A slightly less convenient mode of administration and a less wide composition give vitamins Vitrum the second place in the rating.
  3. "Alphabet".These vitamins are good because they are produced in tablets of different colors, which need to be taken in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. Each tablet contains a certain combination of vitamins, which will be better absorbed together. Thanks to this "Alphabet" takes the third place in the rating.
  4. «Complivit».The most popular in the price category are vitamins. But their composition is slightly worse than the complexes listed above. Nevertheless, they occupy the fourth place in the rating.
  5. And the fifth place is shared by such complex vitamins as "Triovit" and "Biomax".Not too wide, but fairly balanced composition, including the essential essential vitamins. They do not have any units, so they get the fifth place.

what vitamins for children

Do people need vitamins

So, now you can say for sure whether to drink vitamins. Definitely! They are necessary for the body to maintain its functions in different life periods. It is not always possible to get the necessary amount of vitamins with food, so balanced vitamin and mineral complexes come to the aid.

Be Healthy!