"Zhavel Sin": instruction on the use of simple language

"Zhavel Sin" is a technical antiseptic based on chlorine compounds. It has an obvious, specific smell of chlorine, it readily dissolves in water. It is available in the form of tablets weighing up to 3.5 grams or in powder form by the BAITA campaign( the People's Republic of China) and is supplied to Russia through Ecomed LLC.In our country in a lot of shops you can find the drug "Zhavel Sin".Instruction for the use of the drug strongly recommends not using the remedy for any allergic reactions. The average price for a package of three hundred tablets is 400 rubles.

zhavel syn instructions for use


Disinfectant is available in the following forms: plastic bags weighing 50 to 500 grams, cans - from 200 g to 2 kg. Large drums can contain from 10 to 100 kilograms, as well as wholesale to firms in large containers with a mass of 250-700 kg. Ecomed accepts applications from both legal entities and ordinary citizens in case of major purchases, but it is required to present a document on the purpose of using the funds.


  • Sodium chloride compounds with a total content of not more than 85 percent.
  • Sodium carbonates.
  • Adipic acid.
  • The amount of "working"( released into the solution from the powder) chlorine to 47 percent.

Shelf life of the drug "Zhavel Sin" - 72 months in case the package is not opened. Disinfecting solutions retain their properties for three days, but they gradually weaken.


The substance dissolves and liberates pure chlorine. It in turn interacts with water, forming acids, which kill viruses and bacteria - this is the action of the drug "Zhavel Sin".
zhavel syn instructions for use in the dhow Instruction for use in tuberculosis states that the drug has the same efficacy against all types of bacteria, including against the causative agents of cholera, viruses( from influenza to the AIDS virus) and various fungi.

Refers to the third class of toxicity when taken internally, the second - by the degree of volatility of the liquid and the action of vapors of the substance. With a single exposure to the skin, the product causes a mild irritant effect due to the high acidity of the disinfectant solutions. There were no cases of provoking an acute allergic reaction. In contact with the eyes, the product causes a sharp, intense irritant effect, which is manifested in inflammation and redness of the mucous membranes, itching, lachrymation. In the case of a high mass fraction of chlorine in the solution and its vapor, bronchial irritation of the upper lobe of the lungs occurs. Coughing and choking are also possible.

Scope of Application

zhavel syn instructions for use in kindergarten

The use of the drug "Zhavel Sin" is actual in various conditions.

  • The instruction for use in the DOW says that the product is used for disinfection of floors and walls, equipment and medical equipment in medical and preventive institutions.
  • Disinfection of public transport, including floors, handrails and windows.
  • Final cleaning in children's educational institutions( including kindergartens, boarding schools and schools).
  • Prevention of outbreaks of infections in public places, cultural and leisure centers and offices.
  • General cleaning.
  • Can be used by the public in full compliance with the label instructions on the product.

The "Zhavel Sin"( use caution tool against excessive use) can be used as a disinfectant in areas with outbreaks of particularly dangerous infections( including anthrax), but the amount of chlorine in the solution should be in the range of oneup to four percent.

Safety standards

To prevent the development of pathogens on the surfaces of objects apply "Zhavel Sin".Instructions for use describes the following methods: wiping and irrigation of hard surfaces, soaking inventory, clothes, bed linens and other items. The drug is hypoallergenic, however, it is necessary to rinse soft toys and other things well, as the reaction of irritation on the skin is possible.

The use of disinfectant solutions with an active chlorine concentration above 0.3 percent is acceptable in the case of hand protection. For example, rubber gloves. In violation of safety techniques, a standard reaction is manifested - inflammation, but there may be a feeling of "tightness" on the skin, which is a sign of a weak acid burn.
zhavel syn instructions for school The facility should be kept out of the children's access area. Do not allow sunlight to enter the mixture due to the fact that the chlorine in the composition of the drug will start to be released and volatilize and the disinfecting ability is greatly impaired. Storage temperature range - 15-35 degrees, the place should be well ventilated.

Safety precautions

Attention should be paid to the precautionary measures of the preparation "Javel Sin":

  • Instruction for use in kindergarten indicates that in the presence of hypersensitivity to chlorinated preparations, one should refrain from contact with the product.
  • If the active ingredient content is above 0.3 percent, body and respiratory protection( gloves, respirator, sealed goggles) should be used.
  • With a chlorine content of 0.015%( 1 tablet per 10 liters of water), you can disinfect the room and objects in the presence of patients.
  • If the ratio "mass of substance to solution mass" is more than 0.1%, a respirator with a special RPG-67 respirator, cartridge "B" is needed to protect against chlorine vapor.
  • The treated objects are washed for 5 minutes until the odor disappears, the premises are ventilated for 15 minutes.

When working in the quarantine zone, an anti-plague suit and a combined-arms gas mask are required.

zhavel syn instructions for use in tuberculosis

Do not forget that you need to consult a doctor before using the drug "Zhavel Sin".Instruction for use in school states that the product should be used with caution in places where there are children, as they may be sensitive to the substances contained in the preparation.