Treatment of Lipoma by Folk Remedies

This disease in the people is called simply: "zhirovik" and is a simple benign tumor that consists of adipose tissue. These forming subcutaneous nodes are mobile and soft to the touch. Often the node has clear outlines and the skin over it is not damaged, even if it is a lipoma that appears directly in the skin or subcutaneous tissue. Painful sensations such a tumor does not deliver, its average size in diameter is from 1 to 4 centimeters.

If the lipoma is treated in a medical setting, then it is done with the help of an operative intervention. If you do not want to expose yourself to this, then you can treat lipoma with folk remedies.

How to treat lipoma with animals.

1. We use egg films.

Need to take a film of domestic chicken eggs, it should be applied to the affected area. If there is redness and swelling - then this is normal with the action of this remedy. When the redness and swelling pass, the film needs to be removed and a new one applied. Continue the procedure until the desired effect is achieved.

2. Pork greased lard.

It is necessary to mix melted lard with one teaspoon of garlic juice. The resulting mixture should be rubbed into the lesion site three times a day until a complete cure occurs.

3. Lamb fat.

It is necessary to melt 100 grams of lamb fat. Apply it hot to the affected area. The temperature should be as high as you can tolerate and not burn yourself. Rub with massage movements for fifteen minutes. Such treatment of lipoma by folk remedies is made before its disappearance. As practice shows, this happens in three days. It is recommended to simultaneously take inside three tablespoons of cranberries a day, it can also be used as compresses.

Treatment of lipoma folk remedies with the help of herbs.

1. Cinnamon.

The application is very simple: during the day you need to eat 1 to 1.5 tablespoons of cinnamon.

2. The golden mustache.

Take one freshly cut sheet and knead it. Apply it to the affected area, then cover with a piece of polyethylene film and cotton cloth. The resulting compress should be fixed with a bandage or plaster for 12 hours. After that, replace with a new leaf and continue this treatment for 12 days.

3. Mother and stepmother.

Freshly cut the mother-and-stepmother's leaf. The resulting mass to put on gauze and attach to the place of defeat. Perform this procedure every day until the lipoma completely disappears.

4. Aloe.

With the help of aloe, it is also good to treat lipoma with folk remedies. To do this, cut the freshly cut aloe or Kalanchoe into two parts and apply them to the flesh for the night to the sore spot, fixing them with a band-aid. The duration of such treatment is two weeks.

5. Bulb.

Bake a bulb in the oven. Then, peel it from the husks and twist it in a meat grinder, add one tablespoon of laundry soap rubbed on a grater. All mix and put in the refrigerator. From this mixture, make yourself a compress three times a day.

6. Black pepper.

Folk treatment of lipoma with black pepper is carried out as follows: take one teaspoon of ground pepper and put on a corner of a linen napkin. Then level and cover with another corner of the napkin. After that, on a water bath you need to heat from one to two tablespoons of alcohol and moisten them with a napkin. Instead of alcohol you can take triple cologne. The resulting compress should be placed on a wen-dow, covered with cotton wool on top and fixed with a band-aid or bandage. The compress can be kept only 15-20 minutes otherwise there will be a high probability of getting a burn. The procedure should be repeated every two to three hours until the result is achieved.

It is believed that the use of medicinal herbs and herbs, as well as the use of natural products may be enough to permanently get rid of the lipoma.