The drug from cystitis "Norbaktin": reviews, description, composition and instructions for use

Every third of the fairer sex during life at least once, but you have to deal with cystitis. This disease is not only unpleasant, but also quite dangerous. Less common with him are men. In fact, cystitis is an inflammation of the inner mucosa of the bladder. It manifests itself in abdominal pain, discomfort, frequent urge to urinate, clouding of urine and the appearance of an unpleasant odor. In acute disease, the body temperature rises. In the absence of proper treatment, cystitis can go to pyelonephritis or a chronic form, which is much more difficult to eliminate. Therefore, when the first symptoms of the pathology appear, you should consult a doctor.

from cystitis norbaktin reviews

The drug from cystitis "Norbaktin"

Reviews such a drug has different. You will learn more about them in the article. Before this, read the composition of the drug and its form of release. The drug refers to broad-spectrum antibiotics. It is often prescribed by physicians for inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bladder and other pathologies. The agent is effective against many microorganisms. With proper application, it guarantees recovery.

Ranbaxy tablets "Norbaktin" contain in their composition the main component of norfloxacin in the amount of 400 milligrams per capsule. In one package you can find 20 tablets. The cost of such a drug does not exceed 300 rubles.

norbactin from cystitis reviews

Prescription of medication: indications

Often appointed from cystitis "Norbaktin".Reviews say that the medicine is prescribed as a preliminary study of microflora, and without it. In the second case, you can not be sure that the medication will be really effective. Before appointing a medicine, qualified specialists recommend taking tests to determine the sensitivity of bacteria to a particular antibiotic. If microorganisms do not have resistance to norfloxacin, the Norbaktin agent will have the expected effect.

Indications for the use of the drug are also called:

  • infections of the urinary system( bacteriuria, pyelonephritis, urethritis);
  • diseases of genital organs of a bacterial nature( endometritis, prostatitis);
  • bacterial lesions of the stomach and intestines( salmonellosis);
  • gonorrhea;
  • diarrhea associated with climate change and diet.

Contraindications to the use of the drug "Norbaktin"( from cystitis)

Doctors' reviews and instructions for use do not recommend the use of medication without a prescription. Such therapy can be chosen incorrectly. In this case, you not only will not improve your health, but also feel worse.

It is forbidden to apply the drug in severe renal failure. The medicine is not assigned to pregnant women. If the need for therapy during lactation should discuss the possibility of continuing breastfeeding with the doctor. The possibility of using the medicine by the children is examined by the doctor on an individual basis.

norbactin instructions for use price review

Adverse Reactions

Normally, patients are well tolerated with Norbaktin cystitis drug. The patients' comments say that it practically does not cause adverse reactions. But still the manufacturer warns about such. More often they occur when you ignore contraindications, as well as misuse of medication. In these cases, the patient appears:

  • a failure in the digestive tract( abdominal pain, flatulence, diarrhea, intestinal microflora disorder);
  • allergy( rash, itching, general discomfort);
  • disorders of the nervous system( fatigue, sleep disorder, excitability, headaches).

Usage: Scheme and dosage

To use the correct cure for cystitis "Norbaktin", the doctors' advice is advised to familiarize yourself first with the instruction. If the doctor did not give you individual individual recommendations, then the drug is taken strictly in accordance with the annotation. It contains the following information.

In acute infections of the urinary system, 800 mg of the drug per day are administered, divided into two doses. Duration of treatment - up to 10 days. If uncomplicated inflammation of the bladder is diagnosed, the medication is used once a day for three days. Chronic diseases of the pelvic organs suggest taking tablets for a month. In some cases, the medication is prescribed for up to three months. In certain diseases of the genital tract, the drug is given in a dose of two tablets once.

How is it better to take Norbaktin from cystitis? Reviews recommend eating tablets separately from food. Drink capsules one hour before a meal or two hours after a meal. Take medication with sufficient amount of clean water. Simultaneously with treatment, use at least two liters of fluid per day to prevent the formation of stones.

norbactin instructions for use with cystitis reviews

Possibility of use in pregnancy

It is known that the drug "Norbaktin" quickly treats cystitis in women. The patients' comments say that this disease often occurs during pregnancy. The reason is a change in the hormonal background and a general restructuring of the body. In the early stages of gestation, a hormone is produced, a relaxing uterus. The substance also acts on the bladder with the intestine. As a result, constipation occurs and stagnation occurs. All this leads to cyst. So can this disease be treated with the antibiotic described? What do doctors say about the use of Norbaktin in this period?

Reviews( for chronic cystitis or acute) are not recommended to use the medication. In addition, the instructions indicate that this medication is contraindicated throughout the term of pregnancy. This means that the medicine can have a negative effect on the fetus: damage internal organs, slow development, disrupt the balance of necessary substances.

and reviews drug ranbaxy norbactin

Reviews about

You already know how to use the instructions for taking Norbaktin medication. With cystitis, patients' reviews are mostly good. But these opinions also differ.

Consumers say that the medicine is effective. It really struggles with infection. Relief comes with the first pill. Significantly reduces the number of urges to urinate, and the process itself becomes painless. However, this does not mean that you can stop treatment. Doctors are strongly advised to take the prescribed term. Even if the symptoms of cystitis have gone completely, otherwise the microorganisms will have resistance to this antibiotic.

There is also a slightly different opinion of consumers. Patients say that the drug "Norbaktin" is more symptomatic. During therapy, the drug eliminates all symptoms of cystitis. Passes burning, pain and itching, and the state of health improves. Once you stop using the pills, all the symptoms will return. To achieve the optimal result, together with the drug "Norbaktin" you need to take antispasmodics, anti-inflammatory immunomodulators and other antibiotics.

Negative opinions and reviews are less common about the drug. The drug Ranbaxy "Norbaktin" to some patients did not help at all. This often happens when the antibiotic is incorrectly selected. That's why before the appointment of tablets you need to pass the analysis. There are opinions that the drug is obsolete. Consumers say that more modern and effective cystitis remedies are being manufactured now.

norbaktin reviews for chronic cystitis

Treatment results: recommendations from

You already know that it tells the patients about Norbaktin medication the instructions for use. Price, reviews are also described for you. But this is not enough. You need to know what to do after the completion of the therapeutic course.

When you finish taking the medicine, wait two weeks. After this, be sure to visit the doctor again. The doctor will give you a referral to the tests, which will show the result of the treatment. If the indicators are good, then you will only need to maintain this state. If the inflammation and bacteria are re-discovered, the specialist will prescribe additional drugs.

Physicians give individual advice to patients prone to chronic relapsing cystitis and cervicitis. Women are recommended to take 200 mg of norfloxacin once after sexual intercourse. The effectiveness of this method has been proved: relapses of diseases occurred in patients much less often, and recovery was more rapid.

Norbactin quickly cures cystitis in women reviews

In conclusion

The article contains information about the tablets "Norbaktin": instructions for use, price, consumer reviews and opinions of doctors. You can buy this medicine in any pharmacy without a prescription. But this does not mean that you need to engage in self-medication. If you are concerned about cystitis or other diseases of the genito-urinary area, you need to undergo a test and get an individual treatment regimen. This approach guarantees you success and complete recovery. Have a good health, be healthy!