Best contact lenses for 6 months

The majority of people with problem eyesight recently prefer lenses, rather than ordinary glasses. And contact lenses for 6 months to date are the best choice.

Who needs such products

For medical reasons, ophthalmologists advise ophthalmologists to those patients who have, for example, myopia of high or medium degree. With this diagnosis, it's very difficult to make a selection of glasses, their price will be high, and they do not look very attractive. In addition, glasses do not provide an absolute correction of vision, but this is quite important in sports and driving. contact lenses for 6 months

How to get used to lenses

To be able to wear a lens for six months, you must first adapt to them for 2 weeks. Ordinary glass with minus units reduce objects and space between them. In this regard, the eye used in such a narrow landscape in lenses initially all seems a bit big. In general, the action of "insight" is the most sensitive of all carried out by these products. The appearance of a carefully washed window is created - it is visible much further and more expressively than usual.

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What period can I use lenses?

To use the lens for 6 months, as already said, you need to get used to them: on the 1st day they wear no more than 3 hours, then every day add the wearing time by about 1 hour. Different models of products assume a different period of application. The cheapest and usual, containing 38% of water, are 10-12 hours without a break, and lenses that have a moisture content of 60-70% - for 12-15 hours. All products must be removed at night. The raw material from which they are produced does not allow the eye to fully breathe. One of the problems associated with too long wearing lenses, especially when the patient does not remove them during sleep, is considered to be "starvation" of the eye. lens for 6 months

Previously it was allowed not to remove the most expensive products for 5-6 days. For today, when accurate statistical information is collected, it is believed that wearing contact lenses around the clock for 6 months is unacceptable. At the moment, opinions on the lifespan of one pair of products have also changed. Before, ophthalmologists advised using lenses before the appearance of the first unwanted sensations in the eye area. Now it is recommended to immediately replace the products before the appearance of such unpleasant symptoms. Therefore, lenses appeared in the market with the specified time of scheduled replacement.

Continuous use products

Contact lenses for six months have been reliably strengthened in ophthalmology. The quality of such products remains at a high level, besides the price in certain cases is the defining moment when choosing this means of correcting vision. These lenses are made of a durable material, on which protein deposits do not occur. And due to the high level of hydrophilicity, an abundant amount of oxygen enters the eye cornea. Such products are in great demand among patients. If they are properly operated, following the recommendations of the doctor, the patient will never have problems with the eyes.

When purchasing lenses for 6 months of wearing, it should be understood that they will need to be well looked after, kept clean, removed before going to bed, and also transferred to a separate container with cleaning and disinfecting solutions. Some types of such products are slightly denser than those that have a shorter period of operation, but this does not affect the ease of wearing them. contact lenses for six months

Currently, on the shelves of specialized stores, you can choose those lenses that, to the maximum, will meet all the requirements of the patient. Despite the fact that semi-annual contact products require additional purchase of a certain liquid, these expenses fully justify themselves, because the price of the lenses themselves is relatively small.

Contact lenses for 6 months Infiniti

Products for such a long time have long been considered traditional and have a huge "staff" of constant admirers. Such popularity came due to justified features and affordability. The raw material, which is taken as a basis for such a variety of lenses, has a strong and strong protection against the ingress of various deposits. Continuous access of oxygen is also likely due to good hydrophilicity indexes.

Contact Infiniti products have been approved by many experts in the field of ophthalmology and received the title of the best lenses. They have a number of advantages and are perfect for those who suffer from such ailments, such as nearsightedness and farsightedness. lenses for six months

Contact lenses for half a year Infiniti give high accuracy during their operation, brightness and clarity of vision. Being at a great distance from the desired object( it moves or stands), the person will see everything that is done with him expressively, distinguish all shades, sizes and shape of the object.

Quality of such products

The material used in the manufacture of contact lenses Infiniti, has a special structure, is very flexible. Due to this, these products are strong and not damaged. The individually chosen thickness of the "clothes" for the eyes at the central point and on the lateral edges of it makes it possible to easily and quickly remove and put on the lenses. It must be done every day - in the morning and late at night.

Contact Infiniti products have an unusual design, preventing them from sliding through the eyes during blinking. Such lenses are considered an excellent protection against the influence of UV radiation on the surface of the eye cornea. lens for 6 months reviews

What not to do

Delicate lenses are not recommended to be removed and worn over the washbasin, dived, and also to take a bath in them, as they can be washed off or lost. It is not advisable to wear contact items during the period of acute respiratory infections and influenza: when the mucous cover is inflamed, the lenses provoke even more irritation for half a year( however, this reaction at the stage of the disease manifests itself in all different ways).

Still need to be careful on the sandy beach, avoiding penetration into the eyes of grains of sand, using a deodorant, applying makeup and fixing the hairdo with varnish - contact items can not stand it. Also, do not stay in a smoky place for a long time, because it negatively affects the eyes due to oxygen deficiency.

contact lenses for 6 months

Compliance with cleanliness is a must!

Convenience of the absence of rim on the nose, the effect of normal vision, the ability to play sports - all this is provided if you follow the rules of hygiene of products systematically. lenses for 6 months without removing

  1. Hands and contact lenses for 6 months should always be clean, so that later you do not have to fight with conjunctivitis. All actions should be started with washing hands( always with soap).
  2. Elongated nails will need to be trimmed and trimmed with a saw to avoid spoiling the product.
  3. Lenses should always be stored in a container in a special universal solution, which can be rinsed, cleaned and disinfected. For articles 38, 60 and 70% moisture content, the same liquid is used. The removed contact lenses should lie in fresh solution for at least 4 hours to clear bacteria. For safe handling, it is sufficient to lower the products into the liquid at night and change it every day.
  4. All usual lenses for 6 months( reviews can be heard in any clinic of ophthalmology), as a rule, cleaned with enzymatic tablets every 7 days. The frequency of use of this drug is prescribed by a doctor individually. A special tablet is needed for each product. Cleaning is done in this way: the drug is dissolved in a container with a universal solution, the lenses are placed there for half an hour( for transparent contact products 38%) or for 15 minutes( for high-hydrophilic and colored lenses).After cleaning, the container and the product are washed with this liquid and placed in an even fresh solution overnight for no less than 4 hours, because the enzymatic mixture can damage the eye. This cleaning protects the lenses for 6 months( without removing them, you can be sure of the health of your eyes) from impregnation with proteins contained in the tear, and also significantly prolongs their duration.
  5. Planned shift products: one-day, 12-day, one-and three-month do not need enzymatic treatment.

From this article it is now clear what qualities and benefits contact lenses can have for 6 months of Acuvue and not only.