Severe bruise of the hand: what to do?

Most of the actions a person makes with his hands. With damage to their tissues, doing any work is sometimes simply impossible. A bruised hand causes a person feeling uncomfortable. As a result of such damage, severe pain is felt, and tissue swelling may occur. It is worth noting that a bruised hand is often enough. In addition, you can damage your finger and even your fingernail. What to do with a bruised hand? arm injury

The main features of

You can identify the contusion of the hand according to the main features. There is a similar damage as a result of a strong impact, physical strain and fall. In this case, a person feels a piercing sharp pain. This symptom can also indicate a fracture, the presence of a fracture in the bone and a dislocation. It is for this reason that it is recommended that if a limb is damaged, consult a doctor for medical attention. The examination carried out will eliminate serious damage. If the integrity of the bones is not broken, then any injury from the hand to the forearm differentiates as a bruised hand.

The main symptoms of such damage are:

  1. Pulsating severe pain.
  2. Large hematoma formation.
  3. Appearance of edema of tissues of the damaged area.

If there is a bruise of the nail on the hand, then there is a partial exfoliation of the plate.

What happens with a bruise

If the extremities hurt, not only the skin but not the muscles and subcutaneous fat is damaged. In some cases, blood vessels can be injured, from which subsequently blood flows, as well as nerves. With a soft tissue injury, there is a growing hemorrhage, as well as a pronounced swelling. Blood from damaged vessels gradually penetrates into nearby tissues. With its accumulation, hematomas are formed. Also, blood can penetrate into the joint cavity. As a result, hemarthrosis develops. severe hand injury

Features of injury

It is worth noting that a bruised hand or other limb has certain characteristics. If the small vessel is damaged, the hemorrhage stops after 5-10 minutes after the injury. Hematoma is formed in any case. If a large vessel is damaged, the hemorrhage can last for a day.

The color of the hematoma depends on the duration of the injury. A fresh bruise has a purplish-cyanotic shade. After 3-4 days, the hematoma becomes blue-yellow, and after 6 days-yellow.

A swelling is present at the site of the lesion - edema. In addition, the victim will feel pain in injured tissues. This will take place a few days later. However, when the limb moves, unpleasant sensations will appear. bruise of the hand

First Aid Assistance

If a person has received a bruised hand, he should be referred to a medical institution for a complete examination and for appropriate treatment. However, before this, the first aid should be provided to the victim.

First of all, it is necessary to immobilize the limb. This is especially important in cases where there was damage to the hand at the point of folding. In addition, the damaged tissue should be cooled. For this, ice cubes wrapped in a bag are used. If it is not at hand, then you can use any cooling object. Such manipulations allow to weaken painful sensations and reduce edema of tissues.

The same diagnosis is made only after the radiography in different angles. This will eliminate the presence of a fracture, fracture or dislocation of the limb. bruise of the finger on the arm what to do

Use of medications

Severe contusion of the hand should be treated with medications. Most often, with such damage, various thermal procedures are prescribed. At the moment, pharmacies sell a lot of ointments and gels, which have not only a warming, but also an analgesic effect. Diclofenac is very popular among such drugs.

In some cases, disinfection of the damaged area is required, especially if a finger injury has occurred on the arm. What to do in such situations? Usually the victim is prescribed an ointment with an antibacterial effect. Ideally suited cream "Bodyaga".A similar composition is applied to the damaged area with a thick layer, and then gently rubbed. The cream helps to remove bruises. After applying the drug, the damaged area should be bandaged.

If the injury is very severe and the hand is injured in several places, the victim may faint. In such situations, it takes 15 minutes to apply a bruise. Then the damaged limb should be washed with hydrogen peroxide. You can remove the swelling with an iodine net. bruised arm treatment


A bruised hand, as a rule, causes severe pain. Because of such feelings, the victim may lose consciousness. To prevent this, it is necessary not only to immobilize the limb, but also to give an anesthetic drug.

In such situations, drugs such as "Catanol" or "Analgin" are useful. Before using these medications, you should carefully read the instructions and take into account contraindications.

Herbs with a bruise

Folk remedies can also be used with a bruised hand. For these purposes, the fossil is straightforward. You can buy grass in any pharmacy. It is enough to grind the cobweb, and then apply the resulting powder to the affected area. After this, the bandage should be applied to the limb.

Similarly, you can use wormwood grass and oak bark. These components are also ground to a powdered state, and then applied to the injured area. what to do with a hand injury

Recipes with onions

If there is no possibility to use medicinal herbs, then more affordable products, for example onions, can be used. It must be cleaned and thoroughly washed. The onion head should be crushed to a mushy state, and then applied to the damaged area. It is also recommended to cover such a compress with a plantain leaf and fix it with a bandage.

There is another method, which implies the use of onions. In this case, an ointment is prepared. To make it, you need to grind cleaned washed onions, as well as leaves of plantain. As a result, a homogeneous mass must be obtained. In the received structure it is necessary to add a little honey. The drug should be used as an ointment.

Prescriptions for lotions and compresses

What should I do if I get a bruised hand? Treatment, of course, should appoint a doctor. In the first days after injuring the limb, cooling compresses made on the basis of vegetable oil, vinegar and water are allowed. In such a solution, you need to dip a piece of cotton cloth, and then wrap it with a damaged area. After 4-5 days, the composition must be heated before use.

Soap remover

Well recommended ointment for bruises and wounds, which is prepared on the basis of laundry soap. This component must be grated, and then mixed with ammonia and camphor powder. To prepare, you need 30 grams of each ingredient. Lamp oil should be added to the resulting mass. Enough 200 grams of this component and 200 grams of turpentine. The finished composition has unique properties. Apply it as an ointment, not only with bruises, but also with wounds. bruise of the nail on the arm

In conclusion

A bruised hand is an unpleasant phenomenon that requires appropriate treatment. At the first sign of such a trauma, the victim should be taken to a medical institution in order to exclude a fracture or a crack. It is not recommended to engage in self-medication, as serious damage can lead to complications.

Specialists do not advise rubbing the bruised area, as this can cause the development of thrombophlebitis. In this case, a clot of blood is clogged in a large vessel. In some cases, the doctor can prescribe not only the use of medicines, but also a course of physiotherapy, which involves the use of electrophoresis with solutions and UHF apparatus.