How to treat sciatic nerve with inflammation, prevention and symptomatology.

When the sciatic nerve becomes inflamed, it is accompanied by quite strong pain sensations. How to remove them is still unknown. But in order to not have to think about the answer to the question "how to treat the sciatic nerve," you can prevent its inflammation.

It is necessary to understand what is the sciatic nerve. So, it originates next to the lumbar part of your spine and at the same time it comes out of 5 points of the spinal cord, then goes down, passes over the back of the thigh surface, then divides into various branches that innervate the thigh, then the knee, followed by the shin andankle joint, as well as the foot and your toes. It is the largest nerve in the body, so pain in the sciatic nerve delivers many unpleasant minutes.

Inflammation of the sciatic nerve occurs in places where it leaves the spinal cord, it manifests itself not only with pain, but also with a violation of sensitivity. This problem is considered a manifestation of radiculitis, and it often occurs in combination with a herniated intervertebral disc. Before you figure out how to treat the sciatic nerve, you need to understand the causes of inflammation. They are hypothermia, trauma and spine diseases( osteochondrosis), joint inflammation, severe physical exertion, diabetes, all kinds of infections.

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If you are thinking about how to treat the sciatic nerve, you must first of all understand that you are worried about it is its inflammation. You will learn about this by the main sign - pain of a different nature, intensity. It appears in the lumbosacral region and gradually spreads throughout the sciatic nerve. Sometimes it is so strong that the patient can not even sit or lie. There is a symptom of Rose, which is expressed in the twitching of muscle beams of your buttock muscle, when it is taped in the sacrum. A symptom of Lasega appears, if you lie on your back and someone will lift you a painful elongated leg, then immediately there will be aggravation of pain in the lower back.

You should always contact a specialist for assistance. They will diagnose and tell you how to treat the sciatic nerve. Almost always, for this purpose, your spinal fluid is examined, as well as X-ray studies.

Methods for treating the sciatic nerve are not that complicated. If you have an acute stage of the disease, the doctor will prescribe bed rest, various anti-inflammatory and pain medications( diclofenac, orthophene, ibuprofen).Apply still physiotherapeutic procedures, vitamins, gymnastics, hydrotherapy and massage. Locally you can apply alcohol tinctures.

If your treatment has no result, then you need to seriously think about surgical treatment. You can remove the intervertebral hernia, which is one of the causes of inflammation. Such operations are dangerous, so first you need to use all possible other methods to combat this problem.

You can learn how to prevent the occurrence of sciatica. This requires regular prevention. The key to success is strong back muscles. For this, try to always keep your back straight, do not lean forward when sitting. You need to exercise regularly in order to strengthen the muscles of your back. If it so happens that you have a sedentary job, then try to always find the time and often get up, walk around the room, warm up. To prevent the problem of sciatica nerve inflammation, you should not lift weights and supercool. And women who already know what back pain is, will have to give up too high heels.