Hydroxylmonic acid: properties. Where is hydroxyl citric acid contained

What kind of woman from 15 and older( though, and men too) does not want to look attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex? Well, if nature initially endowed with health and a good, proportionally developed figure. And if not? In such cases, physical education can help significantly, but for this it is necessary to have willpower. After all, not everyone can force themselves, beloved, regularly engage in the gym and not overeat, eating balanced and many times a day, but in small portions.

Fortunately, today there are many drugs and biologically active food supplements available to help fight excess fat. The composition of such drugs can include a mass of a variety of substances and elements. One of these components is hydroxy-lemon acid( GLA).

Where is it contained?

Unknown to the European, but a long time familiar to the inhabitants of Asia, an amazing fruit - Garcinia Cambodian - has been used for centuries by the population of Thailand and India as a very affordable and effective means of losing weight. In addition, residents of South Asian countries used it as a medicine for many diseases. In particular, people noticed that Garcinia increases the vitality and satisfaction level of life, by oneself and the surrounding world.

hydroxycitric acid

Garcinia extract improves metabolic processes in the body, resulting in frequent weight loss. This effect is promoted by the hydroxyl-ammonic acid contained in the fruit.

Mechanism of action

This substance inhibits the processes of conversion of glucose into fat cells. Decrease in body weight with regular daily intake of drugs in which hydroxycitric acid is contained in those or proportions is achieved due to three factors:

1. Slows the process of fat formation from glucose.

2. The level of glucose in the blood increases, because it is converted into fat cells slower than normal. The result is a decrease in appetite( glucose for the human body - a marker of hunger: the less it is, the feeling of hunger is sharper, and vice versa).

3. The sugar content in the blood is higher than usual, which is the reason for the increased production of hormones that accelerate metabolic processes in the body.

hydroxycitric acid is contained

In addition, according to some laboratory studies, the action of hydroxyl-ammonium acid has a stimulating effect on the processes of fat oxidation and the synthesis of L-carnitine( the function of this substance is the transport of fatty acids in the mitochondria).

Forms of dosage and dosage

Experts believe that it is worth talking about the effectiveness of the drug if the taken dose of the drug is from 250 to 500 mg. If we use garcinia for weight loss, we must bear in mind that hydroxyl-ammonium acid in its extract is contained in a volume of 50-60%.That is, the number will have to be doubled: 500-1000 mg during the day - this is the dose for garcinia.

In order to obtain a noticeable effect, drugs or dietary supplements with hydroxyl ammonium acid should be taken within 2-3 months. This should be done either before eating or during a meal.

Most popular drugs

In the pharmaceutical market today there is a certain list of drugs containing hydroxyl ammonium acid in a volume( somewhere more, somewhere less).Among the most popular are Garcinia Forte( Evalar, RF) and Citrimax( MasonVitaminzInk, USA).The first drug contains 60 mg in each dose, the second - 250 mg of the main component, which is hydroxyl-ammonic acid. In the pharmacy these drugs are offered to consumers in the form of tablets. In the package "Garcinia Forte" contains 80 tablets of 100 mg of garcinia extract, in the package "Citrimax" - 90 tablets of 500 mg.

hydroxycitric acid in the pharmacy

Effective dose of the first drug( RF production) - 4 tablets per day, i.e., the package is enough for 20 days."Citrimax" should be taken three times a day for one tablet( the package will last for a month).

Research and Effectiveness of

Extract from the fruits of garcinia and its skin was widely used in folk medicine( and ayurveda, in particular).It was taken with a whole spectrum of various diseases. Extract treated with the problem of the gastrointestinal tract( as a laxative and for stimulating the activity of the digestive processes), taken with a delay in menstruation, with dropsy and rheumatism. Also this plant was used to fight worms and other parasites, in the treatment of dysentery and benign tumors.

The main active component of the extract( hydroxyl ammonium acid) consumer reviews and research scientists began to position as an opening in the field of drugs that help to fight excess weight. Initially, the experiments were performed on animals( at least seven studies involving more than 100 experimental animals are known).When hydroxyl ammonium acid was used, weight in individuals with a high degree of obesity caused by genetic factors or by damage to the hypothalamus was quite effective. In addition, the result of the study was the conclusion that when taking GLA, a decrease in the synthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol in the liver was observed.


