Loss of the uterus

Among the fair sex women are often found, who have a so-called prolapse of the uterus. It represents a certain displacement of the organ beyond the female sexual gap. Specialists distinguish partial uterine prolapse and complete. As for the first case, a small part of the main body of the uterus itself is located outside the genital slit. If you consider a complete fallout, then in this situation, it is said of such a location, in which the woman's genital organ is simply completely-completely outside the sex slit.

Some doctors call this pathology a different term for "ovulation of the uterus".By this word, above all, means a small displacement of the woman's uterus. In this case, it does not go beyond the gap at all. In general, the omission of the vagina contributes to a similar loss of the uterus. It is observed most often in women with some congenital deficiencies and malformation of the spinal cord or spine. In addition, trauma to the pelvic floor or very heavy physical load, sudden weight loss or old age can also lead to the development of a pathology such as prolapse of the uterus. It is worth noting that the combination of these factors causes the omission of the female genital organs.

According to statistics, a small omission of the vagina or the uterus most often does not cause any pain. However, in case it is noticeable, a woman begins to experience a constant feeling of pressure and pain in the lumbar region. Most of the fairer sexes who have experienced this problem suffer from disorders of the genitourinary system. They have difficulty urinating or it occurs involuntarily, for example, if the woman laughed or coughed. In any case, the displacement of the uterus and genital organs creates more favorable conditions for a variety of infections. As a result of the prolapse of the uterus in the problem areas, there are so called bedsores, swelling and inflammatory processes begin.

The specialist can easily diagnose the prolapse of the uterus. To do this, he will need only the results of a woman's gynecological examination and anamnesis. It should be noted that in the case when the patient complies with all the recommendations of his doctor, bed rest, does not perform serious physical exercises and avoids the strain, it is possible to quickly and completely restore the previous position of the genitals.

If you were diagnosed with "prolapse of the uterus," treatment in such a situation is possible. It is an obligatory surgical intervention. Unfortunately, it is simply impossible to eliminate such a defect in any other way. A few days before the proposed operation, the patient undergoes some examinations, sanitation and treatment. As for the method of surgical intervention, in this case everything will depend only on how much the genitals are down. In addition, the age and the so-called somatic status will certainly influence the decision of a specialist. For example, if a woman has a posterior wall, doctors will use colpopyreneoplasty.

As already mentioned, for such a defect as a prolapse of the uterus, the symptoms are most common. If you do not observe visible changes in the genitals, try simply to stiffen. In addition, many women experience a feeling of bursting and vagina of some foreign object when the vagina is lowered. Of course, the fair sex at the same time experiencing severe discomfort. The omission, or as it is called by specialists, the loss of the uterus can overtake absolutely any girl or woman. Take care of your health, do not lift weights and watch your health. Only in this way you can prevent the appearance of such an unpleasant diagnosis in your medical record.