Red clover: medicinal properties in menopause, features of exposure and contraindications

Climax is one of the most unpleasant adversities that can come upon a woman quite suddenly. And it is accompanied by disgusting symptoms. The young lady is tormented by excessive sweating, depression, worsening of mood, nervousness and many other things. Some ladies, when a climacterium appears, immediately turn to the gynecologist. Of course, this seems more reliable than other means. However, alternative medicine does not lose its popularity. In this article, we will talk about a popular tool, which is a red clover. The therapeutic properties of climacteric in this plant is no worse than that of expensive drugs that doctors can prescribe.

clover with climax treatment preparation

What is menopause?

Menopause differently called menopause. This is a special period in the life of a woman, who usually begins with 45 years. In the body, hormonal changes and shifts begin. Naturally, this negatively affects the general state of health and mood, as well as the work of all systems and bodies. During this period, a woman gradually loses her fertility. Some ladies tolerate menopause calmly, without feeling any discomfort and inconvenience. Others are forced to endure incessant tides. We will understand the very nature of these negative phenomena.

red clover healing properties with menopause

As is known, female sex hormones are estrogens. They affect the hypothalamus and thermoregulation. With the onset of menopause the genital function disappears precisely because the level of estrogen in the blood decreases. The organism perceives this as a deviation from the norm or a disease. There are hot flashes, a woman has a fever. A little later it passes. But not all symptoms of menopause disappear quickly. Tides last an average of 15 minutes. Panic attacks or attacks of suffocation can occur.

Symptoms of the climax

Like all ailments, menopause is accompanied by certain symptoms. Here are the most common of them:

  1. Psychoemotional syndrome. The woman begins to experience depression, panic. She becomes nervous, sensitive, whiny. There is a fear of aging, an interest to people and even to myself disappears.
  2. Bad sleep. Almost all women who entered the climatic period complain of long sleep and anxious dreams, as well as nightly interruptions of dreams.
  3. Decreased performance. This is due to a poor response, slowness, inattention.
  4. Endocrine disruptions and metabolic disorders. Food behavior changes, appetite disappears or, on the contrary, it doubles. Weight is gaining, edema appears.
  5. Psychosocial changes. Women experiencing menopause often become withdrawn. They avoid companies, less communicate with colleagues and friends.
  6. Changes in sexual activity. With the onset of menopause, interest in the opposite sex gradually disappears. Sexual activity also decreases.

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Clover red( meadow)

This is a perennial wild plant. It has pink or purple flowers and a pleasant smell. Red clover is a plant belonging to the family of legumes. In conventional medicine, it is rarely used, mainly used in folk healing practices. In the course are not only flowers, but also leaves. Both are dried and then brewed. Also, flowers can be added to salads or to cook jam. Drying should be a very short time. The whole use of the plant disappears as soon as it darkens.

The use of red clover and its composition

Now let's look at the red clover itself and the healing properties with the climax of this plant. By the way, it is rich in useful elements. Among them vitamins B, C, E, K. Also the plant contains a lot of iron, manganese, zinc, chromium. It contains salicylic and cumaronic acid, an essential oil.

red clover medicinal properties application in menopause

Red clover with climax effect on the body has a positive. It strengthens the heart, bones, lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood. Also this plant reduces the risk of cancer, improves respiratory function. Clover helps not only with menopause. It is used to reduce profuse menstruation, with inflammation of the female genital organs, to increase sexual activity and attraction. The use of red clover in menopause and hot flashes improves sleep, normalizes body temperature. In addition, it stabilizes the functioning of the bladder and improves the appearance. Red clover therapeutic properties in menopause manifest as much as possible. He improves a woman's condition, normalizing her psycho-emotional state and hormonal background. So, let's figure out how to properly use this tool.

How to use red clover in menopause?

An alternative treatment for menopausal symptoms is clover. With climax treatment, the preparation of the medicine does not take much effort and time. A remedy will give you good health.

red clover with climax effect on the body

To make a clover tincture, take dry flowers, preferably ground, and put three teaspoons into the tea bag. Pour boiling water and leave to stand for about an hour. Take it three times a day before meals. This tincture eliminates tides and malaises in the form of a headache.

To calm nerves and improve sleep, you can brew clover as follows. Take in equal parts dry leaves of clover, strawberries, limes and raspberries and pour boiling water. Drink such a drink instead of tea and overnight. And you will feel good all day long. You can buy extract of red clover with menopause. Its price in pharmacies is very affordable: about 560 rubles. It must be drunk with water. On sale there are capsules, in which the plant will be stored. The cost of 100 tablets is about 360 rubles.


Very useful red clover. Therapeutic properties, with the climax in particular, do not pose any particular danger. In a person with moderate health, allergic reactions may occur with excessive use. However, there are contraindications. You can not use clover without consulting a doctor with the following ailments:

  • cancer of the genitourinary system;
  • is a sick heart;
  • diarrhea, gastrointestinal problems;
  • deviation from the norm of blood clotting;
  • varicose veins, thrombosis.

You should also not drink clover during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

application of red clover in menopause and tides

If you do not have any of the above, then you can safely be treated with this alternative remedy. But if side effects appear and the state of health worsens, then the use of tincture should be stopped. In this case, always consult a doctor. In most cases, many women during the menopause are very helpful plant. Effective has red clover healing properties with menopause. The reviews state that the remedy produces the desired result. It eliminates insomnia, helps to better control emotions. Depression disappears, the woman again begins to enjoy life. At the same time, the level of hormones in her body is stabilized - the ladies immediately feel it, as they become more balanced and calm.

Other alternatives to

There are other alternative medicines that are no less useful than red clover. The healing properties, the use of these plants in menopause, will alleviate the symptoms of menopause. Among them are:

  1. Dill. Reduces the frequency of hot flashes, and also eliminates bloating. Dill water is advised to give even babies suffering from colic.
  2. Peony tincture. It can be bought at a pharmacy.
  3. Sage. Broth rejuvenates the cells, you can drink it as long as you want without the fear of poisoning.
  4. Valerian.
  5. Beet juice. It is recommended to drink with increased sweating. First dilute it with water, then gradually switch to concentrated liquid.

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Means for menopause and myoma

It will take: hawthorn, mother-and-stepmother, St. John's wort, marsh ayr( root), motherwort, elephant rhizome, horsetail, hips. Mix all the ingredients, pour boiling water. Next, the broth should be cooked in a water bath or slightly puffed. A mixture of herbs should leave for five minutes. Then it should be filtered. Let it brew and take three meals a day before meals. With uterine myomas, in addition to this broth, it is recommended to take infusion of strawberries or tea with her sheets. Drinking should be systematic: daily for three months.