However, it is not without contraindications for the use of Garcinia extract. Do not take it people with an individual intolerance of the main component of the drug and any of its components. Hydroxylmonic acid harm( and quite noticeable!) Will cause patients suffering from diabetes. Do not take drugs with GLK pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. Without consulting the doctor, it is inadmissible to use such medications for people suffering from any abnormalities and disorders of brain activity( in particular, Alzheimer's disease).

which products contain hydroxycitric acid

With great care take medication with hydroxyl ammonium acid patients with ischemic heart disease and hypertension.

Side effects of

In general, about the side effects that provoked drugs with a high content of hydroxyl-ammonium acid( and even less with a low), almost nothing is known. Probably, life-threatening reactions were not observed in the course of research and over the years of application of GCRs by people.

However, manufacturers of medicines indicate that the effective dose of hydroxyl ammonium acid to reduce body weight is 250-500 mg. But independent studies show a different result. In order for the mass to decrease, a person must take 1-1.2 grams daily. And in such dosages GLA is hepatotoxic, ie, it has a negative effect on the liver. So, every consumer has something to think about before starting the use of such a drug.

Specificity of reception and features of nutrition

To a great extent, the specificity of taking any medication depends on the form of release. Preparations containing GLA should be taken according to the instructions for use. In addition, it is important when using these funds to drink during the day at least 2.5 liters of fluid.

Moreover, only a balanced menu is a guarantee of the effective functioning of the "appetite suppressor mechanism", which is supported by such a component of many weight loss drugs as hydroxyl ammonium acid.

action of hydroxyl-ammonic acid

Where is the main store of glycogen in the human body? Certainly, in the liver. The saturation signal is given only when, as the saying goes, "the warehouse is completely filled," ie, the glycogen reserve of the liver is maximal. If a person sits on a low-carbohydrate diet, glycogen stores are inadequate. For this reason, one should not expect any significant success from extracts of garcinia, limiting itself to carbohydrates. Such drugs with GLK in the composition are ideal for those whose nutrition is balanced and is aimed at weight reduction.

Or is it not effective?

Hydroxylmonic acid, which is highly controversial about the effectiveness of official medicine, is positioned by manufacturers as a substance that hampers the process of glucose assimilation by the body. As a consequence, fat deposits do not accumulate. In fact, the human body will absorb as much glucose as it does from the outside. In the opinion of the supporters of evidence-based medicine, no substances( including GLA) are capable of removing glucose from the body without first having split it.

Manufacturers bring to the attention of consumers that fatty acids with hydroxyl ammonium acid will be effective in any diet, but recommend refraining from eating chocolate, sweets and other delicacies. But after all, drugs and dietary supplements that have in their composition GLA, can remove cravings for sweets, reduce the level of glucose in the blood and remove it( glucose) from the body without splitting. Or is it not?


Actually, it is difficult to find any feedback about such a substance as hydroxyl ammoniac acid. The majority of opinions - both positive and negative - focus on the preparation "Garcinia Forte" and other drugs containing GLA.

hydroxyl ammoniac acid reviews

A fairly large group of consumers remained satisfied with drugs and dietary supplements based on hydroxyl ammonium acid. Despite the fact that not all of them managed to sit on any hard diets, the results of a positive trend were there. And, as the patients noted, portions of food consumed became less, not because it was necessary to strictly control the volume of the portion, but because there was much less wanted than before.

The desired effect was achieved in different patients for different periods of time. Someone after 1.5-2 weeks felt a positive dynamics in reducing body weight, and someone watched a positive result after 3-4 weeks.

When asked about the products in which hydroxyl-ammonium acid is contained, the answer can be given quite unambiguously: in fruits of Garcinia Cambodian and several other exotic fruits. Individual patients took Garcinia extract and medicines containing GLA, not to reduce weight, but to strengthen immunity. And they also felt better health and increased tone.

hydroxyl ammonium acid

However, negative reviews about drugs with hydroxyl ammonium acid also have a place to be. In most cases, we are not talking about any serious and fatal consequences. Patients say that they just did not get the expected effect.

And what in the end?

And the result is this: each person is an individual. And this means that you can achieve weight loss, balanced eating and not taking any fat burners, and you can sit on diets and swallow medications to reduce your appetite with handfuls, but never get the desired effect( in this case - weight loss).Therefore, if someone with hydroxyl ammonium hydroxide in the composition helped to achieve the desired result, this does not mean that these drugs will be 100% effective for all people who are hungry for losing extra pounds. However, they have a right to exist. Moreover, the cost of drugs with GLK varies in a very wide range. It can be cheap and affordable to a wide range of consumers, vitamin complexes and dietary supplements, and can be expensive fat burners, which can afford not all buyers.